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  1. Yes, the equivalent bandwidth of PCI-E X8 3.0 is PCI-E X16 2.0. A full PCI-E X16 3.0 lane has a maximum of ~16GB/s, while PCI-E X16 2.0 is 8GB/s. Although the slot itself is PCI-Express 3.0, the GTX 560Ti is PCI-E 2.0 compliant. PCI-E 3.0 didn't exist yet at the time. Regardless, you should not see any performance hits running at PCI-E X8 2.0.
  2. I understand the two cards are not SLI compatible. Even though you have video cards installed in the "SLI designated" slots, SLI is not mandatory. You can install a PCI-E X1 slot card into a PCI-E X16, X8, X4, or X1 slot. You are not restricted to putting a PCI-E X1 card into a X1 slot only. (I still remember Linus putting a X4 slot card into a modded X1 slot in his home server). What I know to know is, if you use PCI-E_2 and PCI-E_4 (listed in the table I included), does your GTX 560Ti run at the proper speed? PCI-E_2 and PCI-E_4 would be the two metal reinforced slots on your motherboard. GTX 560 Ti in the top metal slot (e.g. PCI-E_2) GT 730 in the bottom metal slot (e.g. PCI-E_4)
  3. Hmm...I see...okay okay, will have to do some measuring, and looking at numbers. Can you give me the link on the Canadian Tire website? How is the wrap, though...quality wise?
  4. EDIT: The ASUS GTX 1080Ti's are 11.73" in length, so you have a sliver of extra room to work with compared to me. I have an Enthoo Luxe Tempered Glass (looks like you have that too), and two Sapphire R9-Fury...which are 12.1" in length. I've got a custom water cooling loop work-in-progress, so I can give you some approximate numbers, pictures, etc. Depends on what type/size of reservoir you want to get, the Enthoo Luxe should have a variety of mounting options/locations. You have a stop left of the PCI expansion slots (e.g. cylindrical shaped). The Luxe also comes with a reservoir mounting bracket (check your accessory box) If you want to use a pump + reservoir combo, the pump bracket also works (again, check the Enthoo Luxe accessory box). Anyways...where did you get the Carbon fibre wrap? It's a nice little touch!
  5. Pins in GTX1070ti

    Which Zotac GTZ 1070Ti are you looking at, and which EVGA 500W PSU specically? Zotac has three versions of the GTX 1070Ti, and out of the 3, two requires 2x PCI-E 8-pin power cables. It will depend on the PSU. Some 500W, 520, or 550W will have two 6+2 pin PCI-E connections (6+2 as it can either be used as a 6-pin or 8-pin connection). Some will have a 6-pin and a 8-pin. Heck, evens some 500W will only have a single 6+2 pin cable. Basically, if you are buying a PSU, make sure you get a decent quality one, and have ALL the power connections/cables you need for your computer.
  6. XB271HU i'm playing though displayport

    The Acer XB271HU doesn't come with a remote. You just use the settings / menu buttons along the bottom (like any other ordinary computer monitor). ...welcome to da PCMasterRace w0rld mah bruh. We well fine de wae.
  7. XB271HU i'm playing though displayport

    Yes, you can switch between any of the inputs on the monitor. It will not strain your computer, monitor or PS4. All it does is pick which signal to show, and ignores/blocks off the others.
  8. According to the block diagram found in your motherboard's user manual (page 19 if you're curious)... The black PCI-E X16 slot (that runs at X4), and all the PCI-E X1 slots are provided through the X370 chipset. It should not interfere with the PCI-E X16 that your GTX 560Ti is sitting in -- as those PCI-E lanes are coming from the Ryzen CPU directly. Just curious, may or may not be related to your issue (but will see), how many SATA drives to you have installed? How many USB devices connected to the USB 3.1 or 2.0 ports? Which PCI-E X1 slots are you using? In page 28 of the user manual, there is a PCI-E bandwidth table... For testing purposes, what happens if you put your GT 730 into the second PCI-E X16 slot (the other metal reinforced slot)? Your GTX 560Ti should the at PCI-E X8 -- click the "?" and do the render test if you need to.
  9. As of January 2018, officially Product Test and Characterization Engineer!

    Next goal: getting the P.Eng certification...but which company to do it under as?

    Where do I want to eventually end up at? Intel Canada for their 3D XPoint (aka Optane technology)? D-Wave and their Quantum Computing project? AMD?

    Who knows...

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      Speak english please ;) tech jargon is not my fortay

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  10. Windows 10 will not recognize both 1080ti and 980ti

    Commenting on your previous post first. You don't need to reinstall drivers -- GTX 980Ti and GTX 1080 share the same driver suite. However, you may need to restart the computer so Windows/drivers acknowledges the configuration change (e.g. 980Ti and 1080 swapped places). I do not recommend flashing the BIOS through Windows -- it just introduces 1 more room for error. Format a USB stick to FAT32. ( https://www.asus.com/us/support/FAQ/1012303/ ) Download, and throw the BIOS file (usually .BIN format) into the USB stick -- in your username, gigabyte specifically says to rename the BIOS file to GIGABYTE.bin Use Q-Flash from within the BIOS to update.
  11. After downloading drivers.

    What is the temperature of the RX-460 when under load (e.g. under heavy use)? What about when idle / light usage? Try setting the cooling fan speed to say...fixed 50%. Does the white noise show up? There are a few possibilities (IMO): (1) WIth drivers installed, the cooling fan speed is variable. Too low fan speed, and the GPU heats up, causing issues. (2) Software bug. Try older version drivers (e.g. September/October/November 2017, etc). (3) Hardware fault. Something is wrong with the RX-460, and needs to be RMA'd for repair.
  12. Stupid Question Guys

    For your GPU, I have no idea why ASUS is pointing to NVidia, and nVidia is pointing to ASUS. ASUS is the manufacturer, so it should be through them. Typically, if it's still within the new item "30 day warranty", you can also go through the seller (e.g. NewEgg, Amazon, etc). nVidia makes the GPU chip itself, and sells it to ASUS who manufactures the rest of the video card. In that sense, nVidia has no involvement between them and the video card buyer (you). This is kind of strange how ASUS would finger the point back to nVidia...
  13. Stupid Question Guys

    @Darkseth Ditto. Not enough to upgrade to a higher-end GPU, but enough money to get into expensive custom water cooling. Doesn't quite make sense... @Zachary Cartwright Just so you know, custom cooling loop is not a "set up and forget" thing; you need to put some money in on a regular basis to maintain it afterwards. Coolant replacement (e.g. 1 or 2 times a year) Coolant additives Tubes needs replacing after a few years If parts go bad due to age, they need replacing etc, etc. You won't find much water cooling support for the RX-560 anyways. It's a lower power, entry level card. Usually water cooling companies, like EKwb, would make cooling blocks for high-end, high heat cards (e.g. RX-580, RX Vega, GTX 1070 and above, etc). Those are the builds that would consider water cooling 75%+ of the time (vs. like 15% with a RX-560 or GTX 1050).
  14. Well if you want to re-use... 80% of your existing parts, you CAN go for a 4th/5th generation Intel CPU. Something like a i5-4690K, i7-4790K, i7-5775C, etc. You can re-use your DDR3 RAM. People should be letting those go, and jumping over to the 8th generation chips. But the drawback is...you would still be on a old , "End of Life" platform. "Mainstream" 4th-generation stopped with socket LGA 1150, with the Z97 chipset, with the i7-4790K / i7-4770K / i7-5775C being the top-tier chips available.
  15. What? That's not the BIOS... Press the ESC key, can a menu should pop up. Select the Computer Setup (F10) option -- THAT should take you to the BIOS. That said, the core issue may be that the old BIOS on the motherboard is not compatible with the GT 1030. If updating the BIOS does not help...
  16. Motherboard LEDs

    In that case.... There's not much you can do, as it's a power indicator LED. Essentially, it's job is letting you know the motherboard is alive and getting power from the PSU/wall socket.
  17. Motherboard LEDs

    That LED is the Standby Power indicator. It let's you know if the motherboard is getting power, if the system is on, sleep, or soft-off mode. You cannot disable that...might need to cover it up with black tape, or use the trusty black Sharpie pen. On second thought...have you tried, Enabling/Disabling ErP?
  18. I don't know about Ghost Recon, but R6 does not support Crossfire. (It does support SLi, but it's not much better).
  19. PCIe bottleneck?

    That motherboard uses the Intel G41 chipset. It has 16 PCI-Express 1.1 lanes. A GTX 950 will not have any issues with 16 PCI-E 1.x lanes. It will be equivalent bandwidth to PCI-E 2.0 X8 (or PCI-E 3.0 X4) -- which is plenty for that graphics card. Even something like a GTX 970, GTX 1050 will do okay...if you wanted.
  20. The i5-7640X is cheaper, but everyone, including reviewers, are still tearing Intel a new a$$hole about it. Did you see Linus' "Ranting in the Rain" video? And here is Gamer Nexus also saying like "WTF is this". And you got Paul from Paul's Hardware saying "$250 CPU in $490 motherboard? Wat?" Etc. i5-7640X and i7-7740X should not exist. It's a LGA 2066 chip cut down to i5-7600K and i7-7700K level, along with a BUNCH of stuff on it disabled. Intel's *marketing* was the 7640X and 7740X is a "temporary place holder" CPU for people who WILL upgrade to something like the $2000 i9-7980XE. The problem is, you need to use it on an expensive X299 motherboard, BUT, you are only limited to 16 PCI-E lanes, and only CERTAIN RAM slots work. Also like 3/4 of the features on X299 are disabled if you use a i5-7640X or i7-7740X. Get a i7-7700K...but with a $500 motherboard instead of a $150 one!! Heeey!!! You either go with a i7-7700K or i7-8700K, or commit fully into X299.
  21. Extra pins 915 pins on socket LGA 2066... No, the LGA 2066 socket (AKA X299) is Intels' Extreme platform. LGA 1151 is their Mainstream platform. LGA 2066 Core i9-7980XE 18 cores, 36 threads, $2000 USD. LGA 1151 Core i7-8700K, 6 cores, 12 threads, $260 USD.
  22. Can't tell the difference between 60fps and 144fps

    Agree. I joined the 144Hz elites around Christmas...coming from 60Hz. It wasn't very noticeable for games like: Starcraft II, League of Legends r00nscape (don't ask; somehow ended up committing to a 6-month membership with a bunch old buddies -- going back to the 1990's/2000's) But the difference was immediate, like BOOM holy sh!t (at least for me) for: Rainbow Six Siege Doom
  23. Asus Mg248q no signal (please help!)

    That's another option; there could be a change the monitor is defective from the start. How much are you paying for the MG248Q and the Acer XFA240? Have you looked into other 144 Hz monitors? Viewsonic XG2401 AOC G2460PF Have been recommended quite frequently in the recent months -- especially if you have an AMD GPU since they are both FreeSync supported.
  24. 2400 MHz might be too of an aggressive overclocked for your i7-4790K. You *may* need to find a stable middle ground. Experience with my own i5-4690K, 1600 MHz and 1866 MHz, at the least, should work pretty good on Intel's Integrated Memory Controllers (IMC). You may have to play around with the timings, command rate, and voltage a little bit for 2133 MHz or above -- thought 2133 MHz has a fairly high success rate, too.
  25. idk where this cable is for

    Wait what...when did Thermaltake cheap out on the TR2 series, and introduce an 80 PLUS "white" version? I thought the TR2 series was 80 PLUS Bronze minimum by now? @Berosar if you haven't noticed already, @jonnyGURU is THIS JonnyGURU... http://www.jonnyguru.com/index.php The sir who is a legit specialist in PSU's...