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    MSi Z97S Krait SLI
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    Corsair Vengeance 24GB (8+8+4+4)
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    Cooler Master GeminII w/ TT Riing 12
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  1. I got my S9 last summer for $520 unlocked. I'm sure prices will drop just a couple months after release in order to boost their adoption numbers.
  2. I was wondering what that light in the sky was...and the my FB feed was flooded with photos from my friends! Should've gotten a good photo myself, but plenty of those to go around on the internet lol
  3. I'd give a vote to Warframe. It wasn't that great at launch, but they've made it better and better. In other news, MapleStory 2 is coming out this week...hahaha
  4. It really says something about Google's confidence in this product when they've been so systematically leaking this thing out to gauge the public's reaction. I'm not a huge notch hater (don't like them either, to be fair) but even I think that's way too much. edit: I can't wait to see the audience reaction during the keynote this week though haha
  5. I honestly thought that they messed the broadcast up with that was airing.
  6. Can't say I'm surprised. When your product line only consists of a rather niche genre of games without any diversification, it's only a matter of time before people stop buying and the company goes belly up.
  7. Bought these as a birthday present to myself. I couldn't decide on which color, so I lost my mind and got both (Black one is US market, and Blue one is Japan market). They were pretty damn expensive too for decade old hardware lol
  8. This, and the fact that their prices have crept up every iteration, to the point where the "flagship killer" will eventually become just another flagship in a very saturated market.
  9. I'm with you on this. I was in the market for a car last year, and my mistrust in FCA products ultimately steered me away from a buy, and the special offer they had on a lease didn't offer high enough mileage per year. I almost always break my neck whenever a Giulia passes by me though lol But to stay on topic and answer the OP's question, I would go either Audi or Mercedes. Audi has really stepped up their game in terms of interior quality and exterior styling these last couple years (I used to think they were a bit too bland, and their design language now is just right), and Merc
  10. I don't remember, what was Sony's justification for it? As I recall, they were pretty big proponents of traditional analog audio, pushing their "Hi-Res" Audio certification everywhere; On their headphones, speakers, and especially their own smartphone lineup. They do have the whole LDAC deal to push on the subject of wireless audio though.
  11. After a nine month pre-order, Zero finally came!
  12. Glad this is happening all over Europe, but I highly doubt it will happen in the US anytime soon (aside from the effort put forth in Hawaii), given the amount of lobbying and army of crooked politicians here ready to defend their fat corporate paychecks to the death.
  13. Cherry MX Browns for me. They're not nearly as annoyingly clicky as Blues, but not as mushy (IMO) as reds and still gives that satisfying tactile bump on every keystroke.
  14. Can't say I'm surprised at this. But what I am surprised at (well, not really surprised either, just disappointed) is the fact that people continue to give this turd of a company money which in turn is used by them as justification to continue this kind of anti-consumer behavior and continue this vicious cycle.