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  1. Williamchan87

    DSLR Beginner Recomendations

    Just to note, DXO does not/cannot test on cameras that don't use the standard Bayer sensor aka mainly Fujifilm X
  2. Williamchan87

    Best budget Photography hobby for starter

    I would say something like a used gx7 or em10mk2 with a rokinon/samyang wide angle or sigma wide angle, and a oly 60mm macro sometimes you can get under $400. my friend got the whole setup brand new for under $800 USD when they came out not long ago, so it really depends. Tho I would say using M4/3 is not the best in too low light
  3. Williamchan87

    Sony a6300 vs a7r ii

    I can't really help you on where you can go test them, since I don't know any shops in Minnesota. there area a few Mirrorless cameras with a DSLR feel like Panasonic GH4 and G7, or Samsung NX1 (Samsung made 1 or 2 decent cameras, but no one cared so now they are kind of dead)
  4. Williamchan87

    Thoughts on panasonic g7

    Well the G7 is a decent camera, but when talking about 4k, do you need it?
  5. Williamchan87

    Sony a6300 vs a7r ii

    Well a7ii is a alright camera, but once you said you want wildlife/sports the A6300 is alot better camera since it has alot faster AF and has a faster FPS, and better+more focus points from what I know, I've never thoroughly tested the A7ii (I'm more familiar with A7R2 and A6300)
  6. Williamchan87

    Sony a6300 vs a7r ii

    DXOmark isn't always really what to look at since its all lab work, and not actual testing around town etc
  7. to be honest I don't know what kind of rental you can get for $200 for 8-10 days, either you can rent a body, or 1-2 lens.
  8. Williamchan87

    Nikon D300 micro sd card problem

    It really makes no sense to try to change your storage type
  9. Williamchan87

    Recommended Focal reducers?

    To be honest I recommend you just get MFT lenses instead of tying to mount canon lenses. Look into Samyang/bower/Rokinon cine lenses if you want to do video on a budget, and if you want to go a bit more nicer there is Veydra lenses which ar really nice since they are all the same size which means you don't have to mod your rig for each lens
  10. Williamchan87

    Sony a6300 vs a7r ii

    Actually the A7S series is the video work series, A7 series is standard, and the A7R series is for higher pixel photography. The A6300 is a good camera for both video and photography. since it's APS-C and has a fast auto-focus and a a high FPS, it makes it a perfect camera for sports and wildlife. Sony has always been lacking own company made lenses, but you can always use a metabone adapter to mount canon lenses, or use Zeiss. I personally recommend you just get the A6300 and grab a few lenses, instead of getting a A7R2 unless money is not super big problem
  11. Williamchan87

    Best Camera for youtube 300$ or less!

    Th d750 is sharper and higher detail then the 5dmk3. Simultaneously record uncompressed and compressed Full HD 1080 footage at 60/50/30/25/24p. Manually control ISO, shutter speed and aperture while recording, tilt shift screen. Focus tracking/continuous auto focus. seems to be a competitor to me
  12. Williamchan87

    Need a mic for my camera please help

    get a portable external mic
  13. Williamchan87

    Anyone own the RB67?

    I have a rb67 and so does my dad, we use 90mm and the 180mm, which are the 2 standard lenses for the system. I hardly use it but nowadays mainly use ilford HP5+ cause it's easier to find here at stores
  14. Williamchan87

    Tamron Lenses

    I believe Brandon personally own all the tamron's I think he also has a 90mm, but ya like @ALwin depends what you going to take, then we can tell you what you can choose, I know alot of people with the 24-70 2.8, and the 2 150-600.
  15. Williamchan87

    Worth it?

    If you want to be a photographer, right now you probably should learn how to compose etc, practice alot. and see how it goes when you get older. It also depends on what type of photography you want to get into.