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    gskill 2x8gb 3600
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    Evga sc black gtx 1080ti sli with 650ti
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    MM gold digger custom top
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    3x benq xl2420z 2x samsung ex2220
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    2x genovation 682, gmmk, model m, x8nighthawk, qfr87
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    sound blaster x7
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  1. mainstream really doesnt need it though everywhere else I agree
  2. of course its very different to ryzen also by far i'm just stating these comments comparing intel to fx line me personally I would take 9900k over 3700x or 3800x but over the 3900x or 3950x i'd be in a pickle because i'd be trading small performance in certain areas to gain more performance in an area I really dont need to utilize all those cores often,
  3. isnt this for mac os version?
  4. oh wow comparing intels chips to fx chips lol not even close comparison https://www.techspot.com/article/1876-4ghz-ryzen-3rd-gen-vs-core-i9/ and thats all chips at 4ghz might have got tighter though with other variables but not much changed and we all know intel can do all core way higher or even more boosting higher amd needs to get this part right, before intel does the chiplet design and these big multicore scores are kinda not as big as a deal as everyone makes out to be wasnt the fx line multicore monsters but then not as much utilized cores(not to mention other things) but software is still limiting this area also because they dont want to alienate users (hate it but its a slow process)
  5. yeah I seen this also along with bob swan think brian before stating they arent about cpus but they be trying for 30% of all silicon because cpus are declining
  6. intel sells them all also it took amd to use chiplet design and 7nm to trade blows mostly overtaking with intel 14nm(which is 5yrs old that says alot by itself) on the mainstream platform which is a platform where these high core count doesnt matter that much for the moment(hopefully it will change fast but doubting it)
  7. Considering everything going 4k gaming wise might not be as a big deal depending on price ofc I know this is server class but....
  8. what is this for? if pretty much gaming, what resolution are you intending on playing?
  9. think this is why intel is trying for 30% of all silicon chips, not solely on cpus bob and even brain have made this clear for intel
  10. how is it bad to use a 22nm fab facility for whats it intended for? chipsets are there and what does node really matter in this area of performance
  11. how is this bad for consumers really nothing you said is bad in my eyes
  12. case that satisfies all your needs imho too another way is flipping too