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  1. Dylanc1500

    Intel Core i9 9900KFC

    Lol, I was more so being a bit nudging about your wording. Implying that when you don't eat KFC, that you go less often than you get hungry. That normally trends towards severe constipation. Sorry, as someone with bowel issues I find some things funny that others would normally never realize. speaking of constipation, this topic is going to cause it with memes.
  2. Dylanc1500

    New Intel Cpu won't boot

    They aren't inter-compatible. The pinouts are different. Kaby Lake Coffee Lake
  3. Dylanc1500

    Intel Core i9 9900KFC

    I hope everything that you eat does. You might need to chug some GoLytely if not...
  4. Dylanc1500

    Intel Core i9 9900KFC

    Please Intel, partner with KFC, if only for a little while. I want a signature recipe CPU with some biscuits and a cookie.
  5. Dylanc1500

    Who was your Valentine this year and Last year?

    So you are a fan of Cleetus? I myself had that during Valentine's Day while my wife had a mason jar of Spumante. Spent both with my wife, and the four before that, God bless her soul...
  6. Dylanc1500

    How cold is to cold

    Ya lol °Ré, °Re, °r are all correct for Réaumur and Rømer being notated as °Rø or °R (typically). Lol ah come on, everyone should use the freezing point of brine as zero!
  7. Dylanc1500

    How cold is to cold

    I wasn't sure if he was talking about that, or possibly either Rømer or Réaumur scales.
  8. That would turn "hey I'm going to watch YouTube" into something much different.
  9. Dylanc1500

    How Do You Make Work Mornings More Enjoyable?

    Rooster Booster mixed with Mountain Dew code red and a couple shots of vanilla and cherry. Also throw in some biscuits and gravy. Makes the morning pretty dadgum wonderful.
  10. Dylanc1500

    AMD Delays Navi to Q4 2019

    Aw come on, you can't tell me that 16GB RX 570 isn't a fantastic option in your case. Am I making any logical points? Nope, not at all, other than I'm surprised there hasn't been a post about it.
  11. @Arika S So go buy Matrox in droves, got it!
  12. Dylanc1500

    I’m traveling-but I’m cheap.

    There's nothing wrong with it, being a tech forum people ought to be a bit more understanding of why people could have what they do. What is the exact part number on the bottom? I know that the drive could be upgraded as well as the wireless adapter, however I don't know if you can add ram without the exact model. You will most likely run into a decent amount of slow down simply due to it having an older model Atom.
  13. Dylanc1500

    I’m traveling-but I’m cheap.

    What laptop is it? Some of the internal components could be upgraded.
  14. Dylanc1500

    AMD Radeon VII Benchmark/Launch Mega Thread

    It's relitiviely easy to find 2080 models cheaper than $699 as well. So that is something to keep in mind.
  15. Dylanc1500

    Linus's Jeans

    I'll keep that in mind. Lol I can appreciate a good bootcut, but im not sure I want bell bottoms.