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  1. Internet has become an essential service (especially with the pandemic), time to take all of the infrastructure public and/or highly-regulate private corps to the benefit of the consumer. Edit: And by "infrastructure" I mean all of the ISP-type stuff. Not website hosts and datacenters or w/e
  2. Call me when you can actually place SODIMMs and M.2 SSDs into an M1.
  3. PC Repair guy here! 8 years is a SUPER LONG time for something to be marked EoL (or "Obsolete" in this case). Hate Apple all you want, but the time they provide parts/support for is light-years above anyone else.
  4. I haven't had bad experiences with either company, but honestly my comment had my tongue planted firmly in my cheek.
  5. But can this also be practical for productivity in ANY professional space? No? Yeah, this ain't changing PC Gaming.
  6. Exactly, I've bought and played the game recently and I have absolutely NO IDEA why people got so mad. The game looks great. I honestly think people's expectations got way too high and will likely be the same for Legends. Which is a shame.
  7. You know a corporation is too big when only the influence of that corp can cause a government to waiver. Yes, I know link tax is bad. But the precedent this is setting is also not good.
  8. Too bad the current manufacturers also hold the patents for their designs, which makes the barrier of entry for new entrants pretty fucking high.
  9. Yes, but is your laptop also undergoing large vibrations while going 60+ mph? Not excusing the lack of lifetime, but putting it in perspective.