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  1. Different country different experience. IIRC you from SG?
  2. Most probably they will rebrand it again, not uncommon for AMD. 7870>270>370 7750>250e>360>450 7870 is a midrange card just like Polaris.
  3. Because everyone is waiting for the aftermarket model to come next month. Price/performance is great currently. Software is still kinda buggy but AMD will fix in few more releases imo.
  4. You looking for RTS game with resource gathering/management thingy? Ashes Of Singularity - Escalation Rise Of Nation Supreme Commander series Act Of Aggression Dune 2000.. noice. I still got the CD i think, probably unusable. Harkonnen out.
  5. Make sense since 5700 XT perform similar to Radeon VII in gaming performance and doesn't cost an arm and leg to produce.
  6. I did but it still show the same, either both show 980 Ti or Intel HD if i plug in display out thru iGPU.
  7. Not really, it actually near Radeon VII/1080 Ti/2070 Super performance and that with the card thermal throttled and buggy software.
  8. If only you need it for gaming, RX 5700XT get my vote.
  9. Should we cap the frame rate or not? Some games simply scale to hundreds of FPS and use lots of CPU power.
  10. There is things like https://github.com/megai2/d912pxy. You can give it a try but most of the time it barely improve the experience. Created for Guild Wars 2 but should work for other DX9 games.
  11. Some Tenno creativity is simply too good. This clan dojo used to be a huge empty space, like an empty hangar. New skin for my HIV queen Saryn.
  12. New PC? Your 480 reached 90c even when not on constant 100% load. Check if the fan is working or return it.
  13. Not too shabby, with them officially cost $400 & $450 here in Malaysia i think it will probably will sell like hot cakes if review is good.
  14. If you have a good power supply for 250w-300w 980 Ti, take it. Driver compatibility will be similar since Pascal is very similar to Maxwell, it might not get good day 1 driver but it will caught up after 2-3 releases which by Nvidia "standard" is not that long.
  15. xAcid9


    Find a friend. Play game with friend.
  16. Internet browser and some softwares like Discord use hardware acceleration which could messed up your gaming performance when running in the background. Try disable hardware acceleration option in settings.
  17. By decent framerate you mean 60fps then you should have no problem with all of those GPUs with 1660 Ti probably need to lower graphic setting by a notch or 2. Rumored 2060 super come with 8GB Vram, I suggest wait for it since 6GB is considered bare minimum for midrange gpu nowadays. Since you have z77 mainboard, try overclock and undervolt your cpu for more performance if you have adequate cpu cooling.
  18. Can you share your graphic settings? Maybe you max some MSAA or SSAA for the game?
  19. May i know how to do this? Every time i tried window kept showing 980 Ti for both Power Saving and High Performance even though Device Manager show both driver installed properly.
  20. I sometime watch girl streamer because that's is the only time girl will respond to me PepeHands
  21. stop playing that game.
  22. What about stock setting? What is your max junction temp? Instability on low load usually related to PSU imo. Is it possible to set fix voltage and frequency? Also i don't recommend Furmark for stress testing.