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  1. So i have an xbox 1 x and have been playing cyberpunk 2077 and i wont include any spoilers but, why is it lagging? It should be able to play perfectly fine on the xbox 1 x, its more powerful than the orginal xbox 1, Xbox 1 S, ps4 and ps4 pro. Have there been any updates on when the day one patch will be coming out?
  2. I need some help with figuring out to use the filter feature in google sheets so i can be able to filter something i need. like being able to get a piece of info that only 1 or 2 things in the list might have that other ones wont, if this all makes sense
  3. will removing the vibrating motors affect gaming?
  4. the thing i have look out for is not to mess up the mod chip inside of it or there goes $150 and a controller ive had since the xbox 1 first came out
  5. this is from ifixit website and it looks like u can take out the dpad unit all together
  6. cant i just take out a working dpad outta my spare xbox controllers and replace it with that? This controller cost me over $150 and it can do the same exact thing as a xbox elite controller besides switching the analog caps.
  7. I need help with my xbox 1 controller, the dpad down is starting to get worn down and it doesn't register me hitting it but I've been able to temp fix it by putting a small piece of tape where the contact pad is with the actual dpad. What can i do to fix it perm? i have spare xbox 1 controllers if needed. Also it is modded.
  8. Are there any graphics cards that are as fast as cpus? Ie Mhz to Ghz?
  9. i have a MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max with a ryzen 5 3600X when ryzen 5000 series comes out will i be able to use the 5000 series cpus with this motherboard with just a bios update? i just wanna make sure so i dont need to buy a new motherboard also. Also im currently trying to update my bios rn. Do i still need to use an usb?
  10. Would it be possible to over clock thread ripper to run on 5.0ghz on all cores?
  11. Goku1814

    The vault

    Ik Linus made a video about petabyte project, but did he ever make a video about the vault?? Or is the petabyte server the vault its self??
  12. Goku1814

    LTT Store

    Ik but he'll always be know as Brian the electrician. They could add air conditioning stuff to it also like for an example, he could power a cpu with electricity and air for fans or something lol