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    Proud owner of two Samsung 840 Evos 250GB.


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    Intel Core i7 4702MQ @ 2,2Ghz
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    Acer laptop mobo
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    2x8GB Kingston DDR3 800Mhz
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    Nvidia geforce gt 750M 4GB GDDR3
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    2x Samsung 840 EVO 250GB and Samsung 5400 rpm 1TB
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    120 Watt
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    Razer Imperator
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  1. mac os sux as well as evrything elso from apple....I bought like 100 apps on itunes and now I would have to pay again to download them...
  2. mac os biggest shit and overpriced!
  3. get a Z87 board if you go with the 4670 and not the 4690
  4. you need at least 250Gb ssd storage, if you are a real gamer you need a 500GB ssd
  5. who needs more than 1TB of SSD storage anywayS?^^
  6. what mobo has this build? also, what are the specs of these xeons?
  7. why dont you just watch tutorials? thats what I did
  8. this error comes after a few seconds of streaming/previewing
  9. I CANT FIND OPENGL in my settings .....
  10. I already uninstalled it, I had the problem with both the 32bit and 64bit version, I have installed the newest gpu drivers before I installed OBS, cuz I read that you should do that first. Another question, which should I choose: Encoder: x264, quick sync, Nvidia NVENC? I have tried all of them, but always the same error
  11. So when I start streaming OBS crashes with the following report: I already updated Nvidia drivers and I am using the latest stable version, I also played around with the settings, but it keeps crashing. Does anyone know a fix for this? I also cant record a monitor, when the game I am playing is in fullscreen-mode. I havent enabled OpenCL, at least nothing like this shows up in the settings
  12. So I have set up up a stream but after about a minute OBS stops running and I get a report saying ''Intel Hd graphics 4600 drivers recovered'', although I selected my GPU in the settings. I think this is because the laptop automatically runs on hd graphics on the desktop, if it is so, how can I make my pc run the gpu always?
  13. i will keep the bitrates low, I just installed OBS and watch a Tutorial on how it works and how to set it up, I will play with the encoding settings later on
  14. Will a livestream make my System lag when I have an HDD? I actually have 2 SSDs, but I just wanted to know it