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  1. So Activision and PepsiCo partnered up in other words. I would give way too much money for those Mountain Dew jackets that they sent them though.
  2. Spyro (those made by insomniac). Spent more hours playing them, more than I'd care to admit, over and over and over...
  3. You can try the chairs in store but then look online for better prices.
  4. Which one? The last time I went to the one in Dallas they only had the 3800X for $399, however they didn't have any 3900X's in stock.
  5. People don't realize it achieved exactly what they were wanting.
  6. Sorry I updated my previous post as I submitted it before I was actually done. The blue screens could have been caused by the new stick of memory being faulty, which if so, your best solution is to run the windows memory diagnostic. Which can be done by searching at the start menu. Windows Memory Diagnostic.bmp Then it will ask you to restart to run. Restart.bmp It could also be caused by it being ran at 2800 if you had XMP enabled. Which you might turn off, if that is indeed the case, and see if that fixes your problems. The memory controller may not be able to handle the 2800 with dual channel as it is only guaranteed to run at 2667 in any configuration. That would indeed cause memory instabilities and the blue screens you were getting.
  7. When you unplugged it did you actually unplug it from the wall or did you flip the switch on the PSU? Unplugging the from the wall with power still being drawn from the system can cause damage to the PSU and potentially the rest of the system. When you unplug a device while drawing power it causes arching within the outlet and doesn't cleanly and quickly break the flow of electrons. This is why most switches have an audible click, its caused by switches being designed to break the flow of electricity as quickly as possible (much faster than you could yourself). It is very possible your damaged your PSU considering it did stop working after you did that. Also, as a second recommendation I wouldn't use software to search for updated drivers. I would go into Device Manager and then go to the websites of the components manufacturer/vendors website download the most recent drivers. uninstall the old drivers completely (best to do in safe mode), then reinstall the updated drivers manually. This is just a recommendation though, as you are less likely to end up with driver conflicts. Which, if that is indeed what was causing the blue screens, might have prevented it.
  8. I believe this case could be a solution if you want a ready built solution. Oh it also has a HEPA filter on the intake. It's the Silverstone Mammoth Series MM01. LTT actually did a video of it awhile back.
  9. I worked at a GM/Yamaha/Cub Cadet dealership my senior year in high school. We paid dealer invoice price on everything except new Silverado trucks. Cost was roughly 45-55% off retail in most cases. I will say this much, I purchased a brand new key fob for one of my truck's and retail price is normally around $75, but I only paid $27. Mark-up can be pretty crazy in some instances
  10. That's because the Crucial drive is in the M2M_32G connector which is shared with the PCIE4_1 slot. When you insert the capture card into the PCIE4_1 slot it disables the M2M_32G connector. This might help show better if need be. The two that are circled are the ones that share PCIe lanes. Try moving the capture card to one of the other available PCIe slots and you should be fine.
  11. I should have, granted that film never really caught on. I also thought of bringing up the 20x24 Polaroid instant film, but decided against it. Considering the success Polaroid seems to be having lately with them bringing back their old camera lines with the demand from all the "hip amateur photographers", I'm surprised they haven't yet brought back a 20x24 Camera.
  12. No that is for the "real" photographers. Unfortunately 120 is for nothing more than an everyday user.