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  1. Considering how the DXR Demo Epic did at GDC this year, it's entirely possible to tailor the experience for the last-gen cards. I'd be taking the Nvidia-released demos with a grain of salt, since they're likely built for the RTX cards to show off their power.
  2. *sits here and eats popcorn while he watches Youtube on Firefox* Broken, you say? Tell me more!
  3. Considering California is the world's 5th largest Economy and is the largest state in the US by economic output. It's quite understandable to see companies reacting quite sharply to what California does.
  4. Inb4 this gets used for Gun Silencers.
  5. The Diablo community has made the gun compatible with Windows 10 before this with a bunch of file replacements and hacks. But I imagine this will be better overall.
  6. Considering there's ads even when it's a paid product, there's really no choice here. That said, considering you can already "trial" Windows 10 that displays a watermark and has visual customization's disabled, I can definitely see that just being the "Free" version if they removed the watermark.
  7. I honestly believe that this a problem of patent systems. It's one thing to have a system that clearly records when something was invented (and who invented it) but it becomes hella restrictive when it also prevents others from building on the original design. I know that doesnt exactly apply to simply copying people's designs like this, and I definitely think this sort of thing is a shady practice, especially when the product exists in the world. I just cant help but think that this practice wouldn't be necessary if patents and the use-thereof weren't so restrictive.
  8. At least this one is different and not another fucking shooter.
  9. PocketNerd

    Gaming on Apple Products?!?!?!?

    "But I want to actually OWN my games!!!111!!!!1!!!1!1!!!" I personally don't have Game Pass cause I only recently got an Xbox One and don't have time to be constantly playing games to justify the monthly $$. But I've heard that quoted argument so many times I wonder why it hasn't crushed sub services like that?
  10. And folks, this is among MANY reasons why you don't gamble your money away on speculation!
  11. Sounds like modders and other such folks should start their own peertube instances.
  12. Doesn't seem like they're directly ripping off of the video (making clips and posting it in their own). The concept isn't really owned by anyone (or at least, it shouldn't) since it's just playing with sound.
  13. PocketNerd

    New iPod Touch might be in the works for 2019

    The iPod Touch was always just an iPhone without the phone. Which is/was great if you didn't want to give your kid an expensive phone. I personally loved my iPod Touch, cause I could use it to play games and listen to music without draining my phone's battery. Might even get the new one if the rumors are true (I have more developer-type reasons to get it as well).