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  1. If ios users want the policies changed, they need to make Apple care. Apple doesn't care about their users, they care about money. So I would to the thing that would cost Apple the most money: Stop using their products.
  2. Using a Luigi board obviously!
  3. The Verge article mentions something about quora: What do you mean about Quora specifically?
  4. Summary Yahoo Answers will be shutting down on May 4th, 2021 at EST. Prior to this, on April 20th, the site will be put in read-only mode. After May 4th, users will be redirected to the Yahoo home page. Users have until June 30, 2021 to download their content. Try to get it started by the beginning of June though, as it can take up to 30 days for the data to be ready. Yahoo stated that if there is any feedback or comments about this, an email can be sent to yahoo_answers_sunset@verizonmedia.com. The shutdown will not have any impact on other services. My
  5. This is going to be a short post. I honestly think that instead of craving to pressure and new regulations, Apple will maintain that it's Lightning connector is the only acceptable one. In places where they will be required due to new regulations, they will probably put a USB-C to lightning connector in the box, then maybe include a lightning cable for good measure. They are going to fight this like the auto industry fought seat belts and air bags - drag it out and make a big fuss over it. What do you guys think? note: I have no idea how these regulations ar
  6. A friend gave me their old 2014 Raspberry Pi B+ v1.2. I formatted a 32 Gb micro SD card, flashed the RasPi OS onto it with the tool from my only other computer (which is a macbook that was also a gift). I put the SD into the Pi, plugged in the HDMI, plugged in power, and… no screen output. the Power and Act lights fine, so the board itself probably has no problems. The green ACT light got dim and was flashing. I am not sure if there is a pattern, maybe I was just imagining it, but it looked like it flashed 3 times, paused, and repeated. I looked it up and found the issue associated with it, bu
  7. Exactly. You can also imagine that these balloons will eventually keep needing to be refilled, while sats have to be boosted a lot less often.
  8. that is true, which is why it failed. there was a better way of doing it, but it was kind of a startup so they don't want to spend the amount needed to launch sats.
  9. i mean yeah i agree, Google has a lot of duplicate/overlapping products, and a lot have to get shut down
  10. Summary Alphabet's Loon, which provided internet from balloons, is shutting down. For their current operations, they say that they hope their employees can find an alternative at other alphabet companies. They also are pledging $10 million to help boost connectivity in Kenya. Not all of the technology will be forgotten, Project Taara will continue to use technology from Loon. Alphabet's X projects, such as Loon, Wing, and Waymo, are 'moonshot' companies, and they remind everyone that for every one idea that works, there will be many that don't. My thoughts
  11. yeah I thought it was a PR move of some kind, and I knew something was missing, and that was the selling of data. Great addition!
  12. Summary Facebook found four malicious Chrome extensions, and is suing two of their developers. The extensions were found to have been scaping user data. The following are the extensions in question: Facebook claims the developers of the Blue and Green keyboard apps "misled users into installing the extensions with a privacy policy that claimed they did not collect personal information." The company they are suing, 'Oink and Stuff' is based in Portugal, which means they also broke Portugal’s Database Protection Laws. – Jessica Romero, Director of Pl
  13. I was watching the video The DUMBEST Thing About HDMI and had a thought and I was wondering if it was feasible: in theory, you could have a device that you plug into something with bad EDID information. It should be possible (I doubt it would comply with HDMI/DP standards though) to make it pass along the actual signal, but spoof or edit the information to something else. I was thinking it would be small, and use DIP switches, but then I realized it would need more than that if I wanted it to be programmable, as there is a ton of information. Essentially, the device would read the existing EDI