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  1. What is the last or the best processor available for dell optiplex 755?
  2. I just wanna ask if intel pentium dual core e5200 2.5ghz and dell optiplex 755 can be both compatible to used to overclock? Also can you give a link for a tutorial using the tape method english only.
  3. How about this one it uses a hdmi at the end? https://shopee.ph/product/124133538/6756428182?smtt=0.51323081-1610924499.9
  4. Can I use pcie riser for optiplex 3240 aio? Also is this compatible if Im gonna use it as pcie riser? Heres the link: https://shopee.ph/product/238616254/7737030147?smtt=0.51323081-1610921716.9 Also could I get a problem on display if I use this? Sorry for may question I cant find any video about using pcie riser on aio computer.