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  1. you can also just use chrome on iOS which works perfectly fine.
  2. welp, F. i can see mozilla being completely gone by the end of 2021. firefox market share has been falling off a cliff, nobody is interested in them anymore. literally the only person i know who uses firefox is my grandma.
  3. ok i might sound super uneducated here but are data caps still a thing in the USA? cuz in the netherlands where i live i haven't seen a home internet plan with a data cap ever in my life. ever.
  4. thinkpads are good hardware but lenovo has done some shady stuff including but not limited to putting rootkits on systems shipped to consumers.
  5. i know, i'm jsut saying that's how far back you can go. a system around 3rd/4th gen intel (8 to 6 years old) is better suited for this, a 3rd or 4th gen Core i5 will still be fast for these things in at least 5 years and you can find those cheap
  6. even a 10 year old machine would be totally fine for that, so you don't even need to get new parts for this, a machine made up of slightly older parts will do the job just fine.
  7. big oof, but i doubt this will end them. from the OP: we all know that midrange is where sales are at, this will just hurt their ability to make some high end stuff but i doubt that would sell well anyway what with the whole pandemic thing....
  8. they might sell more in japan because that's where they're based? random guess though.
  9. that's a shame. i have a toshiba laptop from 2010 lying around. it's been disassembled probably 5 times, has had the screen swapped with a display from a completely different laptop but by some miracle it fit, the screen itself is held together with tape and glue, it's missing it's battery, it's been dropped from a table by the previous owner on to a stone floor (the reason i had to swap the screen, the original one was smashed), etc... and yet, it still works just fine, i even made a review of it.
  10. not even used market? 600 AU$ is roughly €360 i can build a machine for that where i live.
  11. that machine will heat up a room, there is nothing you can do about it. i don't know what 79 freedom is but i assume it's quite hot, the fact is that a monster of a compute rlike that is gonna consumer a few hundred watts and that will heat the room up.
  12. but it's a bad look to do these random things now instead of fixing the problems
  13. drdisrespect still has no idea why he was banned... 


    gg twitch this could be the beginning of the end. 

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    2. TopHatProductions115


      @Pascal... They should replace the hackers' computers with Intel Atom netbooks running Windows XP and Chinese peripherals :3 

    3. Pascal...


      @TopHatProductions115 Well better yet: Never ever let them use a PC in their life ever again.

    4. TopHatProductions115


      Wait - Windows 10 instead of XP. On 2GB of RAM. With emmc storage.

  14. oh my god... macOS Big Sur is SO UGLY!


    i saw some screenshots of it but i intentionally waited until the public beta got released so that i could judge it, and just... holy crap. 


    i don't have a Mac capable of running it, so i watched Computer Clan's video on it, and macOS is basically just Windows now. 


    the older items that are there like the force quit menu has a different color than the title bar of the window, so it looks weird. system preferences is a mashup of square and not square icons, the window borders on some items are huge, the messages and facetime icons look really really strange... 


    i could go on. i actually dislike that interface so much i'm not even gonna bother with it. i was originally gonna buy a newer Mac to be able to update to it but i won't bother unless Apple fixes all the inconsistency. 


    this really feels like a step backwards for apple and i sincerely hope they fix the design, otherwise i'm gonna have to think for a while if i'm gonna stick with macOS for laptop use. a pretty interface is almost as important to me as general stability, and imo this interface is more ugly than Windows 10 is which says a lot. 

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    2. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      @Mateyyyi hate the icons, not to mention that i use some pretty old school applications that likely won't get logo updates like audacity, so i'll have out of place icons all over the place, and on top of that i jsut think it looks waaaay too flat, i can't easily distinct between things. now yes i haven't actually used it, just looked at youtube videos but even then i was having a hard time figuring out where exactly the options etc all are. 

    3. DrMacintosh


      There are still a lot of disjointed design decisions when it comes to app icons, but that probably isn't going to go away because Apple says that's a conscious design decision. Areas that have been really bad, like the macOS Battery icon in the settings app have been fixed but there are still a lot of areas in the OS that need design attention. That's what the Beta is for. 


      That being said, I would agree that the Interface is taking a step backwards in terms of design. Too many UI elements are being made way too big for no reason. 


      As far as going with a Windows laptop instead because of Big Sur, I think that might be a bit of an overreaction. People were hella freaked by the transition from iOS 6 to iOS 7 but people got over it and by iOS 9 nobody even had a second that about the old Skeuomorphic design. 

    4. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      @DrMacintosh the problem is that i have bad eyesight, and 1280x800 on 13" is the sweet spot for me really. so, even when i had that retina 2017 model i ran it at that scaled res. from what i've seen, the UI elements that are way too large are gonna be a massive issue for me. catalina's UI on that resolution is already feeling cramped, i can't imagine what Big Sur will be like to use at that resolution. 


      also about overreacting, i don't think that's the case as it's really gonna be a problem for me. i'm gonna bave to try it out in a store at some point before i commit to buying a newer Mac just because i'm not sure if it's gonna be usable for me since i always scale laptop displays up. 


      and to be honest, Windows's UI is growing on me. they are finally unifying a lot of things, and some of that is already accessible if you run insider builds which i've played around with. it's finally starting to look consistent, which is the thing i've always loved about apple's UI, and now they are ruining it. as i already said i use some pretty old school programs because i'm a boomer (jk) and that's what i've always used for some things, and those programs will likely not get logo updates to make the icons square, which would already make me want to hate the interface due to my dock not becoming consistent. 


      i've played around with square icons on linux, and they look great as long as all the icons are square. so.... 

  15. intel, how about actually making good products rather than doing weird things nobody asked for or wants...
  16. i lost faith in them after the release of Windows 10 version 2004. the fact that i actually thought my gpu was broken because the drivers wouldn't install and it was spitting out code 43 errors says enough, because i rolled back to 1909 which i'm on now and i've had absolutely no problems.
  17. sure, but like, why would you only do that now, when features like this have been available through the use of third party software since ages?
  18. so weirdly i'm only now getting the option to update to 2004, like 2 or 3 days after installing 1909. i'm not gonna update to 2004 anytime soon, but that's still weird

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    2. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      @GoodBytes on 2004 my gpu spitted out code 43 errors, drivers failed to install numerous times, it was glitching and resetting displays all over the place and i actually thought my card was dead, until all the problems magically dissapeared, and then i started getting other weird things. so, i installed 1909 and i've had no issues at all. soooo

    3. GoodBytes


      Huh strange. Ohhh... that is right, your GPU is SLI'ed (2x GPUs in 1 card).

      Maybe Nvidia simply doesn't care anymore support, as you said, as SLI is not only out now for most cards, but also the GPU is age old.


      You can try your luck with Windows 10 Insider Preview Dev channel (weekly releases), just in the case it is something that Microsoft has fixed.

      Just, of course, have active backup system, just in case, if you do plan to jump ship to it. Never had an issue, but that is just me, and you never know.

    4. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      @GoodBytes i tried those insider builds and holy damn are they awful. so buggy! things never work the way i want them to on those builds so hella nope. it's better to jsut stick with the previous version to whatever is current i guess, since i've had the most luck now doing that. 

  19. i upgrade something when it breaks or when it doesn't perform well anymore. my current pc has a gpu in it from 2012 and it's still holding up well in all the games i play so i don't feel like upgrading it
  20. nope i have some 3v power supplies what is the easiest way to edge light the screen?
  21. but why? whatsapp has a desktop app, and why would you use remote desktop for youtube on a desktop machine?
  22. i have one of those flimsy plastic weather station things, and 2 things about it annoy me. 1 is that the display is impossible to read unless i have a light directly facing it and 2 is that it says low battery. it's been saying low battery for a year. not joking. so, i wanna tackle both of those issues and build a backlight into it in some way and also have the ability to run it from wall power so that the low battery warning goes away. is there an easy way to do these things? i assume that the wall power thing is jsut finding a 3v power supply and soldering it to the battery contacts but the display will be more tricky..
  23. chromeOS isn't a desktop OS though. not by modern standards. it's a web browser that can run mobile apps. it needs to be on Windows because almost nobody uses Chromebooks for anything serious. if google wants this to become popular it would make sense to make it available to the devices that their user base uses. apple is in a position to make things exclusive to their products because they already have a sizeable portion fo desktop OS marketshare. google does not.
  24. I'm not saying Chromebooks don't have a place or are bad. I mean me personally if I had to buy a laptop for that price I'd buy a used MacBook Pro, but that's not for everyone and I get that completely. however, I can still laugh at this pathetic attempt to make Chromebooks more popular as personal devices. for this nearby sharing stuff to succeed it needs to have a windows app. that's just how it is.