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  1. math inside jQuery

    just to warn, i am new to programming anyway, i've been trying to implement a function that when it hovers over a div cell, the shade color darkens. eventually reaching a ceiling that makes it totally dark said function $('#Shade').on('click', function() { $('.cell').hover(function() { let dark = 90; $('this').css('background-color', 'hsl(0, 0%, ${dark -= 10}%'); }); }); but it doesn't work. here's the rest of the code - just FYI it's pretty much a sketchboard https://codepen.io/tech125/pen/zPwaoM
  2. Ryzen 5 1600 memory

    i am able to run my corsair 8x2gb 3200 c16 kit at 2933 c14 with an R5 1600. motherboard is asus b350-f strix it is true that Ryzen benefits from fast memory. but AFAIK performance gains aren't as much over 3200mhz, so 3200 is the sweet spot. 3200 c14 can improve your chances
  3. Should I buy Mafia 3?

    get it when it's $10
  4. Should I buy Mafia 3?

  5. Should I buy Mafia 3?

    yes, it's repetitive. also the game runs like crap. the devs never really corrected 60fps / unlocked mode. heck, even Hardware Unboxed removed the game from their bench suite because performance is all over the place
  6. Do This video!! .. before Black Friday!!

    the Samsung KS8000 is a very versatile TV. can handle film watching, games, etc. sadly it's discontinued so it's tough to find one here's a site that reviews all sorts of TVs. their methodology is quite thorough http://www.rtings.com/tv UK site, but same deal http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk/
  7. Just got my Galaxy S8 and looking for games

    if you're a fan of stranger things Netflix series, the game in the play store is pretty good. tho it could cause burn-in since there's static HUD elements, but no burn-in for me
  8. Good b350 motherboard

    i have the asus b350-f strix and it's a nice board. no issues at all with an OC'ed 1600, but RAM remains 2933 c14
  9. is it for the next Mac Pro that's rumored to have a Vega chip?
  10. is it more or is the amazon site updated? 

  11. Macbook pro

    didn't think the touchbar is all that useful. the touch ID is pretty nice i don't intend to use this laptop for games. i do miss out on stuff visual code tho. the Dell XPS i've looked into. it's my other choice do you use it to program? if so whats it like hows the keyboard? i tried the switches in-store and takes some getting used to for me do you need lots of dongles?
  12. Macbook pro

    Anyone here use the 2016+ macbook pro? i've been meaning to get one to learn CS but also the macOS, as i have never used macOS before. i've thought about other options, like a PC, but i'm not particularly sure how macOS will run on that device. i know the facts that it's overpriced, live the Donglelife, save the money to upgrade my rig, and so on. but like i said i never owned a macbook, nor used macOS
  13. will this revolutionize the ink cartridge industry?
  14. Box Box Box - Sim Racing Players Club [Now Hype Train Enabled!]

    yeah the upgrade system isn't that great. i prefer the last game, just simple fixed upgrades. but they hafta monetize it somehow, it's EA