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  1. As already mentioned PSUs are not cheap...basically all of 2020 so far. I bought a EVGA 850W P2 for ~$150 CAD last year...that EXACT same PSU is currently $200+ ($289.99 on MemoryExpress). Consider this though, even an EVGA 550W G3 is $105 right now, and a EVGA 650W G3 is $115, and newer 650W G5 is $120 CAD. $145 is not too far off... Don't use the 'Auto OC' feature on motherboards. Either manually tweak the overclock + voltage(s) yourself, or leave the CPU / motherboard on 'Auto' / factory default. Auto is usually with Multi-Core Enhancement
  2. Gamers Nexus is doing a piece (WIP) on DRAM frequency + timing on Zen 3 (e.g. Ryzen 5000-series). It looks like DDR4-3200 CL14 is still top for gaming. DDR4-3600 CL16 and DDR4-3800 CL18 performed under it...although just slightly.
  3. Well...that doesn't sound very good either way... Thermaltake 80 PLUS white...there's a few on the PSU Tier List...Tier C / D / E units...
  4. There is a coffee Tasting Room .... 20ft from the office, I just go there for fresh coffee Thermo Energy...MtnDew KickStart....
  5. What make/brand and model PSU are you running? If it's a QUALITY 500W ~ 550W unit, you should be fine...no need for a 650W+ with that set-up.
  6. The Infinity Fabric (IF) the is communication bus between the Ryzen CPU core chiplets. From what I can find, the Infinity Fabric is 1:1 with the DRAM until 1600 ~ 1733 MHz (e.g. DDR4-3200 ~ DDR4-3466), at least on Zen+ . It is based on the ACTUAL RAM speed, not EFFECTIVE RAM Speed. DDR4-3200 is 3200 MHz effective, and 1600 actual. CPU-Z will show the Infinity Fabric as NB Frequency on the 'Memory' tab. If the RAM frequency goes too far, the ratio will drop from 1:1 to 1:2, and you'll see a huge latency hit...drop in performance. EDIT: As
  7. In that case, I'd go with the X570 TUF over the X570 WS. Extra $150 is quite a bit..
  8. Why don't you contact AMD to get a replacement shipped to you...or ask for a refund? Intel refunded me for my i7-6800K ... full MSRP price after 3-years...
  9. Do you NEED the extra RAM to make it 32GB? Otherwise, I'd just run the DDR4-3200 to get 1600MHz 1:1 with the Infinity Fabric on the CPU. No, 4x sticks =/= Quad Channel. That's now how Dual/Triple/Quad Channel works... You are running Dual Channel with 4x sticks of RAM...2 sticks in each channel. EDIT: See if your Ryzen 3200G can even handle DDR4-3200 first. The 3200G is Zen+ architecture (like Ryzen 2000-series), and you *might* be limited to DDR4-2933 or DDR4-3000. Because of the weaker Integrated Memory Controller (IMC) vs non-APU Ryzen 3
  10. Are you still 1:1 with the Infinity Fabric at DDR4-4000? Have you tried with higher...yet? (e.g. DDR4-4100, DDR4-4200) ?
  11. Yes, you can do that. Check your fan + pump wires, and make sure they are properly connected... Double check to make sure the CPU block is properly mounted, and make proper contact with the CPU.
  12. From what I can see, the WS Board... Support higher DRAM OC frequency (e.g. up to DDR4-5100), so this usually means the DRAM topology / trace-routing is more carefully designed Support for 3x PCI-E X16 expansion cards via PCI-E 4.0 x8/x8/x8 Advertised better ECC Memory support U.2 ports for workstation / server grade SSDs / NVMe drives COM port(s) Less flashy "gamer" appearance Stronger VRM design... 6(x2) + 2 versus 4(x2) + 2 set-up found on the X570-TUF 250A Core Current rating vs 200A... in any case, neither should have much issues with
  13. Part of the problem is because of the AsRock B450 Pro4 motherboard. It's a some-what finnicky board, that's why AsRock has those RAM charts / tables. Not a problem on the ASUS StriX B450-F, and 2x Gigabyte B450 Aorus Boards, for the Ryzen 3600 systems I helped my 3x buddies build earlier this year. Not reinstalling Windows, or even uninstalling the old Intel system software / drivers / firmware is another part of your problem. When you do a platform change, especially when going Intel <--> AMD, or AMD <--> Intel, it is advised to do a fresh install...in m
  14. @BetteBalterZen I guess that could explain the Power LED error...
  15. @GeekishNerd You need BIOS version 1004 to properly support Ryzen 5000-series. If you bought the board earlier this year, before ~August 2020, it will have an older BIOS version (e.g. 0805 or 0608) flashed onto it from the factory. BIOS version 1004 was released with time-stamp Aug-18-2020.
  16. The 'Gaming' motherboard is mainly marketing these days. It's basically "normal" motherboard, or workstation grade motherboard. Ask yourself this: Do you NEED the features exclusive to the WS board? If the answer is no, any other X570 (or maybe even B550) board will work, even if it is not "Gaming".
  17. I was trying to think of the name / term when LLT did the 8 Gamers 1 CPU thing... You got it
  18. How much resources (e.g. CPU cores/threads, RAM, GPU allocation) are you allocating to the virtual machine?
  19. If you use the top M.2 slot, it will use the extra PCI-E 4.0 lanes supplied by the CPU. You GPU + M.2 SSD will run with PCI-E 4.0 full speed. If you use the bottom M.2 slot, it be come from the B550 chipset. That will run at PCI-E 3.0 speed.
  20. Then CPu was the cause of the problem...most likely. Either liquid got into the socket, into the gold contact pins, and killed the CPU or something. What you want to do with the CPU next is up to you...
  21. From the notes, that appears to be the fix in the next upcoming drivers. If you have inconsistent frame times and frequent spikes, then you'll have stutters, FPS dropouts, etc.
  22. 0 RPM / 0 dB Mode (which your EVGA GTX 1070 SC has), by factory default is until 60*C. Meaning until the GPU temperature reaches 60*C+, the fans are completely off.
  23. Quantum computing is a thing...it's been a thing for a number of years now. That goes beyond silicon nm sizes... Companies like D-Wave exists. https://www.dwavesys.com/ EDIT: Forgot about IBM, too...and a few other big names. https://www.zdnet.com/article/eight-leading-quantum-computing-companies-in-2020/
  24. PSU from the other computer into your Ryzen 2600 system, and that didn't work? RTX 2060 into the other computer + that PSU, and system works? If so, that more so points to either the motherboard then...or CPU. Top PCI-E X16 slot on the B450M motherboard is wired directly to the CPU. The bottom slot is through the B450 chipset on the motherboard.
  25. If the Ryzen 5600x comes with any stock cooler, it will have thermal paste pre-applied. If there is no CPU cooler included...well obviously no thermal paste... For an example, something like the Ryzen 9 3950X does not come with a stock CPU cooler, so you'd need to buy yourself one separately. A small amount / tube of thermal paste is included WITH the CPU cooler that you buy.