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  1. intel teases new dedicated gpu

    It will be interesting to see what kind of security holes it has.
  2. 100Hz vs 120Hz

    Nice to have but not enough to lose sleep over if you don't get it.
  3. Google violation

    You really thought you could escape the botnet so easily?
  4. I think this is peak bottleneck hysteria.
  5. Nvidia 3D Vision Or VR?

    3D movies are shit (pop-up book effect) and using a VR headset to watch them is even shitter (too low res). 3D Vision for games used to work really well, I believe there's still an active community patching games to get them to work (Helix and others) but I don't know how active.
  6. install games twice?

    It's the same thing, if the game is already installed the dependencies are already created and all you need to do is make another copy of the game files.
  7. install games twice?

    Drag and drop.
  8. LEAK: GeForce RTX 2080 - Launch and Performance

    TLDR; Another shitty fake clickbait.
  9. Video games: The future bottleneck?

    Basically this: It's a gross simplification but the point is that graphics have been hitting the point of diminishing returns for quite some time. There is a seven year gap between GTA 4 and GTA 5 on PC/Xbone/PS4, compare that to the same seven year gap separating something like N64 Goldeneye and Halo 2. But even so, I don't think graphics are even 10% as important as art style and direction. It's why Super Mario 64 is still appealing to look at in 2018, and why something like Kane & Lynch 2 looked like shit on release and continued to look even worse as it aged. All this said, pretty graphics don't make a game good.
  10. Computer Cleaning - Recommendations?

    Alcohol wipes work breddy gudd.
  11. I'm a pleb who only rolled into the series when BFBC and BFBC2 swung around, I enjoyed those a lot but BF3 onwards didn't hold me. I don't think Origin has a lot to do with dedicated servers though, even so I'd forgive a great game for having a shitty annoying clutter utility I have to run.
  12. It also wouldn't be convenient as hell anymore if Steam decided they didn't like you and banned you, or if Steam decided they didn't want to be a publisher/distributor anymore and wanted to sell all fishing equipment instead. All your games would be gone forever because more than likely that's where all of your library is. This would be a much less dangerous scenario if your library were spread out over multiple ecosystems. Way back when PC games were tied to the owner simply via a CD key, if "something happened" i.e. the company who makes the game goes bust and kills the servers, you get banned because of some dumb rules, etc., you lost access to that one game and that was it. This style of distribution is never coming back for obvious reasons. As it is right now probably 90% of the PC crowd have 90% of their games on Steam (complete bullshit numbers of course but you get my point), it's not a bad thing for you to have more options in terms of places to buy games from. Bethesda are a big enough company that they don't need Steam anyway, but it is interesting to see that they opted to make the game exclusive to their platform rather than for example a Ubisoft type deal where it's on Uplay and Steam. People will piss and whine but if someone wants to play the game they probably aren't going to decide against it because of another dumb program shortcut cluttering their desktop. There was anarchy when BF3 launched on Origin and forced you to use Chrome for the server browser, now no one cares about Origin anymore.
  13. Ultraprotable - is it worth the risk ?

    It would be wise to check your country's tax laws before you do this, in many countries if you make an expensive purchase overseas you still have to pay tax on the item in your home country. Of course, if or not you'd actually get caught if it is considered tax evasion where you live is another thing.
  14. I generally like Steam, but competition = good. Having all of your shit on a single platform where the owner can pull the plug on you any time they like for any reason they like isn't great.