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  1. There way too many choices. probably better when you figure out what you want to shoot, and how small/weight you want, and what characteristics you want.
  2. I think the lumix G7 might be superior, there's more native lens and the whole system is cheaper
  3. Steel frame to me is still superior in robustness, too bad they cant fit too wide of tires and tend to be atleast few pounds heavier due mainly to the frame. I have an extra steel frame, I'm not sure if I want to put more vintage parts on it, modern parts, or a mix.
  4. I have a TCX-1 cyclocross too, it was custom built by someone, i just bought it ride to work. I have the Fujinon 50-230mm too, i bought it when I saw the price of the 100-400 and the 200mm, I'm still waiting for a 300 or 400 F4 or F5.6
  5. i mean you can also go the other way by getting a lens with a large aperture, though that doesn't usually make it cheaper.
  6. I like how this became a bike thread, any ways I'm into bikes too. Mainly road and cyclocross/gravel.
  7. video through iPhone 11 pro can be edit a bit, not much though. It's always easy to start with video shot correct then to do it in editing, though not sure how much you can do via iPhone 11 pro for shooting.
  8. megapixels are not particularly important in filming 1080p, or in any size, also full frame is not important, actually many of the best filming bodies use sensor that are smaller then full frame.
  9. I use Fujifilm, and I recommend practically all it's bodies, depending which body style you like look into x-e3 if you like rangefinder, x-t100 for beginner SLR style, x-t30/x-t20 for intermediate SLR style
  10. Also it's always best to down sample which means its best to record higher then 4k and then downsample it to 4k. Which means more money/less choice, though youtube compresses videos like no tomorrow.
  11. if 4k30p I don't think any canon except EOS M6 mk2 can do 4k and is in the price range Olympus has like no choices for the price Panasonic has a few choices GX9/GX85/GX7/G85/G7 Fuji has a few choices Sony has a7 mk2/mk3 series Though if you want decent video at 4k 30p and save quite some money look into something like Sony RX100 VI, it has lens already so it'll save alot of money, but give you decent video, it's also one of the most common youtube cameras.
  12. the problem isnt the body, it's the lens. -Lets say each body is said £800, but you also will need 3 lenses, and they will be also around £800 each, say you want go for cheaper lenses for say £500 each,you are already at around £3900. -Your tripod would be around another £200-£250 easily,and you need 3= £4500. -3x UHS2 cards lets say they are the cheapest media type SD, so say you get 3x 64gb you will be say £65 each= £4695. -Lav mic set is easily £500= £5195. -2-3x 400w continous lighting + light modifiers £300+£100 each = £6395 -backdrop- like you said for £200 =£6595 -table- like said £60= £6655 Then not counting other things you'll probably end up buying like a lazy susan, camera slider, building a camera rig, pelican case or some thing to carry just the cameras and lenses. I wasn't even talking anything like a red, cause if you getting a red you already starting way over £5000. Also this is more based on US pricing, and I believe the cost in Europe+VAT makes the items even more expensive. I mean if you go 1080p then its doable, also 80D wouldn't even get you 4k at all, maybe with a external recorder, but then that will substantially up your cost. To be honest im not sure whats the cheapest way to get 4k 60fps. I dont think the A7 series even give you 60fps unless you do external recording, you only choice is fujifilm which might be the best choice anyways.
  13. It's almost impossible to get decent 60fps 2k-4k at that budget if you want more then 1 camera setup. Th is is mainly due to lenses then the body itself.