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  1. McMurderMonkey

    Why are movies filmed at 24 fps?

    To be fair, the familiarity of 24fps with film makers outways any of it's downfalls over higher frame rates. The use of motion blur looks really nice, and the film-esque feel has a really nice atmosphere in the cinema, which many directors want to reproduce. Sure, 60 is necessary for things where you can sense time between input and output, but on film I prefer 24. The Hobbit looked pretty awful to me, even ignoring the actual colouring, grading, and production design. Edit: I saw your other post, which I agree with:
  2. McMurderMonkey

    My question to Gay People

    Well, to some extent, most people sit somewhere in between on the sexuality spectrum. Sexuality is made up from so many more influences than one childhood experience. To make a statement with such a tiny data pool, and with so many exceptions in clear sight, I don't think the theory holds. Sorry bud. See this.
  3. The K70 RGB is here. It is glorious.

  4. McMurderMonkey

    LInus Jayztwocents and Barnacules twitter conversation

    This is hardly a spat. Simply a set of differing opinions.
  5. Finally may be able to get my hands on a KB-460 with Blues ◕ ◡ ◕

  6. McMurderMonkey

    NZXT Noctis 450 Fans

    Would it therefore be possible to control them using the motherboard (through the fan controller?)
  7. McMurderMonkey

    NZXT Noctis 450 Fans

    Hi, I'm going to be building a PC for a friend soon and I am currently considering the NZXT Noctis 450. It is pretty much perfect for him, except I would prefer if the fans were PWM controlled for ease of use. Does anybody know if the included fans are PWM controlled? (So that they can work with the included PWM fan hub) Thanks, McM
  8. never actually got the k70 in the end, now i need a new keyboard :/

  9. Happy April Fool's Everyone!

  10. McMurderMonkey

    LGBT community

    Ja, I'm bi, but not out. Most of my close friends know, or probably assume, and my GF knows.
  11. McMurderMonkey

    Do you sleep with socks on or off

    My feet get sweaty regardless of temperature, so off for me.
  12. McMurderMonkey

    Are the people at HP high....?

    The answer to your question is most likely yes.
  13. And he is right. Although I sure do love the cars that have been created as a result.
  14. Still laughing at the fact that they increased the amount of in game money one receives if they pre-order it