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  1. what clock speeds are you getting when these high voltages kick in?
  2. tried any higher speeds?
  3. do you know the specs? search system information and post some pics of it
  4. found a tidbit: mentions that earlier versions are limited to 4k @ 30hz
  5. what cables are you using?
  6. can't go wrong with either of them. i got the hd 558 for 2 years and it's super nice. what are you gonna use 'em for?
  7. what is the rest of your pc setup? and resolution, fps and desired settings?
  8. go into the BIOS and see if you can disable q-fan interference
  9. it's the XFR, extended frequency range. for some reason it picks high voltages for the turbo clocks. i would just overclock manually (which disables XFR)
  10. lower temps won't necessarily increase OC headroom. it'll help improve consistency of gpu boost 3.0, thus sustaining boost clocks for longer. probably see a few temps lower even if you switch to liquid metal. and using liquid metal is kinda tricky, as the die is a little exposed
  11. you'll have to dump the bios from your ps2. think it requires a homebrew / hacked ps2 to do so. you can also get it elsewhere but it's not exactly legal i've emulated a few games with pcsx2, and while it performs very well, there's some games that still perform pretty badly. you probably gonna have to get acquainted with the software and tinker about to get the game to run without slowing down
  12. interesting that your SSD can calculate its remaining life..
  13. just an overall more refined sound. warmer and slightly bassier
  14. it'll probably still sound fine. but 6xx is sensitive enough to benefit from good amps/dacs also the hd 650 is the 6xx more or less, look for those too
  15. the hd 6xx is promising, however massdrop doesn't ship them until december. or you're gonna buy one second-hand the hd 598 otherwise. unsure about the k7xx