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  1. It's more about not accidentally starting your teams call with your colleagues when not fully clothed yet
  2. You mean AMD should try to cosy up to people who have left them for more money at Intel like Raja Koduri, or cosy up to the guy who extensively either lied or at the very least misrepresented the status of 7nm processes to his superiors?
  3. Just got it today, and it's amazing ? you mean in the rain in a protective hood?
  4. The less you have to change settings and the more you know your camera the better I guess? I heard the clip is amazing isn't it?
  5. Sounds like I'm overthinking it a but then seems like Fuji's have a tough metal body and solid build at least! well thanks that's reassuring me, I'll still protect it decently to not tempt my faith, but I guess I can get along fine with something that's not like those gigantic rain sleeves that protect super well the camera but also take 3 times more space than the camera itself! Do you have a fancy technique to shoot while keeping it dry with that shell? I understood it's a complete cover, but you have to take off some of that cover to see anything. I guess you don't take it off
  6. I guess the same rules applying to whether or not you'll probably damage paper stored in a weather resistant backpack? Light rain won't change anything, except for very long exposition, and with heavy rain, better have an umbrella to protect that bag otherwise humidity builds up and ruins things. I guess that's more or less the same threshold? Thanks, I'll see where I can buy one of those
  7. I don't think I need to go that cheap. I can't justify 600 euros more for a weather sealed version, but was more aiming for a sub 50 euros solution to protect even if it's a pain to use.
  8. Hey! As I'm getting a fujifilm xt 30, that is not weather sealed, I was wondering where it would most probably break on the scale of being left in an hermetic box inside a bunker to having the weather equivalent to Linus. I would think under light rain exposed to water and heavy rain but sheltered it should be fine. Am I wrong on that? What would be the best solution to use it under heavier rain? I've seen people DIYing it or using rain sleeves. Are those actually effective despite looking precarious? Thanks all!
  9. Who cares about them though? If you can apply science in a correct way to deduce something sound, why do you need to discredit it by saying it's a lobby? It is true that with current technologies the per traveller cost can always be reduced by scaling things up and sharing resources. Maybe they do that research now because they've been doing it all along and the American propaganda machine has kind of stopped repressing that information from getting out. That's the most likely option if there is to be a conspiracy. Maybe you only see that research since that amount of time beca
  10. The research I'm basing myself on isn't benefiting oil companies as they advise a shift from personal cars to public transportation and heavy car sharing. The idea is therefore to reduce the number of cars overall and adopt a more efficient shared network. They also advise electric technologies, but in the form of trams, subways and wired buses, to avoid reliance on polluting batteries. Lithium based batteries still are hard to recycle, require a very rare resource that is lithium, and other rare metals as well that require a lot of energy to be produced. If you can avoid that and oil alt
  11. It's just an idiom. He is solely after money and do not care about earth or other people I think. His behavior does not indicate anything but marketed good intuitions, which aren't genuine. If he'd be upfront about his goals I'd be fine with it, but he always wants to persuade everyone he's not after money but something greater. Things work, but they never work with reasonable quality or costs, and never meet the goals he advertises them with. Tesla autopilot for instance are about as average as it can be. The reason why no one else sells it is that it's not safe enough. The batterie