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  1. So I know that you can easily hop between PS4 and PC, or even mobile if you want and all your save data goes with you because it is tied to your account. I'm just wondering if anyone has had any issues with trophies popping on the PS4 for things that you may have earned on another platform? I just want to be safe before I play on PC because if there is an issue, I'm just going to play it on PS4 but I would like to play this one on PC if possible.
  2. Sorry, I forgot about this post. I tried uploading a new pic and it worked instantly. I didn't try re-uploading the problematic image as I actually quite liked the new one I found. I'll try this one again when I get bored with what I have.
  3. It's quite tame so I'm not worried about sharing it here. Honestly, I wouldn't even have thought MS would have an issue with it if it wasn't for taking so long to upload.
  4. Okay, so I've uploaded at least half a dozen gamer pics and most updated within seconds. One took about five minutes, max. It has been over twelve hours now since my last one. I'm just wondering if anyone else is experiencing delays or if my pic is somehow not acceptable. I'm hesitant to try to re-upload or upload a new one because I don't want to get sent to the back of the que, if that is what is happening. Then again, if it is just messed up, I don't want to wait for nothing. It says I will see it again once it has been verified but like I said, usually this is fast. My picture is just two anime girls kissing. They are fully clothed and there isn't any sexual expressions or anything like that on their faces. I don't think there is any rule against any kind of romantic picture that has kissing... or is there? I had a gamer pic where there was some obvious yuri tension but never had an issue so I'm just wondering if somehow kissing is too far?
  5. Honestly, I think you are restricting yourself a bit too much by not buying used. You can EASILY get a One with Kinect, games, and controllers for under $300. Since you are looking to buy this as an exercise aid from what I can tell, I wouldn't worry about the fact the One is about to be last gen in a matter of days. Both a new 360 and One will be over your budget. You could find like a 4GB 360 for under $300 still but after a HDD upgrade and picking up a Kinect, you will be over budget. Used is really your only choice. Both eBay and PayPal are pretty good about protecting you from unscrupulous sellers so don't worry about that. And even if one of these systems did break down the road, used replacements are cheap.
  6. For some reason I just keep going back and watching this every now and then. When I first saw it, it only had like 30k views or something. I've slowly watched it grow to 1.1m. I'd say it deserves it.
  7. We even ask us? Apparently anime pfp = opinion doesn't matter.
  8. Just doing a quick search, it seems most charges that do double duty have predominantly type a with a only one or two type c ports, at least anything with a substantial amount of ports. It seems you want the opposite. What about just getting one with mostly type a and using a converter? Something like these little guys?
  9. So I want to use a live wallpaper but I'm not really sure what app to use. I downloaded one from Desktop Hut but neither Windows Defender nor Avast were happy about it. Defender just said it was unrecognized and Avast said it was trying to connect to a blacklisted address. It seems like this is the type of software ripe for infecting with viruses and adware. I did try downloading one from Chan Software or something from Microsoft's store but it won't even launch after downloading. Sigh. I just don't feel like sifting through these so instead, I figured I would just ask what people here use. Any suggestions? Also, what do you recommend as a good site to download them from? I see there are quite a few but again, I'm looking for something safe and reliable. Desktop Hut has some nice anime ones but I'm a little hesitant to use them after the software issue.
  10. Honestly, PayPal and eBay strongly lean towards protecting the buyer vs the seller so I wouldn't worry about it. You can just get a refund if something goes wrong. I bought a brand new HTC M9 (yeah, this was awhile ago) back when I was on a grandfathered plan and had to pay outright for my devices. It was like one year behind the new phones IIRC but I saved quite a bit of money and didn't have any issues other than the seller being a couple days late sending it out.
  11. Cool. I just claimed the first reward. I have all three on 360 but this game is really best played on PC with a m/k. It's one of those games. Anyone know what time zone the site is based on? If possible I'd like to log in right when a new day starts for them.
  12. Pretty much all my unpopular opinions are political or offensive lol. I think I have a handful that don't fall into those categories though. Um. Let's see. Nico Yazawa is best girl and deepest character with the best backstory and most character development in Love Live! Small boobs are best. I even enjoy DFC. I think most American cars are garbage compared to the competition when it comes to design, build quality, and materials. They do often have an advantage in reliability, I will admit that. There are some exceptions and I do feel that the really new vehicles are starting to catch up but those would be vehicles like the new Navigator, Jeep Wagoneer, Tesla as a whole, and the specialty vehicles like the Ford GT and specialty brands like Saleen. But even in some of those I can see the American design that makes me go "Ugh." All this is coming from an American btw lol. I believe you are literally ruining your gaming experience if you don't have surround sound or at least good headphones. No, I don't think a sound bar cuts it, it's just a band aid. I'm totally fine with exclusives and/or having to use a specific launcher for a game as opposed to being able to get it from any store front you want. I love Roadhog in Overwatch. I think ice cream and pizza is actually an awesome combination. One bite of pizza and one spoon of ice cream in your mouth tastes super good. I often really enjoy anime with low ratings. I don't care what anyone says, I think season 1 & 2 of Sword Art Online was very good and Asuna is a great character. Men shouldn't wear sandals for aesthetic reasons (sorry Linus) and they especially shouldn't wear them with socks (double sorry Linus). Only girls should wear them because they have cute feet and sandals can compliment the rest of their outfit well. I just don't need to see dude feet, gross.
  13. So pre-orders went live this morning and seemed to sell out extremely fast. I tried pre-ordering from Wal-Mart within probably five minutes after it going live on their site and they were already sold out. Amazon didn't come online until I think like an hour later maybe? Best Buy sold out pretty fast as well but I noticed the MS store had the option to pre-order for quite some time. Makes sense as they probably kept more stock for themselves. I still don't know what is going on with Newegg. They must be waiting for later in the day because they still don't have a proper product page. It seems like the financing option is still available, at least for certain retailers. It is actually a little cheaper to finance as there appears to be no interest. MS must be eating that cost as the financing is being handled by a third party. Anyway, I was fortunate enough to pre-order a Series X in the end so I'm pretty happy about that. I went with the upfront purchase option, not the finance/subscription option. So did anyone else pre-order or is hoping to pre-order yet from a place like Newegg? How as your experience? Do you think we will see some official numbers? From the sounds of things Covid really caused Sony issues with production but MS seemed to play it off somewhat. I'm wondering if they actually had more stock and they are going to use this to brag over Sony that they sold more units, even if it is only because they had more to sell lol.
  14. It was really only a matter of time. It was a bit odd for Nintendo to have two handhelds at the same time but I guess that is partly due to the good sales the 3DS had and that Nintendo was insisting the Switch was a console so keeping the 3DS war part of the strategy in making that argument I guess. Plus, the 3DS is pretty long in the tooth. RIP though 3DS. You definitely did well.
  15. Then I highly doubt they are going to add another $25 or $35 bill to their expenses every month if things are that tight for them. However, in cases where money is just tighter overall, yes, I can see the allure of the financing. That said, I do agree, this is probably going to be a good generation for MS. There are just so many advantages to the XBox this gen even beyond the financing deals with everything included. Just between the systems themselves and everything Game Pass Ultimate brings to the table such as over 100 XBox games, PC games (don't remember the number), EA Access, Live included, and now streaming your games to Android devices, they have a great deal. Not to mention, it sounds MS exclusives will be cheaper as Sony is going to be charging $70 and MS is still going to charge $60.
  16. So, I see Dishonored 2 is set to leave Game Pass by the 30th. Since the deal has gone through and MS is officially the owner of ZeniMax and in turn Bethesda, will Dishonored 2 no longer be leaving? They made a comment about a bunch of new games coming to Game Pass now. As with all games owned by MS, one would think these games, including Dishonored 2, will be permanent fixtures of Game Pass going forward. I really hope so because I'm rushing to finish the game and get all the achievements by the 30th lol. Anyway, this is just such a big deal. MS now has control over some of the biggest names in the industry and you can bet the games will be exclusive in the future. MS already said games currently in development that have been promised to be multiplatform will be multiplatform but beyond that, they will be XBox and PC exclusive. So franchises like Doom, Wolfenstein, Fallout, and even Elder Scrolls will be XBox and PC exclusive. Talk about a power player move. And btw, Obsidian can now make another Fallout game. MS just has to say the word. I would say it really isn't comparable to that situation. While the XBox really trailed the PS4 this generation, it is nowhere on death's door like Windows Phone or Nokia for that matter. XBox is still a very profitable ecosystem for MS and there is still a substantial fanbase. Plus, I think even without the deal, between the HUGE Game Pass library, the incredible specs of the Series X, the great value proposition of the Series S, and their financing options for getting a Series S and Series X for $25 and $35 a month respectively with Game Pass Ultimate included, they were already on the road to a pretty good market position this generation, even if they still trailed the PS5. I think they were going to make back a lot of market share as it is. This is just icing on the cake. I have a feeling MS is going to let the studios do their thing, at least the ones who are doing the right thing. As in Id clearly knows what they are doing so I imagine MS will be hands off with them. But someone like Bethesda I can see MS getting involved and making some much needed changes, like forcing them to switch to a better engine and change some of the crappy customer relation nightmare behavior they have been up to. MS has been very open lately and has very much been trying to portray a very PR positive image. They don't want Bethesda to bring them down. I'm wondering if it is past that point for Todd. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up resigning in the upcoming months due to pressure from MS. Or maybe they will just outright fire him to really send a message.
  17. Again, it is an implicit understanding. Yes, I'm well aware of the alternatives. But I didn't mention it just like I wouldn't if I was saying "If you don't like the price of the Blu-ray then don't buy it", I also wouldn't include the alternatives of shoplifting or pirating it. Okay. If me being wrong allows you to continue to feel justified in not supporting content creators, then fine. Enjoy the content while it lasts because as YouTube continues to make it harder for creators to earn a living and more people like you deprive them of compensation for watching their content, many will just quit. But I'm right anyway. YouTube can't control whether or not users actually watch the ads but you as an individual can choose whether or not you are willing to contribute financially by allowing an ad to load to support the creator and platform you are using. If you can't be bothered to do that, stop using the service. It doesn't matter what you think YouTube should do to monetize or how they should handle adblock users. The fact YouTube hasn't done anything to stop adblock users doesn't change the fact that you are depriving content creators of money. YouTube uses ads to monetize and you choose to bypass them knowing very well you deprive the platform and content creator of money. That is really the bottom line here. And yes, doing so is a form of entitlement. Whether or not you openly say you should get videos for free, you know what you are doing. Come on dude, this the kind of thing Scumbag Steve would do. And no, I have no problem using a dead meme. You are welcome to do whatever you like like. Should you choose to deprive hard working creators of their revenue and can sleep well at night because "reasons" then go for it. I'll admit that I haven't had the displeasure of having to watch ads in quite some time but I am aware that some videos are chock-full of them. But once again I'll reiterate, don't like it, don't watch it. If you want to watch something that has ads and you know that is how the platform and creator support themselves, then loading the ads is just the right thing to do. Shame you can't see that.
  18. Getting offended over actual sexual assaults or whatever you are referring to is a completely different matter. Obviously, if any of it is true, it isn't an example of just being offended about something. It's quite serious. I don't know the exact context of the Twitch stuff you are talking about so it really doesn't help me understand where you are coming from. I'm talking about people being offended over jokes and others reacting violently to people with opposing views. As for previous generations, they certainly played their part in being destructive but I don't remember them being violent over rock and roll though. I don't think you saw violent reactions like you see today. Just look at the destructive behavior you saw when Trump won. Just look at what is going on right now where people get shot for crossing barricades put up by protesters. Look at the conservatives that have been canceled from speaking at college campuses over concerns of violence. Remember when Berkeley had to cancel Milo Yiannopoulos after protesters caused over $100k in damage? That is what I'm talking about. We live in a society where a sizable portion of our population cannot stand dissenting opinions to the point they react violently and many of them are unfortunately from my Millennial generation that I am a part of.
  19. I totally disagree. The service is free with ads. As in ads are the trade off for not paying for a subscription. Therefore, if you don't want to pay actual money, then you should let the ad play. By blocking it, you are taking away the revenue that YouTube and the content creator is depending on. Like I said, it isn't illegal but it is morally the same thing. You get to choose when you watch YouTube, do you pay or watch ads? It's one of the two. It doesn't matter whether you literally watch it. The advertiser pays the same amount whether you watch or not. By watching, I just mean dealing with the ads as in allowing them to load. That shouldn't have even needed to be stated. And again, the agreement is understood. Ads are for free users and no ads are for paid users. There is no legal contract or enforcement but it should just be morally assumed that since you aren't paying for it, you should allow the ads to load. Do you not want to support the content creators you watch? Are you really so entitled that you think you should just get to watch their content for free? Is is that hard to let an ad load and then click skip after five seconds? It certainly does based on the implicit understanding that if you don't pay for a subscription you are supposed to deal with the ads.
  20. You're deviating from the topic at hand by talking about me too stuff and Twitch drama. That's too much to get into here and would have to be evaluated on a case by case basis. I was talking about the joke Linus made and also how people get offended over differing opinions to the point they react violently. Maybe they should come and complain then instead of someone else. People are always complaining and being offended for someone else. I want to hear from the actual offended party, not someone else. That's just what happens then. If people aren't familiar with the show and aren't aware of how long Luke and Linus have known each other than that's not really anyone's problem but the viewer. I think most people are quick enough on the uptake that they can figure out when something is actually an insult or a joke. I mean come on. Most people watching will see the interactions between them and realize they have a friendly relationship and will easily be able to figure out it was just a friendly jab based on the rest of their interactions.
  21. Watching the ads are your payment for getting to use YouTube. By circumventing them, it is the same thing as stealing. If you don't want to watch ads, then you should should stop using YouTube, not bypass the ads. Content. It's the same thing as downloading movies you didn't pay for in the store except in this case, you pay for the video by watching the ad. This is an understood agreement between YouTube and the user. By using adblock you are basically stealing. Sure, not in the legal sense, but morally you definitely are.
  22. That's how YouTube supports itself and creators. Don't like it? Don't use it. That's how a free market works. Yeah, but using it is tantamount to stealing and highly immoral. Watching ads are the terms for using the service and somehow skipping out on it is like skipping the bill at a restaurant. That's the solution. I personally have been using Red/Premium/All Access/whatever you want to call it since they introduced the initial beta. I've been a member ever since and even upgraded to the family plan. It is worth every single penny. Being able to watch videos ad free and still support creators is a good feeling. Being able to play videos with the screen off and download them without having to resort to any kind of hack or third party app is also very useful, especially for someone who likes to listen to videos when they exercise and lives in a rural area with a 1x connection. And of course, Play Music is a huge boon for the service as well. I use it all the time and it has pretty much all the mainstream artists I listen to plus a lot of the smaller, less heard of artists. Being able to upload my music and download it to whatever device I'm using is nice too. Those are things you are supposed to pay for and you are stealing by circumventing them.
  23. And it has gotten to the point that just challenging a person's world view can lead to a mental meltdown, if not a violent outburst. People have become so indoctrinated in their little cocoons that not only can they not handle the fact that the world doesn't always meet their belief of how things should be but they view other opinions and even jokes as something that needs to be purged... just look what's happening in America right now. My generation is going to ruin this country as they begin to take power. There is pretty much always a way to interpret something as offensive if you try. That's the problem. People are practically looking to be offended. Yes, you are correct that if someone starts calling your slur that you are the victim in that case and you taking offense would be justified. That is clearly not what happened in this case. Someone got offended over a joke directed at a friend/employee and the OP is taking offense that something was offensive to someone else.
  24. Distress.... Increasing the stats of one's skin thickness would be a worthwhile investment. Was it directed at the viewer with dyslexia? No. Then it wasn't bullying and thus cannot normalize it. Context is everything. A point invested in perception would be wise as well.