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    Ryzen 2700x
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  1. It was a stress test of their engine. It was bloody awfulll though. Desync was so bad that I stop playing after 5 mins.
  2. It's intel, probably will be a new board involved.
  3. Seen a few reviews floating around. Really wanting to see the GS65, GS75 and Aero 15x (all rtx 2070mq)
  4. I am! But on the same token I've held off for 3 months lol.
  5. They had prices this morning along with overclockers, ebuyer (ebuyer still has them up and for sale as I just checked again) and amazon although amazon has taken most back off and only 4 remain at time of checking.
  6. So I checked overclockers, scan, amazon and ebuyer first thing this morning when I woke up and they were all listed for sale. Went to check youtube for reviews of a few models with the RTX 2070mq and never found any. Went back to overclockers etc and they had taken down the ordering of all models. So what is going on? few review places show the NDA lift as the 29th and sale date on websites being the 29th.
  7. Seeing alot of places saying the 29th is release for them in retail outlets but thought we would have started seeing reviews
  8. Anyone know when we are going to start seeing reviews of these?
  9. They need to start building a tonne of Nuclear reactors hell of alot more quickly across europe!
  10. Yes this is the revised version as the previous was knocked back, now it's sailed through with little objection (240+ votes is little objection by EU standards)
  11. Correct it's the bill but going by past EU bills and the vote count then it's unlikely to be stopped.