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    plz no. everyone hates origin.
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    mrjnn (why do I own a console?)
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    Under Your Bed
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    Computers, Stalking people
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    Nobody wrote me a biography. If I put something about myself in here, it becomes an autobiography. So let's just consider this section blank...
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    Student, I also get payed on YouTube


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    Intel i5 4690k @ 3.5 GHz
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    Gigabyte Z97X SOC-Force, Overclocking Mobo
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    8 GB Corsair Vengeance, 1866 MHz
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    Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 980 Ti
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    Corsair Carbide 300r
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    1 TB HardDrive and 120 GB SSD
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    EVGA SuperNova 750 B2 (I got rid of my Thermalfake!)
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    Acer S271HL (3)
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    Raijintek Triton Green AIO Cooler
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma
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    Mad Catz R.A.T. 3 Black & Red, & Titanfall Edition
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    Razer Kraken Pro, Razer Blackshark, Mad Catz FREQ 7
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    Windows 10
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  1. I don't believe a 6500 is better than a 4690k. A 6600k would be better, but a 6500 probably wouldn't.
  2. Yeah I was wondering if I should put a 6500 in my new PC, or move the 4690k to the new PC and get a 4790k for my old PC. (My old PC has a Z97 mobo)
  3. Okay, I hope this makes sense. I have an i5 4690k in my PC that I build in early 2015. At the time, I didn't know much about PCs but I was told that it was a popular and all-around great CPU. Fast forward to now, I'm building my second rig. I want to get a Skylake CPU with a DDR4-compatible motherboard so it's upgradable. Would it be a dumb idea to just go with DDR3 RAM and an i5 4790k? Are those even considered modern anymore? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for the input. So you build PCs for people? How much do you charge for the assembly? When I build them, I was thinking of charging 10% of how much the PC is worth. Is that too much? (Basically $100 for building a $1000 PC)
  5. Thanks. And I wanted to emphasize that it was actually an UltraDurable motherboard, and it wasn't just a regularly durable motherboard.
  6. Hey LTT! So, I had a Raijintek Triton AIO CPU cooler. It worked great for over a year, ran my CPU at 27 degrees. It started to crack and leak, and I had to immediately remove it because it spilled a VERY alarming amount of water onto my motherboard. Luckily my motherboard survived thanks to the fact that it's an UltraDurable motherboard. Anyway, Raijintek sent me a replacement. I'm not stupid, so I am not going to put another raijintek cooler in my PC. What cooler should I get? I want an AIO cooler so I don't have to mess with it or refill it. Yes, I know the corsair on
  7. I thought LGA 1151 was the chipset, Z170 was the board...?
  8. But don't the Z170 and Z270 boards support LGA 1151 chipset?
  9. he means the pentium cpu is compatible with z170. Unless somehow the Pentium CPU actually sexually identifies as a Z170.
  10. Hey guys. Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, but I've been out of the loop for a couple months when it comes to PCs. What is Kaby Lake? And how are they any different than other CPUs? Thanks
  11. Hi guys! So I'm building a second PC, and I decided to go with a Skylake CPU and a Z170 motherboard. What are some good skylake CPUs that aren't too expensive, but can run heavy modern games? I know the 6600k is fantastic, but are there any cheaper options that are good for gaming? Thanks in advance!
  12. "and I want it to have a nice CPU, but I don't want to get anything better than my (kinda) "beasty" current rig. I guess it's just out of my comfort zone, because I don't want to belittle my current PC which I love very much."
  13. So I am building a second PC, and want a decent CPU/motherboard that can play next year's triple-A games. But I have some weird requirements. I currently have a Z97 mobo with an i5 4690k CPU. I am building a second PC, and I want it to have a nice CPU, but I don't want to get anything better than my (kinda) "beasty" current rig. I guess it's just out of my comfort zone, because I don't want to belittle my current PC which I love very much. So I have a few options. Get another Z97/LGA1150 motherboard, which I feel comfortable with, or go for a Z170 because it's newer and
  14. Hey guys! Looking for an aesthetically pleasing small case. I don't really care about any specifics, other than it can hold some type of standard motherboard. Do you guys have any recommendations? Thanks in advance!