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    With great technology comes great F*** ups
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    Behind you
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    IT, Photography and my Motorbike
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    There is nothing to say about myself really, Just the fact that I like tech. Why else would I be here?
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    IT Technician


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    Xeon E5 1680 V2 @ 4.4GHz
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    Asus Rampage IV Extreme
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    16GB = 8 x 2GB OCZ Gold 8-8-8-24 @1600MHz Dimms
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    Nvidia GTX 1080 HP OEM
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    DeepCool E-Shield E-ATX Tempered Glass Case
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    1 x 1TB Crucial P1 NVMe SSD - 1 x 480GB Kingston SSD - 1 x 1TB 7200rpm HDD
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    EVGA 750W GQ Gold+ Rating
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    3 x 1080p monitors @75hz - Acer IPS 1ms displays
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    Akasa Venom R20 240 RGB Cooler & 5 x 120mm silent fans
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    Lenovo KBBH21 & Gherkin Mechanical 30% Keyboard
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    Corsair Glaive RGB Pro
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    Little Dot headphone tube pre-amp with Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro's - 2 x Beovox 1001 speakers with Akai AM-M11 audio amp - Behringer XM8500 Microphone with UM-2 Pre-amp & Marshall Major 2 headphones
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
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    I have Mannnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyy of them...

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  1. I get the impression that Linus is trying to make a joke about the Fold Z2 that he recently got considering he has done this in more than a single post now.
  2. Thanks for the info, I can get users to map the drive themselves but I'd rather not have close to 800+ students have to map their own drives as this is a pain and confusing for them sadly, plus they'd have to do this every time they logged onto each computer. A log-on script is also a good idea too but only for a single user, I cannot write a single script that will authenticate every user sadly. Scripts also aren't very consistent sadly.
  3. Thanks for the information, I'll give that a go. Cheers!
  4. I don't think the majority of people would turn it off if they didn't give it a shot. It's as simple as Why does my game look/feel so bad when I move my camera in game? Oh yeah because Motion Blur is on. All the same, even if Devs did put a bunch of time into something such as motion blur, it doesn't mean that it should be used or universally liked, that argument simply does not hold up very well. It is exactly the same as a car company putting lots of time and work into a new car, it doesn't mean that everyone is going to like the car does it?
  5. Hello there, I am hoping some members in the community here may have some experience with what the title suggests, I'll lay out the situation below: I am an IT admin for various schools in the South West of the UK, the Main school I work at however is what I am having issues with. The network there is a plain and simple Vanilla Windows network with each user getting their own user account and an email with Microsoft Office 365 A1 Plus. With Corona Virus still lurking and likely to be lurking for a while, I have moved my whole workplace/school environment ov
  6. How can you say it has an inaccurate screen? Pantone literally have their own colour space designed for colour accuracy in photoshop and I can confirm that the screen is great since I've seen it and have used it in person. Also, this is a 14" and is incredibly thin and light for this kind of power, not at all inappropriate for someone looking for a notebook type laptop.
  7. My brother recently bought an Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 for video work so it will be excellent for Photo work and even keep him going well into the future. I would highly recommend one within this budget. The screen is colour accurate and even Pantone validated so will be a very good fit. They are very popular but here's a link to an open box and a brand new one since they are currently on pre-order. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/open-box-asus-rog-zephyrus-g14-ga401iu-nvidia-gtx-1660-ti-16gb-14-120hz-ryzen-r7-4800hs-gami-lt-2ch-as.html https://www.overclocke
  8. My rig/set-up has both changed lots since the last time ya'll saw it here, whilst in a lot of respects it also has not really changed at all haha.
  9. Definitely an interesting idea to investigate, although I guess water flow rate vs size is something to consider here too. I reckon a small water block with loads of fins and high pressure would probably be better/more economical than a larger block with less fins and much lower water pressure. Perhaps it's the reason why we don't see any massive water blocks? Once again, I could be wrong as I'm not a thermal engineer.
  10. I reckon it should not just be the kid put into scrutiny here though, the parents should have had a slap on the wrists in some way shape or form too. Bear in mind he's still not 18 yet. The fact that this kid had access to so much money and the parents did not put any restrictions on any of it makes me wonder what they were thinking as well
  11. I know an electrician that is colour-blind, great guy, never got any or his jobs wrong. If you give yourself boundaries to hit against then you're not going to go far. Remove that mindset and you can definitely do what you want despite your colour-blindness.
  12. I would look for experience over anything. Apprenticeships are probably the best way to go when it comes to IT work compared to uni. It's the reason I did not go to uni, uni simply would not help me in my progression for my line of work I want to go into. As you might tell already, I took an apprenticeship and I am already a qualified IT technician at the age of 19.
  13. But we now have phones with 4K screens and they can play 4K video just fine... I really don't see what the issue is.
  14. You must understand that Apple will be making their own ARM chips (Like they do already for their mobile devices) for their MacBooks. Saying that the performance that they want will take years to grasp is untrue as well. Apple design their operating systems incredibly well to gain the most out of their devices so I do not feel that this will be an issue. Apple (sadly) are not moving to AMD. About the GPU's as well... They are going into MacBooks remember.... When was the last time that you saw someone buy a MacBook purely for the graphical performance?