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  1. games with long campaigns?

    Witcher 3 + Hearts of Stone + Blood and Wine
  2. Essential software for new computers

    all i see about bettersnaptool is it's a window positioning tool. hyperdock is similar
  3. Essential software for new computers

    the other apps don't seem to handle gesture customization i prefer a separate media player the current night shift doesn't have a wide enough customization suite eqMac2 is a global equalizer with profiles Alfred is updated to handle sierra
  4. Essential software for new computers

    - bettertouchtools. add your own trackpad/magic mouse/touchbar gestures - IINA. beautiful media player - eqMac2. audio equalizer - Shifty. customizes night shift - Alfred. better spotlight
  5. Essential software for new computers

    https://ninite.com you don't have to install everything on there. just check whatever you need. such as Google Chrome, Steam, VLC, 7zip etc. though there are a couple on there that i suggest: - Everything, which is pretty much the search feature on Windows 10. but it's much faster. sadly i haven't found a way to replace the default search but you can map a hotkey - Malwarebytes. it's not an antivirus, but protects against malware - SumatraPDF or cutePDF. lightweight PDF viewers (unless you're ok with Chrome's PDF viewer) - paint.net, for general image manipulation
  6. FPS Cap

    in this case you can cap fps to 75fps (76fps for freesync/gsync enabled monitors, 74fps for a Vsync-like effect). you can go higher fps, you will benefit with reduced input lag. but you won't be able to see the extra smoothness from your monitor. instead there'll be screen tearing
  7. FPS Cap

    a primary reason is to reduce GPU usage, and thus temperatures. if one has a 60hz monitor, then running higher frame rates isn't needed, however doing so can still decrease input lag. just that you can't see it from the monitor. a slightly minor reason as well is to prevent the GPU 'screaming' when a game starts up or in menus in some games here's an article about frame capping https://www.blurbusters.com/gsync/gsync101-input-lag-tests-and-settings/12/ ideally, you would use the in-game frame capper if available. if not available, use Rivatuner's frame capper that comes with MSI Afterburner. but to me, i use Rivatuner even if there is an in-game frame capper. the nice thing about Rivatuner is you can set any cap framerate
  8. Decent cheap chair?

    go to your local office stores
  9. the macbook pro (the 2017 model anyways) has fantastic trackpad, build quality, speakers and display. i've yet to see any Windows-based laptop match those things. but still questionable features, such as the dongle-life and keyboard. and personally, i don't think the touchbar version is worth it however i have a feeling the macbook pro 2018 may have a quad core + AMD vega mobile option. perhaps you can look forward to that
  10. Looking for a TV

    you can look into TV shopping here https://www.rtings.com/tv one of the best sites on the Internet reviewing TVs
  11. just completed shadow warrior 2




    not a bad game, unsure if i want to keep playing. way too much loot 

  12. Best Bang For Buck Racing Wheel?

    you can check out the DFGT, or Thrustmaster T150
  13. How long until it's mostly complete?

    yeah it's not the best report on the game's progress. i noticed that updates stopped in November 2017.
  14. Box Box Box - Sim Racing Players Club [Now Hype Train Enabled!]

    this game reminds me a lot like motorstorm with a bit of forza horizon 3
  15. How long until it's mostly complete?

    here's a good idea of the progress of the game. i believe it's updated, not sure how often https://starcitizentracker.github.io