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  1. we have that. you have to enter the password everytime.
  2. Manjaro ships with 5.4... install manjaro (use nomodeset flag when booting) and update it to kernel 5.5 manually.
  3. Linux is compatible, but ubuntu 18.04 ships with an acnient kernel that doesn't support it. try Manjaro, that has a much much newer kernel.
  4. this question has kind of a backstory. my brother's laptop pretty much died recently, leaving him with no device to play games on. he's currently unemployed and can't afford something new, so i moved my gaming pc from my room to downstairs so that he can play games if i don't need the computer (i have a laptop, so i'm fine most of the time) but i noticed something kinda stupid. i noticed that if either one of us has used the computer and the other person logs in, the ram usage is higher than normal and some apps like Afterburner (set to auto-launch on both of your accounts) are already running. in the start menu it will say that both of us are signed in even though i turned the computer on and never touched his account. i then investigated a bit more, i signed in and checked that his account also was signed in, i locked the computer (so i was still logged in) and asked him to unlock his account and it was right in, no "welcome" screen or anything. how can i stop this behavior? i play some ram heavy games like BeamNG with like 300 mods installed, and i sometimes need all of my ram. i don't wanna have to turn on the computer, log in, lock it, ask him to log into his account, have him sign out so that none of his programs that auto-launch are running and then i can go play my games. i'm using 1909 with the latest updates if that helps.
  5. if they were installed using UEFI you should be able to bypass grub by selecting "Windows Boot Manager" in the boot options in your bios.
  6. Do an episode on the Windows Insider Program.
  7. once again Insider Windows 10 is better than normal Windows 10. my pc running normal Windows 10 won't change the Windows color thing from blue to purple, and my laptop running an insider build does...


    when your beta software is more stable than the normal version you have a problem microsoft...

    1. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      even after a reboot it doesn't work... come on... 

    2. Max1996LTT


      Must be something wrong with your Windows? I don't have Insider, yet I can make mine red, no problem.

    3. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      @Max1996LTT that's the thing. my laptop running Insider is fine. this computer is running normal Windows 10 Pro

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  8. welp, i fixed my zenbook. by reseating the damn 850 evo. i reseated it twice already but apparantly it needed another one. i'm confused but it's back up and running. 


    i'm giving it a full month, if it doesn't crash or do weird crap i'm calling it fixed and i'm putting my macbook up for sale because i need money. 

    1. soldier_ph


      Which Asus Zenbook do you have ?

    2. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      @Pascal... UX510UXK

  9. I mean, the thing is that I've never heard of it happening here, even to important targets like celebrities.
  10. the providers here have more security to protect against that than elsewhere. it's not perfect, but it's a hell of a lot better usually. sometimes they send a code to your phone number to verify that it's really you trying to swap the number etc. again it's not perfect but it's better. as well as that I have the security notifications enabled on all my devices for all of those accounts, so if someone does get access to them I can immediately yeet them.
  11. you don't need to install winehq-stable, just wine-stable will do.
  12. well, my most important accounts are protected by SMS, so even if authy isn't safe either i can grab my old nokia 3310, put my sim in that and use that for 2-factor lmao
  13. that's not the point at all!! have you read my OP?
  14. how does that help? i am already using it. the irritating thing is that i have to manually disable/enable it every time. sadly true. however with desktop apps they've had 5 years in case of Windows and 6 years in case of macOS to adopt the dark mode that exists in the OS. even free apps like Handbrake have it now....
  15. i never used it, but i will say that it was relatively easy to use. my mom used it for a long time and i had to troubleshoot/explain some things to her, and basically if you know how to use the windows 10 interface you know windows phone. totally different experience form android where samsung and lg for example have totally different settings menu's. Windows Phone had something iOS also has. it's the same on every device that runs it.
  16. many apps already have them, they are just not automatic.
  17. probably. macOS has already fixed that though, even 3rd party apps on Mac now auto-switch if the developer has implemented the feature.. i have a glossy screen on my laptop, dark mode during the day is a big no no... i'd argue not being blinded if i set my system to dark because the app doesn't switch with it like discord is a better experience...
  18. safari is still slower and i haven't noticed a change in power usage... maybe it's because my laptop is old i dunno....
  19. i simply don't understand. for example, my MacBook has automatic dark/light mode switching based on the time of day, Windows doesn't. if i set my OS to dark mode almost all apps change with it on macOS, on Windows they don't. even on Mac discord doesn't change, i have to do that manually. the same happens on the Web. apple released a feature in safari that automatically enables dark mode on websites when you set the system to dark mode but almost no websites support it. why? it seems so simple to make this super streamlined.
  20. you can protect authy with a pin, so apps can't just take screenshots of it. they can when you have it unlocked though...