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  1. 'Tech Jesus' did a Intel CPUs over the years review earlier this year. Comparing Intel CPUs form 2014 ~ 2020 (basically Intel 4th Gen and up), with a few AMD Ryzen CPUs in the mix. You see where the i5-4690K and i7-4790K stands... Planning to retire my i5-4690K @ 4.8 GHz secondary system soon-ish myself...
  2. Did you get the Lian-Li O11 or Lian-Li O11 Dynamic? Both two different cases. If you O11 Dynamic, then I would put: 3x fans in the front as intake 2x or 3x fans at the top as exhaust (Optional fans at the bottom as intake)
  3. As @TukangKopimentioned, it looks like you are installing the fan backwards. Make sure it it blowing air to the back of the case. Check for fan direction arrows...
  4. FPS is correlated to frame time... 60 FPS = AVERAGE 16.67ms frame time 144 FPS = Average 6.94ms frame time FPS = Average number of frames or frame time over the period of 1 second
  5. Did any of the water / liquid get onto the GTX 1070 Ti? Does the GPU have a backplate, or just exposed circuit board? You might need to go through the process of elimination, and test every single part in a second working system. Swap your GTX 1070 Ti in; does the system work? Yes or no? Swap the RAM into the second system; does THAT work? Swap CPU into system (if you can); is that working? Power supply is fine. .. if the fan side was facing down (assuming bottom mounted PSU).
  6. As far as I know, AT STOCK, the RTX 3080's temperature target is around 70*C ~ 75*C. Latest drivers also "cap" the GPU core frequency to ~2000 MHz Boost. From the sounds of it, your RTX 3080 is performing as expected. Next is the CPU + RAM. Have you verified that your RAM is actually operating at 3200 MHz? Check CPU-Z 'Memory' tab; it should say ~1600 MHz is XMP / DOCP was properly enabled, and working. 82*C ~ 83*C on the CPU is a bit on the warmer side of things, but still within safe temperatures. Have you monitored how your CPU is behaving, f
  7. Both PSUs have a combination of PCi-E 6-pin and PCI-E 6+2 pin connections. I am not quite sure what you mean there... Both PSUs are around the same age... 2011 ~ 2012 release dates. Both are not very good, BUT out oft the two, the Cooler Master. The Thermaltake, According to testing done by Mr. GURU back in the day, doesn't even meet 80 PLUS Gold specs. Voltage regulation on the +3.3v, and +5v were rather high. Plus, the 1200W is across two asymmetric +12v rails .... CPU power is one +12v rail, and everything else on the other, 48A + 85A +
  8. Do you have another SSD / HDD (or a USB flash drives) you can back-up data to? You don't delete the partition in BIOS... If you haven't done so already, link the Windows key to your Microsoft account. Go to Microsoft's side, and use their 'Media Creation Tool' on a 16GB (or larger) USB stick. It's free. You will be using that to reinstall Windows; use it when ready. Plug the USB stick into the (Ryzen) PC, and boot from the USB. Select which drive you want to wipe, and install Windows onto. This is all part of the Windows install steps -- you delete t
  9. How much of 'tiny amount" of water did you spill? Did the water get into the CPU socket area? Did you give everything that got wet (e.g. CPU? GPU? RAM?) enough time to dry? When you were trying out the HDMI port on the back of the motherboard, did you take out your GTX 1070 Ti? By default, the iGPU is disabled once the system detects a graphics card is installed into the PCI-E slot.
  10. Good catch. If you have a Ryzen CPU, and NOT an Ryzen APU, you have no iGPU. The iGPU is on the APU / CPU side, no longer ON the motherboard...like the old AMD / nVidia / Intel motherboards of the early 2000's times.
  11. If you want to play...any of the current games, it should be fine. How are we supposed to know in 2030...how the Ryzen 2600x performs in...Battlefield 12, or Grand Theft Auto 7? New games will be more and more system demanding...that's to be expected. If you can play BF5 on Ultra settings with a Ryzen 2600x, don't expect it can do Ultra settings in...BF12.
  12. We can't answer if it will keep up "years and years and years....10+ years". The AMD FX-8150 can't even keep up at launch, it just crashed to the ground...basically. The Intel 4th Gen series came out in 2014, and are still "decent", but is no contest compared to the 8th / 9th / 10th Gen Intel CPUs. If you are going to build an AMD system, might as well grab a Ryzen 3600 and a B550 motherboard. AMD is supposed to reveal more Ryzen 5000-series news on Nov.5th. You could also go with the Ryzen 5600x + B500 motherboard path too. Unless you get the 2600x for che
  13. The RTX 3070 doesn't suck as much power as the RTX 3080 / 3090 -- quite a bit less. Yes, you should be okay to use a single daisy-chain cable, if the RTX 3070 you pre-ordered uses 2x PCI-E connectors. Your ENTIRE system should be ~350W or under. At least, from the RTX 3070 reviews available so far...
  14. Uhhh.... 750W ~ 850W is already fine for a RTX 3080. 1000W+ is only needed if going SLI RTX 3080, or (SLI) RTX 3090.
  15. Why can't you use soap + water? Don't dip the mousepad into the water... Put the soap into a soapy water into a spray bottle or something, and spray onto the pad or microfiber towel. Then use microfiber tower to wipe clean. Of course, vacuum all the junk off first (e.g. food crumbs, skin, dirt nibs, etc). I do that with my hard / cloth mousepads all the time. Even the easy-to-scratch, and cloth interior parts of my cars.
  16. I did notice the small difference in the first video, particularly in the strap, where the dark brown meets with the white. Again, I guess it depends on how / what they are using to capture the footage. Interesting to point that out nonetheless.
  17. Those RGB connectors are literally hold on by friction of the pins, and plastic around it. I'd just you black electrical tape or something...easily solution, and it won't make it stand out like a sore them (unless you want to use red or green tape or w/e).
  18. That's the thing with NAND storage devices, unlike mechanical spinning HDD's, it doesn't show symptoms. They just die all of a sudden. It could be the controller, the NAND, or just something on the PCB. My 120GB Corsair ForceGT did exactly the same years ago. Annnd it died just months after the warranty period ended. (Those "high performance" SSDs back in 2010 ~ 2012 were overdriven to get max SATA III performance, plus the controllers were not great)
  19. Remember, OP has Multi-Core Enhancement enabled, AND limits removed / set to unlimited (e.g. Intel spec'd PL1 and PL2 times omitted). Power options is also set to Performance Mode. Not sure if those settings have been disabled / dialed back yet. If MCE is enabled, and limits ignored, wouldn't the i9-10900K boost max / near max (e.g. 5.3 GHz) across all cores...basically forever ? In that case, that is waaay beyond the advertised so-called "120W" spec.
  20. Ahh...yes... hire LEGO Bob...he's the guy to ask for. Always.
  21. Micro-ITX, ITX, and Micro-ATX are different form factors..... Standard / full-size / ATX and micro-ATX is the same, just shorter vertically. Standard ATX is 7-slots length long, while micro-ATX is 4-slots length long. In any situation, 99% of computer cases / chassis that support standard ATX, will also support Micro-ATX. If you are going to be using just one graphics card, and with minimal (or no other) expansion cards, standard ATX or Micro-ATX won't matter.
  22. 3x PCI-E 8-pins? I'm banking on RTX 3080...
  23. How the hell is that thing EVEN rated for "700W" ?! All the +12v, +5v, +3.3v combined does not even adds up to CLOSE to 700W. As mentioned, the +12v rail only has 16A (= 192). This would only pass as a *REAL* 220W ~ 230W.... 2A on the +5vsb ? 6A on the +3.3v ? 6A on the +5v ? Automagically added another "500W" out of thin air???
  24. Ohhh...you are talking about the PSU side. The 6-pin connectors on the PSU side are only for SATA and Peripherals. The 8-pins on the PSU side split into 2x 6+2 pin PCI-E connectors, so with 2x 8-pin connectors, you should have 4x PCI-E 6+2 pin cables. It would be dangerous to convert the 6-pin SATA / Peripheral power to PCI-E power. Power ratings for SATA, etc is much lower than PCI-E / CPU. So... you have enough PCI-E 8-pin connections, with 1x to spare. So...why go through this potentially unsafe janky conversion?
  25. I have no idea... remember, Corsair / EVGA / Antec, Cooler Master, etc, etc, don't make their own PSUs. They send requests + specs out to acutal OEMs ... like SeaSonic, CWT, HEC, Andyson, SuperFlower .... to make the PSU for them. The SeaSonic pin-outs are different from CWT pin-outs, etc. The GPU / CPU / Mobo end is all standardized to follow ATX compliance, but it's all free game on the PSU side....