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  1. awesomes8wc3

    Optical drive survey

    I've always wanted to use lightscribe, but I've never been able to find anyone selling the media. Pioneer has their own alternative called LabelFlash which works on ANY disk, where it burns to specific points on the data layer to create an image, which is awesome, but in practice it's useless. It takes far too long and it's barely legible, and if the disk is used up more than 80% or so you can't do it as it burns the label into the unused portions of the data layer around the outer edge of the disk.
  2. awesomes8wc3

    Recovering a brutally pwned raid0

    What drive are you using in it? SP951?
  3. awesomes8wc3

    Recovering a brutally pwned raid0

    Do they work and will boot an OS in just any old motherboard? I'm pretty sure the firmware on the mb has to specifically support nvme to boot off em... otherwise i probably would have got one by now
  4. awesomes8wc3

    Recovering a brutally pwned raid0

    Yeah, you do. Almost 1gbps r/w on the boot drive = awesome and brags (well, a few years ago). In seriousness though yes of course I don't need it but it is noticeably faster than a single drive (plus I thought I was set up in case of a failure but GUESS NOT!). What are the chances of the freaking SATA controller on the motherboard failing right in the middle of the damn backup? You can't tell me that's NOT Murphy! It is my fault for using shit software and a horrible Asrock memeboard. And no i'm not stupid enough to put my life on it, the data that's on this drive isn't important enough that it warrants an expensive data recovery service and I can certainly live without it, but I still want to at least make an attempt to get it back. Anyway, that ZAR program worked a treat, I wish it could take the whole drive and turn it into a vhd image or something but HEY I got the data back at least. BIG thanks for that!!!! Now I guess I gotta source a new motherboard......damn. I would just get a RAID card or something but every slot is full already to make up for all the other things that are broken on this board.
  5. awesomes8wc3

    Recovering a brutally pwned raid0

    Hey all. Yesterday my motherboard's onboard SATA controller gave up and took my SSD RAID0 bootdrive with it, and hard. Unfortunately it failed right in the middle of a backup, so those are unusable (DONT use the Windows built in backup tool!!!!! It overwrites the existing backup as soon as the new one is started, so if it fails you're screwed! But not even the secondary more selective backup I put in place about a week ago using Genie Timeline worked, it hadn't finished the initial backup yet and got seemingly everything EXCEPT the shit I actually want!!!). Aaaaanyway... Plugging both drives (one or the other works) into another system with an Intel chipset causes it to pitch a fit, it just gets stuck on the post screen. Plugging it into an offboard SATA controller however it will detect the drives fine but obviously it is unreadable. Is there any way to piece together the data from this? Any windows/linux progs you guys know of that might be able to read it or something? Cheers. Murphy really sucks!!!
  6. Because it's not really worth their time developing a pretty BIOS setup menu for a system where most likely the person using it will never even see it.
  7. Welp my GTX590 died yesterday and i'm hella bummed.

    RIP 2011-2018 you did good




  8. awesomes8wc3

    PLGA775 cpu in an LGA775 socket

    The guy in that forum post was trying to put a 45nm Core2 chip in a board that only supports 65nm, that's why it didnt work for him. Since the E8400 is already 45nm, any 45 or 65nm chip (such as this Xeon) should work in his board.
  9. awesomes8wc3

    PLGA775 cpu in an LGA775 socket

    It should work.
  10. awesomes8wc3

    Does anyone actually like express cards?

    As in the expansion card thing for (unfortunately) older laptops? Hell yeah. I love that I can just add whatever I/O i want, since it's literally just PCIe you could probably even use it with video cards. I use one in my personal laptop (thinkpad W500) to add 3x USB3.0.
  11. awesomes8wc3

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    I have the AWE64 in there for MIDI as I like it better than the SBLive's synth, and the SBLive for everything else. The AWE64 line out goes into the SBLive's line input and mixed down there, so yeah it actually does work pretty well. Yeah the infrared port definitely is pretty unique, I think it's just used to control the CD playback back when that was handled by the drive itself. I wonder if anyone actually ever really used it... would have been much more useful imo if it was a full on IrDA port, but even so yeah it definitely is a cool looking drive.
  12. awesomes8wc3

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    56K + Text Wall warning! Here's the retro computing corner i've been working on for a while, since about 2013 or so when I got my first retro machine (that I have now given to a friend). It's pretty ghetto and shonky, but it works. It's very tight for space in my small room and using the computers is kind of a pain as the keyboard/mouse/monitor cables needs to be moved to each machine. I bought a KVM but unfortunately the cables are sold separately and are expensive, so i'm stuck moving cables. These are the gaming machines, the one in the bottom left is not used and is one of two spare parts machines. Clockwise: NEC PowerMate V, 1996: - Intel Pentium 133 (might upgrade to a 166 but it's plenty fast as it is) - 64mb EDO memory - S3 Trio64UV+ 1mb - Creative SB16 (might swap with an ESS 1868, not sure) - Onboard VLB IDE controller - 560mb Samsung - Sony CD-ROM, not sure the speed. I think 48x. - Windows 3.1 + MS-DOS 6.22 This machine was given to me by my school. It was used in a computer class for demonstrating how to take apart a computer, and as you would expect, it was destroyed. It has no reset or sleep switch, all the plastic tabs for the front panel are missing and the frame was mangled. It even had capacitors ripped off of the mainboard! Thankfully I was lucky enough to be in contact with someone who had another NEC machine with the same motherboard, and was able to provide the value for the capacitor and I could replace it. A new Dallas RTC chip was also needed. The frame was bent back mostly to shape, although it is still a bit skewed, it's a damn sight better. New wiring was made out of a CD Audio cable for the IR transmitter and hot glue was used to hold the front panel on. The capacitor and Dallas RTC was replaced and the machine finally booted. It was very unstable to start with, most times not going past POST, however as time went on it seems to have fixed itself. In the future I want to retrobrite the front panel and optical drive, paint the scratched up cover, and replace the switches (though they are an uncommon size for PC cases so sourcing some might be tricky), but those are purely cosmetic. In terms of hardware upgrades, maybe a Terratec Profimedia 16/96 Gold (I do like the ES1868 chip and it's not a very expensive card), and a bigger hard drive. This machine did come with a 1.6gb Conner but it had some issues. The Samsung hard disk was also from my school, but for an older machine that I don't know about. It was used in the physics lab and has some cool physics / astronomy software on it. Pentium III machine, 2000: - Intel Pentium III 800 - 512mb SDRAM - nV GeForce 2 MX440 - Creative SB Live 5.1 Digital + AWE64 for MIDI - 27gb Maxtor - Teac 48x CD burner, Creative 24x CD reader - Gigabyte GA-6VXE7+ (VIA chipset) - 250w? Sparkle Power PSU - Windows 2000, pretty sure lol Another machine given to me by my school, it was originally built by a local shop, Newell Computers, which has been recently closed and demolished. From what one of my friends told me he had been there since the 1980s and had retired. The motherboard isn't original, it had an MSI i815 Pro, which is probably a better board but I wanted an ISA slot. The hard disk was from my PowerMac G4 500 Sawtooth and so was the Teac optical drive. When I got it it had no memory and a sad S3 Trio3D video card, gross. I think this machine was a teacher's personal machine as it had his name sharpie'd on the inside. Future upgrades include maybe a faster PIII, a GeForce 2 GTS, and a more era appropriate SB Live with the Live Drive (as seen in Fournuts' post). Dell Dimension 8300, 2003: - Intel Pentium 4 2.8 HT - 1gb DDR-333 - nV GeForce 7600GT - Creative SB Live 5.1 (Dell OEM, so it's crippled a bit). - 160gb Seagate Barracuda 7200.7? SATA - NEC DVD reader, might burn too, dunno - Pretty sure a 300w Hipro PSU - Windows XP Pro Found on the curb, it was a little dirty on the front but other than that it was immaculate. Whoever threw it out also decided to wrap it in clingwrap lol. I had to ruin it though when cleaning it, I accidentally scrubbed off a bit of the Dimension text around the power button, oh well. Also came with the Dell 1703FPt monitor I use as my secondary. A very nice machine, stable, quiet, and pretty quick. All parts are original except the hard drive, memory, and video card. I looked up the service tag and turns out it would have shipped with the exact same 160gb Seagate drive anyway. I forget how much RAM it would have come with but I added the 1gb as it had none. The video card was upgraded from the stock FX5200 by the original owner. Future upgrades include putting a more age-appropriate video card in, like an R9800, but they're not cheap. Also the higher end sound card option, an Audigy 2 ZS. ------- In the future I would like an even older machine, like a 286. I've also thought about building an all out early 2000s machine, the Dell is great but it's a little boring at the same time. Probably be an A64 3200+, R9800XT, RAID0 Raptors, something like that. The HP tower server is not really part of this setup, it is used for drive imagine/cloning as it has six front-accessible SATA bays and two IDE bays. I call it the DriveToaster, a reference to one of youtube user adiblasi's videos. The machine at the back is an NT4 Domain controller + Fileserver for the other machines here. It has my old Athlon XP 1600+ and Gigabyte GA-7VRX board. 512 megs of RAM I think, 80gb Samsung IDE drive and I don't remember the rest. It's just using a random Pentium 4 board I found, with like 512 megs of ram, not really worth talking about. Windows XP and Acronis true image are used on this thing. The original dual Xeon board and 600w Delta power supply were quite nice on the other hand but not suited for my purposes in this machine so they were replaced. The setup! - Sony SDM-HS73 monitor - Linksys ProConnect KVM (with no cables so basically useless...) - Microsoft Internet Keyboard - Logitech Optical mouse - JVC RX-6012V AV reciever - Random shitty Logitech speaker thing. Don't have room for nice speakers here unfortunately. That IBM monitor is for the DriveToaster machine as getting back there is especially painful. For networking I use this simple Edimax 8 port 10BaseT+10Base2 hub. I want to get a 100mb switch as this is a bit slow but it's all I had spare and it works. I'm upgrading some of the networking gear around the house soon so I will have a couple small gigabit switches to use. Yeah, a bit new now, but whatever. For you Mac fans I have a PowerMac G4 500 Sawtooth sitting at my grans house, with the original 17" Studio Display (Trinitro- uhh I mean Diamondtron goodness). Nothing too special but if you want to see it next time I'm down there I'll take some pics. Just let me know.
  13. 90, unless you're competing against him in something. In that case -100.
  14. Oh boy the GTX 590 sure is a cool running, quiet, and power efficient card.


  15. awesomes8wc3

    Sequential v IOPS for general use

    Sorry yes. I'm using CrystalDisk so Sequential MB/s vs 4K IOPS.