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  1. would any one of you motorcyclist reuse this front sprocket. Its slightly bent Only saying this cause the sprocket i got does not fit even though it supposed to fit, i say that cause it has the same part number to other parts. JT 1381, but the inner teeths are slightly too wide or perhaps are bit to small diameter wise
  2. lol, oh wow imagine parking this think in a pitch black carpark. So who wants the blackest car ever made
  3. well this would be the first time i've ever changed a motorcycle chain and sprockets. anyone done this before tips and advice would be nice
  4. our family athlon 2800+xp pc still working or 10 years, the thing that gave out was the motherboard capacitors which we retired that pc
  5. tbh none all the computers I've build i really like they were all decent on the time of purchase. The most memorable pc i have used was our family pc running a athlon 2800+ XP 2GB DDR2 + either G Force 5100 or 5200. I remember trying to constantly tweak it for the games i was playing right up to the point the last game that worked on it F.E.A.R. Before that was a PII/III( pretty sure at one point i oc to 1000Mhz)which had a TNT2, and was the first pc i have use "fully" where i first played star war racers. Before that i cant remember what the PC was running, but i did enjoyed this edu game which i cant remember what it was.
  6. here have some FRANZISKANER HEFE WEISSBIER DUNKEL. what ever that means all i know its a dark larger
  7. i'm for paper straws. There are soo many time i've seen asshats would just chuck it on the floor when there is 5 bins around them, and one being like 2 feet in front of them.
  8. lol i did mention it was toxic, buut not sure how it is now but before i played you can disable chat
  9. mean while its 2:30 am and im still trying to write a new story out of the blue for no apparent reason, and im stuck on how i should describe the room this character is in. Soo far done 1000 words