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  1. What Laptops do you guys use?

    I currently use the first xps 13 generation with the super thin bezels. It has 8gb of ram. I have a 16gb xps15 on its way by the end of the week. I REALLY recommend not getting anything with less than 16gb ram for programming. My current workflow has me regularly using over 8gb ram and waiting while my computer is "frozen" for a minute while it swaps to disk. Obviously there are different types of programming with different requirements, but lots of ultrabooks still ship with 8gb which is kind of a stretch even for non-programmers.
  2. New system crash

    It happens ~5 minutes after booting. I tried running a linux live install on a thumbstick and it works fine for 5 minutes then locks up. the image on screen freezes and the computer is totally unresponsive. Same thing happens 5 minutes into installing windows.
  3. New system crash

    I have already updated the bios on the asrock AB350M Pro4 to the latest version and it hasn't helped. I cant really check temps as I cant get into an os, it crashes in the installer
  4. New system crash

    Hi everyone, I built a new system with a ryzen 1600. I picked up the parts on newegg black friday. The system hangs after a few minutes. I figured that the general sentiment was that ryzen ram instability was mostly delt with so I just grabbed a 16 gig kit of 2133 ddr4 patriot memory but it is not on the patriot list of amd compatible memory. Strangely enough, the system seems to be able to sit in bios without hanging. Should I try to see if I can return the memory? Has anyone had a similar issue? Any guesses for troubleshooting bios settings etc? I have already updated the bios on the asrock AB350M Pro4 to the latest version and it hasn't helped. Thanks
  5. Bad Day (I'm incredibly dumb)

    So after three attempts at recovery (crashes kept interrupting the file discovery), I have finally started to get files off of the drive. As files are being recovered, I see that the folder structure is gone and all the files are being dumped into the same place. Some files seem to have lost their names as well, i.e. [0000000], [0000001]. I am super grateful that I can get anything back at all! But this is going to be a hairy process. Naming conflicts and just the act of sorting thousands upon thousands of files will keep my spare time pretty strapped for the next while. Thanks for the suggestion @Lurick and the people who echoed the recuva statement.
  6. Bad Day (I'm incredibly dumb)

    I formatted it with gparted+disks utility but it took no time so I'm sure it only overwrote the partition table. Unfortunately, I can't remember if it was ext4 formatted or not. I just started running recuva on it and at 1% it has found 66775 files so far with an estimated 8 hours remaining (The shallow scan found nothing). Fingers crossed! Edit: 77653 so far! I am trying not to get my hopes too high as I have no indication of what files it thinks it has found or if they are corrupted or anything, but it's looking up.
  7. Bad Day (I'm incredibly dumb)

    I thought I had the right one, I looked at the sizes and to figure out which name was which drive but when i went to format I guess a wire crossed in my brain or something.
  8. Bad Day (I'm incredibly dumb)

    Yea, This seriously sucks. 3 years of photos with my GF, and lots of important stuff like ssh keys for work that I now need to replace. between google drive and my GF probably 30-40% of them are somewhere else but more than half were just on my computer
  9. Bad Day (I'm incredibly dumb)

    I just reformatted the external hard drive to fat32 with disks utility (i thought it was the thumb drive). the hard drive in the computer i actually wiped using dd.
  10. Bad Day (I'm incredibly dumb)

    Some of it can and some of it can't.
  11. Bad Day (I'm incredibly dumb)

    I was going to copy a live cd iso to a thumbstick, something that I have done so many times before, and accidentally typed the wrong drive and wrote over the first bit of my hard drive. Crap. Oh well, nothing has crashed yet so just make the iso and reinstall, I had just backed up my system to an external hard drive minutes ago anyway so I can recover from that on a fresh install. So I reformat my thumb drive and name it zxcvb because I'm in a rush and finally copy the iso over. I reboot and select my thumb drive at the boot menu, strange, its not a bootable drive. I put the thumbdrive in my GF's pc and its empty, and not named zxcvb... weird. So I do the clone from her PC and put it back in my PC. It Works! great. Install goes smoothly, get to desktop and plug in my external backup drive and my heart falls out of my chest. "what would you like to do with media 'zxcvb'". I had formatted my backup to nothing immediately after backing up my pc, then wiping and reinstalling. everything is gone. This sucks.
  12. Can't tell difference between G-Sync and Vsync

    Some people have already mentioned it, but if you are getting a solid 60fps you wont notice any difference as when at the monitors refresh rate limit it functions the same as vsync (experience wise, not in terms of how it is technically accomplished). the difference is that if you drop to 59fps, instead of throwing away 29 frames every second and skipping down to 30fps (it displays each frame twice since without adaptive sync the monitor is stuck at 60hz), it just adjusts your monitor to 59hz. essentially a 29 fps improvement. This is about the simplest explanation and skips over lots and over simplifies just about everything but you see the main function of adaptive sync tech. try to play a demanding game at intensive settings where you can get 60fps sometimes but not all the time and you can watch vsync snap back and forth between 30 and 60fps
  13. Need a New really long desk for computer PC Setup

    I finally upgraded my old 2009 21" monitor to a 34" ultrawide and when i first set it up within arms reach i felt like I was going to hurl playing rocket league. I don't know how you keep your lunch down with your whole vision filled!
  14. 3 Reasons to NOT Buy a $400 Laptop

    Dropping matlab on the 800 laptop was kind of a strange choice, most matlab work falls more into the workstation category rather than small bang for the buck notebook category. I mean the base install of matlab is over $2000 and if all you were going to use was the base install you would probably be using octave instead.
  15. 711 million emails have been captured by a massive spambot

    no, he is mad that he finally understood the simple concept that emails being search that haven't been previously pwned are NOT "data that has been leaked." He realised he was wrong and is now being defensively angry. All you can do is trust that troy is both: not malicious, and impervious to being hacked.