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  1. YouTube added new category called "Breaking News",where it shows news from all around world from different news channels on YT like ABC News,Al Jazeera,BBC,CNN,FOX News,etc. Many regions can't see this feature yet,YouTube didn't gave any explanation about it.This feature is released on YouTube home page and YouTube app. No,no I don't want breaking (bad) news around youtube,we already have all of that on TV(if someone still watch that) But the thing is,I didn't see this on YouTube yet,maybe bcs of my region idk. No,no I don't want breaking (bad) news
  2. I think PUBG is not optimized yet,even if you have god pc,game will lag
  3. Ye one time I won Far Cry 3.But after like 5000 unlucky giveaways. Patience...
  4. Well,that's true,kinda,logically yes.
  5. They are online now at http://www.twitch.tv/linustech
  6. It will be on Twitch or...
  7. I really like Intel and nVidia and im really loyal to them all hardware i use from them
  8. I really love G2A.com but i dont like to preorder games
  9. Win 8 is not bad i really love it especially win 8.1
  10. Yea of course bcs i like when i have box of some product