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  1. Those ray tracing in BFV, Minecraft, SOTTR, Metro Exodus, Control use DirectX Ray Tracing a.k.a DXR. DXR is a subset of DirectX 12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DirectX_Raytracing. Only Nvidia GPUs support DXR right now. If you haven't heard, SEUS PTGI is a shader for Minecraft that use software real time ray tracing. You can run this with AMD GPU.
  2. If it say Pwr then not much you can do unless you have higher wattage power brick. You're not on battery right?
  3. No. AMD GPUs support ray tracing too but currently only Nvidia GPUs support DXR/RTX ray tracing.
  4. Run GPU-Z in the background then check PerfCapReason and thermal.
  5. You probably need 3rd party software to simulate XBOX controller since Rocket League don't support wheel officially iirc.
  6. It's like a tier higher imo.
  7. Can't wait for the remaster, hopefully it's good.
  8. That's not how bottlenecking works? What is your PSU model?
  9. If you don't have anything important in that drive, just delete all partition and recreate them. Else use boot menu and manually select non-UEFI entry, or you might need to enable legacy boot in BIOS.
  10. At boot menu, don't select UEFI.
  11. Not a malware, it's some sort of Xiaomi payment system i believe? you can safely uninstall or disable it.
  12. Useless comparison w/o power and thermal information imo.
  13. I take 580 for performance with modern APIs and that extra VRAM.
  14. Make sure texture filtering and anti-aliasing is enable.
  15. I've seen similar threads regarding Warzone, most probably game fault.
  16. Only for Nvidia cards i think. Its for showing base and targeted boost clock. Pretty useless imo.
  17. Try disable any enhancement from your audio input and output.
  18. So both fan intake vents was blocked, and it didn't happen to the more expensive M model which use the same chasis. Shady really, but doubt Intel got anything to do with this. Also, the irony. Damn, that remind me one of their ROG laptop with "2 exhaust vents" but one is actually fake. I got scold by a customer because of that.
  19. Seems like you're capped at 60fps. Probably you had Vsync or frame limiter turn on.