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    gskill 2x8gb 3600
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    Evga sc black gtx 1080ti sli with 650ti
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    MM gold digger custom top
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    3x benq xl2420z 2x samsung ex2220
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    h100i v2
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    2x genovation 682, gmmk, model m, x8nighthawk, qfr87
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    g602, g502, g900
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    sound blaster x7
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  1. where are you getting this info?
  2. What does that have to do with anything? You can put all your effort into something doesn't mean you will be good at it or do it right Its the first game Drivers/software/firmware/etc have many revisions because they lacked something previously
  3. yeah lets close the door of what its capable of doing from the first game that used it lol wait didnt ff xv director quit and they cancelled dlc? good judgement call
  4. pas008

    Which chair is the best for you?

    after using many different office chairs at home usually $300 mark and at work some millers and steelcase ones I am like op I want to have freedom of slouching twisting etc, ergo chairs are fine at first but gets old quickly when you want to make adjustments I went with dx awhile ago and been very pleased with it the woman loves it also if you know what i'm saying lol recline feature is probably a feature I will have now on
  5. but can be acquired anywhere even for free at other places I have no time to argue with a breast feed fanboy troll sorry if you cant see it maybe quit sucking on the nipple should still be user preference of where to own considering they dont have their own launcher/etc we are talking about consumers in a whole that want legitimate games not your cracking suckling face that thinks to alternate means of acquiring something illegally which anyone can do for any other media now lets talk about entitlement lol hahahaha bet you dont even know you could have legally own l4d portal and etc on origin before origin closed that door themselves
  6. pas008

    AMD Delays Navi to Q4 2019

    I'm saying if amd finished a product Or nvidia opened up sooner Public decision matters That's why we wear nikes majority We may try others but consistently we wear what is on top 480 or 7970 fuck even 5870 Came out on top with drivers and performance they'd kill it and we all know they became superior but in the their release they looked like shit Huge no no Rather buy matrox which is amd based lol
  7. pas008

    AMD Delays Navi to Q4 2019

    You spent awhile ago on 290s? Have your contributed to amds current cash flow in gpu dept Don't tell me it doesn't matter Cash flow matters
  8. pas008

    AMD Delays Navi to Q4 2019

    If you didn't get all those free performance upgrades would you have spent more on amd?
  9. pas008

    AMD Delays Navi to Q4 2019

    Now you see? They aren't releasing to full potential no reason to upgrade Hurts their cash flow If they released near their 970 performance they'd be kings People can't bet on fine wine I know they don't allow over budget but if they complete the card amd would be killing it now with 290 if it was released @90% its potential As you see cash flow hurts look at nvidia when they don't have it
  10. pas008

    AMD Delays Navi to Q4 2019

    290 aged well So you didn't spend in How many years?
  11. pas008

    AMD Delays Navi to Q4 2019

    To me amds maturing drivers is a problem If you bought rx 480 why would you buy 580? Same with 7970 then 7970ghz edition Same with 290 They need to release full potential cards and release around 15% increase next gen 480 to 580 7970 to7970ghz editions aren't fitting I can go on but you are not getting cash flow Cash flow is what makes money cause it's all investment
  12. pas008

    AMD Delays Navi to Q4 2019

    Think this is nvidia opening a door to close it? Litigation? Remember nvidia will gain advantage with giving amd fans no reasons to upgrade Cut off reasons for them to spend again If they get free performance Release a product at 65% capacity Give them 20% more for free Competitor gives another 5% Is there any reason for then to spend again? Cash flow problems? Tell me how i can get anyone to bank on me with cash flow problems
  13. pas008

    AMD Delays Navi to Q4 2019

    https://devblogs.nvidia.com/introduction-turing-mesh-shaders/ I been drinking tonight but doesn't this help for amds compute side?
  14. pas008

    AMD Delays Navi to Q4 2019

    but now nvidia has it it can be adopted to be used you cant develop something and cut out 75% of the market because of it its like rt, amd and nvidia cock blocked rt with intels larrabee, but now nvidias doing rt we will see that definitely come into the picture thought amd came out with ROCm?
  15. pas008

    AMD Delays Navi to Q4 2019

    i thought their compute side was their strong point maybe ahead of its time considering nvidia brought in mesh?