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    ontario canada
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    cars,snow machines,motorcycles,aviation,guns,hunting, pretty much all the expensive hobbies.....
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    heavy equipment apprentice


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    gigabyte z97x-sli
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    adata xpg v.1 8gb
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    asus strix gtx 970
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    red/black nzxt h440
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    WD blue 1tb, kingston hyperx savage 240gb, barracuda 2tb
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    evga 600b
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    BenQ gl2460
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    coolermaster hyper 212 evo
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    corsiar k70 cherry mx-red
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    razer deathadder 2013
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    HyperX Cloud 2
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    windows 10
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  1. not neccesarily tougher but something that holds the phone better ? not sure how to say it, but 3/3 phones ive had with otterboxes the case has destroyed the phones finish from the plastic frame rubbing the phone constantly, not to mention after about a year the rubber starts to peel and thats happened to all my otter boxes
  2. im looking at getting a lg g8x thin q, single screen, currently have a g7 one, always had otterbox defenders but every phone including this one gets destroyed by the case, dust and dirt gets in and scratches the hell out of the phone frame, and this one even managed to get the back glass shattered at the corner but not the screen.... I always put on a tempered glass screen protector, looking for a good case that will be rugged and drop resistant, and actually hold the phone snug, im a heavy equipment mechanic and always around lots of dust and dirt and my phone does get dropped enough, just lo
  3. ended up buying a 500gb mx500 for my school laptop and a cheap kingston a400 250gb for the one im going to sell
  4. looking to buy a 250 ish gb ssd, been out of the tech scene since the gtx970 and devils canyon era so things have come a ways since then lol, looking for something not too expensive but also not garbage, just going to be putting one in a cheap laptop to resell and one in my older laptop for school to hopefully keep it going for another year or two
  5. what are your guys thoughts on the uphere gpu sag preventer thing ? my 970 strix has quite the sag and its been held up by a deck of cards for the past year, think this would keep it from sagging ? https://www.amazon.ca/upHere-Graphics-Anodized-Aerospace-Aluminum/dp/B07D1J5W5L/ref=sr_1_6?s=cyber-monday&ie=UTF8&qid=1543358661&sr=8-6&keywords=gpu+holder
  6. looking for ideas on a Bluetooth speaker to get for Christmas, need something water/dust proof or highly resistant as ill be taking it dirt biking, snow machining and while working so has to be rugged enough, looking for something on the regular size, nothing overly big, good sound quality, battery life, all that usual stuff, trying to keep it more budget friendly as ill be asking for it as a gift and dont want them spending a whole lot, what do you guys recommend ?
  7. what are the chances i get an ssd swap it in and use an old windows 8 cd in it ? would it auto enter the code ? dont really have a way of transferring files and that way it would be basic windows 8 no bloatware built in, been out of the game way too long starting to forget the basics
  8. its running windows 8 now that i recall, but still was alot faster when i reset it then after a day instantly slowed right down, was still slow after the reset but you could still use the thing, might just buy a low end kigston a400 and if that doesnt work ill just use it as another drive lol
  9. ya its just a 5400rpm hdd, and software issues i dont know what else id look for, its a fresh os and google chrome, ill try the disk info on it, never thought about doing that when it was here. also just remembered its still running windows 8... any ways to upgrade still or would i have to buy an upgrade ?
  10. ram usage isnt close to capping, and its just google chrome, cant see the hdd limiting streaming or browsing speed, login being somewhat slow i can see but barely being to able to boot there has to be something else
  11. so been out of the tech scene for a year or two now, my grandmother has a newer laptop, low end hp, amd apu of the lower variety, 4gb of ram and whatever hard drive, all she does is use it for facebook and netflix and thats it, so really it should be fine, but for some reason it gets really slow, cant even open chrome, half the time gets stuck login into the pc itself, so i took it home, did a factory reset, set it all up, got rid of all the bloat ware and got chrome set up and everything set up as basic as i could, was fine for a day and now its doing the same thing, and i have the same probl
  12. as per usual i have my exam tommorrow morning, havent studied and now i find myself looking through the forum..... everydam time
  13. so far ive only been to ontario (i live there so idk if that really counts) quebec, newbrunswick and novascotia
  14. lol, met the guy by chance too, very glad we did, made the trip alot funnier, long story short we pull up to the camping spot near the race track, park next two a big old Winnebago and another one of his friends. its like 12 at night, this old guy with white hair and a beard comes over and asks us if we wanted to go over and drink with them, said sure, guy opens the side compartment and had a good couple cases of white lightening and aple pie moonshine lol definitely want to make another trip out that way again soon
  15. lol went all the way from Ontario Canada up to Tennessee in an rv to go watch NASCAR in Bristol..... pretty great trip. a lot of nice scenery, even met an old war vet and moon shiner from Kentucky, great time lol