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  1. Looking for touchpad cable

    they are not included with the touchpads sadly. lenovo offers the entire base cover assembly for ~100 bucks which does not really help either. the thing is that i cannot be sure that the cable that is too long works because some of them are wider and have different connectors etc so i think that i have to find an NBX0001CQ00 but that does not return a single result on google.
  2. USB Drive stopped working

    try another pc / another usb drive on your laptop.
  3. USB Drive stopped working

    try it on another port/pc.
  4. Looking for touchpad cable

    yeah, i know, but they all don't quite (either wrong length, wrong number of pins etc.)
  5. Hey y'all, I broke the touchpad cable on my Thinkpad S440 20AY and can find it absolutely nowhere (and the touchpad ist kinda important..). It is a ribbon cable which says CviLux E208903-3 AMV 20706 105C VW-1 (which only specifies the type of ribbion cable and not this specific cable i guess). It has a sticker on it NBX0001CQ00 (which is the exact cable that i am looking for i think). The connectors are on opposite sites when it lays down flat, it is 13cm long, 6mm wide on the end and 8mm in the middle. I will include a picture. I'd be thankful for any advice
  6. propylenglycol + destilled water on gtx 960

    @TheGamingBarrel @Enderman @Maybach123 @Ophidio @TeeTwo @Ryan_Vickers thanks for your help everyone! q-tips and naphta were able to clean it up. it's working fine for a few days now. we are thinking about doing what @TheGamingBarrel suggested.
  7. propylenglycol + destilled water on gtx 960

    what exactly is reballing? do you think it is neccessary? i'll see if i can find a shop who can do that where i live.
  8. propylenglycol + destilled water on gtx 960

    thank you. what should i use to clean it? isopropylalcohol? or just q-tips?
  9. propylenglycol + destilled water on gtx 960

    a short doesnt mean that it is permanently broken. so the issue might be fixed after cleaning it. it is worth a try. i just wanted to know how to go about it the best. no it was'nt. but it also wasn't supposed to be. i was looking for help, not for people to argue with. thank you for your input.
  10. propylenglycol + destilled water on gtx 960

    well, gonna be fun finding one of these where i live in germany. do you have an idea whether an ultrasonic cleaner for personal use would be enough or not? thanks.
  11. propylenglycol + destilled water on gtx 960

    i know, it looks horrible. but both destilled water and propylenglycol don't really conduct electricity in theory. neither helpful nor funny.
  12. hey. my friend's aio leaked. he got a mixture of propylenglycol and destilled water (approximately 80:20) on it. he didn't immediately notice, just told me that sometimes when he booted the monitor wouldn't turn on. this is what it looks like. any tips for cleaning it? thanks for any help.
  13. WD Black vs. Seagate Barracuda

    slow is relative. it really depends on what he is doing. watching movies or doing backups is absolutely fine with 5400rpm. still louder than a 5400rpm drive.
  14. WD Black vs. Seagate Barracuda

    so what about a wd green or blue for a secondary? i doubt the additional performance justifies the price and loudness of a wd black/barracuda 7200rpm
  15. I suppose that changing the brightness on your monitor will mostly affect the backlight, which would result in the picture containing darker tones but not actually being less bright.