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    Texas Tech STEM Graduate. Class of 2018.
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    Senior Infrastructure Engineer at a Fintech Firm


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    i7 6850k @ 4.3
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    EVGA Micro 2
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    16gb 3000mhz
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    EVGA FTW3 3080
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    Lian Li D-011
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    960 evo 512gb and many other SSDs
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    EVGA Gold 750W something
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    Dell DG2716dgr
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    HD 6XX, Argons, HD 660s, Fostex TH- XX

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  1. I have been really lucky and have sniped 2 from Newegg and 1 from microcenter. Got one for myself, and 2 for friends of mine. Did not use bots or anything. But it took me 4 weeks of trying everyday and using tracking websites from mid November to mid December to get those 2 cards from Newegg ( both were at my front door with 5 days of ordering ). I went to microcenter early one morning in October and got my personal 3080 on my first visit. Its hard to get these cards, but not impossible. Seems like microcenter is the best bet in the US.
  2. The OP is talking about a 3080. If you meant the 3080, I am not sure what you mean by " I would not use it for 4K". It is the second fastest card on the market. Plus, its 10GB of Vram is insanely fast. It should be fine for a while.
  3. I just upgraded from a 970 to a 3080 and I have an i7 6850k (4.1GHz currently ). Which I believe is close to the 2600 in games. There is a bit of a bottleneck just an FYI. I am getting a15-20% performance hit at 1440p in games where I get over 100FPS (Comparing my data to gaming benchmarks online). Just something you should be aware of. I plan on getting the first round of DDR5 CPUs, but for now I am fine with the small hit. Its still an amazing setup.
  4. Fair enough, it really is just a wider version of what I already have and will just take an FPS hit. I will probably try one out and just return it if I do not like it. So many differing opinions online, seems like one of those things I just need to try. The FPS hit is some of my concern. Interesting point on the FOV statement, I have not seen anyone else mention that online. Altering ini files or other config files is fine, usually a one time thing anyway. My iRacing config files are crazy modded, so not a big deal. Like I mentioned above, I think I will just o
  5. I have a second monitor. Like I said I have no issues with my current setup. Just curious how a 21:9 setup is. What type of games did you play? I typically stick to the mainstream games, I would hope these have support for 21:9, but definitely something to research before I buy.
  6. Hi All, I currently have a Dell 2716dgr monitor. Its 1440p, Gysnc, 144hz etc. I am not unhappy with it at all, but have been looking at getting an ultrawide or at least giving one a try. I am wondering if its worth switching to the Viotek GNV34DBE - which is 3440x1440p, 144hz and "Gsync compatible". Wondering if this would be a swap, I work from home as a programmer due to covid so the extra space will be nice for productivity. How would this be for gaming? That is the deciding factor on if I grab this monitor. Anyone here have one or
  7. Yeah I understand what you mean regarding headphone sound. Lol, yeah the schiit stack is an entertaining name. And yes pun was intended. I am just looking for decent speakers for my desk. I do not always feel like putting on headphones for games or music.
  8. Hi All, First, I know almost nothing about speakers as I am more of a headphone guy. I have the Schiit Stack ( Magni 3, Modi 2 - I am considering a new amp for headphones but I do not feel a need right now. ) I have HD 660s, HD 6XX, Argons and Fostex Th -XX. I am now looking for a decent set of speakers for my set up - they will be on a desk in a 14 x 16 room. The Micca RB-42 seem to be good for my needs as they are small ( I can get bigger if advised to do so ) and have good reviews. However I know literally nothing about speakers or amps for
  9. I would consider this to be the best overall option. It is not insanely expensive and you get outstanding sound quality and comfort for the money.
  10. I have an AUDIO GD 28.38. It is significantly better than any amp I have used. To be fair I have never heard another amp anywhere near the same price point. I was surprised by the difference it made compared to a Magni 3. Just my 2cents
  11. Slickrr13


    The carbon fiber look is awesome.
  12. This is a common issue. Best way to fix it is to just use optical.
  13. It is not perfect, but it will get the job done until he gets a real amp IMO.
  14. The M40s are way better. Also, your FiiO E10k will power the 6XXs fine. I can not recommend them enough. For 200$ they are a crazy value.
  15. Never personally heard the XM2. The problem with the K7XX and HD6XX is they require and AMP to run properly. The HD6XX is regarded as one of the if not the best headphone for 200$. If you do not mind getting an AMP they are phenomenal, I love mine. The 6XX is known for having slightly forward mids and a slightly warm sound. Also, the 6XXs are the same thing as the 650. If you want headphones that are a little more portable then they will not work for you. If portability is a concern let us know and we will find a solution. If you look at @Max_Settings M50X review he has se