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  1. By guessing using your answer the CPU chipset uplink is the lane where the information from your hardware disk and ssd travels to your CPU. I am probably wrong. In this case what does the CPU chipset uplink do?
  2. So lets say that you have a RTX 3080 and a 5600 X. Will there be any differnce in performance when using this setup for gaming. Here you see that the general purpose lanes and CPU chipset uplink has PCIe gen 4 on the X570 but not on the B550. I do not know what general purpose lanes or CPU chipset uplink are or what they do. But what i do know is that AMD RYZEN 5600X and RTX 3080 support PCIe gen 4 which X570 has. So does PCIe 4 on the general purpose lanes and CPU chipset uplink provide a performance difference in this scenario?
  3. So I am pretty sure I am going to buy a AMD Ryzen 5600 x. But what I am not so sure about is what motherboard I am going to pick to go along with it. I have atleast narrowed it down to a B550 or X570 due to bios. I will use my motherboard only for gaming and a fair bit of OC, (just a newbie to OC). From what I have learned is that I can get a motherboard that can do both of theese things at the maxinum performance possible at a budget price, (200 - 300 euro EDIT). But I am not sure which motherboard can do "both heese things"? I am also wondering if it is true that i w
  4. The pcie slot does not want to let go of my graphics card. How do I get it to realese my graphics card? As i showed in the video there are other pcie slots that I hope will work in case this one is broken. 62682581451__A980012B-CAD1-4315-83B4-95335653BBA1.MOV
  5. I knew nothing of cases when posting this and had not slept in 20 hours. Now when I am more clearminded i see my stupidity. Thx for all your attempt to solve this hopeless thread I got this topic all sorted out now
  6. Hello everyone, small sketch of airflow for my new pc. I was just wondering if this actually works as i planned it out in my head. Thx for the help in advance
  7. Thx for all the help. Was just checking for when i purchase a new cpu
  8. Thank you for the help. Is it possible to solve this issue by OC your ram?
  9. Because the GTX 1660 Super gives 20 fps more than the GTX 1660. The only difference between them is that the 1660 super has superior vram.
  10. Thanks for all the help, appreciate it. What is the reasoning behind that? (Just for my own knowledge).