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    Intel Core i7-6700k @4.0 GHz
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    16GB Kingston RAM
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    NZXT H440W Silent Ultra
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  1. The fan is not plugged into the computer. its a 12v fan that gets power from an old phone charger that plugs into the wall. so i need something that i can solder onto the cord and regulate the voltage
  2. Hello, i have a 12v fan that ive modded to use as a regular fan, the issue im having is that the fan is constantly running at max speed, im wondering if i could solder it to this https://www.electrokit.com/produkt/variabel-spanningsregulator-1-5-30v-1a/ and then be able to alter the fan speed?
  3. from what i could gather on a couple of different posts there is no way to sync gigabyte with asus aura sync
  4. if it only happens in gears 5 i wouldn't worry. since gears 5 is a fairly new game so a few bugs here and there wouldn't surprise me.
  5. it depends on what you want to do with all the screens.. it will be able to use the screens but i wouldn't game on 4k max settings with it
  6. Maybe you're mixing up megabit with megabytes? 1 byte is 8 bits so a 100mbps connection would result in around 12mb/s download which is not too far away from your result?
  7. Most GPU's require you to just unscrew all the screws on the back and the cooler will fall of but it will most likely void your warranty if you do it..
  8. I’ve got some old thermal pads laying around that could do the trick since they don’t need to be all that great for a backplate I’ll give it a try
  9. Hello, I’m trying to install my gpu backplate but I don’t have screws that work so I’m wondering if I could just tape it to the Gpu without any issues? Unsure if tape is conductive or not and if the heat might melt it?
  10. All the parts have been cleaned so now I’m all set! As always, thank you for the help!
  11. I’ve taken apart the cpu block before and the gpu block is brand new so that won’t need to be cleaned. But I figure that running the cleaning liquid and then a rinse with water will do the trick!
  12. The tubing is being replaced as well! I just want to make sure that all the blocks etc are clean before I do anything!
  13. im using soft tubing so no problem there. Just hope that the company can come back to me with an answer relatively quickly so i can fix the loop Edit: I found a datasheet for the anticorro-fluid here. You think it will be fine?
  14. I have a waterblock from EK which is nickel plated and 2 copper radiators. but I’ll contact the company and see what they say and what it’s made of!