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  1. Usually, this website called Fur Affinity pops up, and it's Rule 34 most of the time.
  2. This also includes blocking things on Google Images. I just want a wholesome Pokemon web browsing experience.
  3. Ah crap... But the 150w is using games that require high wattage, like Hitman 2.
  4. PS4 is 150w and the Highlander has a regular U.S outlet, 120V VAC. Look at the owners manual.
  5. So, I have a PS4, and a 2018 Toyota Highlander equipped with this. Would the PS4 drain the battery or no? Also, if I get a HTPC (not soon), you would see a post like this with similar things or something.
  6. It just looks a little sketchy. Is this even a real RX 550 graphics card?
  7. I need to know this, as I know these graphics cards has some incompatibilities with old PCs.
  8. I don't get paid shit because I'm a 13 year old with no job.
  9. Used 2013 GMC Yukon Denali, 86,825 miles, 6.2L V8. E85 Flex Fuel. Good deal?
  10. Yeah, I know I forgot a dump file. And this all started when I started up BeamNG Drive on my laptop. I tried all of the repair options possible. Dump file link is here. https://www.mediafire.com/file/w5eyi8k285886cs/MEMORY.DMP/file
  11. I could use the PC normallyish when I boot into Windows Safe Mode. This post includes a Dump file just in case you guys need it to see what thing is causing the error. The error code is CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED, and the process that keeps dying and diving into the grave is NTOSKRNL.EXE. Its so annoying, I just want to play Minecraft!
  12. i need to jailbreak my trash ps4 i hate so i can hate it a little less. the version i am running is 6.51. and dont say this is bad, you realize this is my property.