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  1. @imreloadin R E E E E E 



  2. 72373971_p0.png.a70cd03bfa4712faa8799d19c464597c.png

  3. Silentprototipe

    Iphone 6 Boot loop

    An iPhone 6 of my family member is stuck in a boot loop, All it shows is an apple logo and wont boot. Any ideas?
  4. Silentprototipe


    Delet this
  5. Silentprototipe

    Laptop is Plugged in, but not Charging

    It is, The charger acts like a PSU if its not charging It is a Win10 bug, Recent updates have made that bug rarer and rarer
  6. Silentprototipe

    small problem while upgrading my nephew laptop

    Select the hard disk option in the BIOS
  7. Silentprototipe

    Charge Limiting Phone Charger

    There really isnt any way without rooting or having some sort of feature that keeps it at a certain percentage. My Moto G and Z lasted amazingly because the G was rooted and only allowed to charge to 80% while my Z's battery mod only let it stay at 80%
  8. Silentprototipe

    Laptop is Plugged in, but not Charging

    Because it really is a Windows 10 bug. My Envy does it every so often. Though I havent seen it in a while with recent Windows updates
  9. Silentprototipe

    Laptop is Plugged in, but not Charging

    Ah, When its not charging it wont harm the battery as the laptop is just running off the charger. Like a PC would off a PSU. As for higher powered chargers its fine, most laptop's can use higher powered chargers as long as they are a decent charger. So for example the 65W charger that came with my Envy is actually overkill and easily runs on 45W just fine. I can go up to 95W on the charger as it still falls under HP's barrel plug style connector
  10. Silentprototipe

    Laptop is Plugged in, but not Charging

    It tends to be a bug with Windows. My Envy X360 does the same every now and then. A restart fixes it for me. Though it couldnt hurt to get a higher powered charger. My Envy comes with an overkill 65W even though it can run at 45W
  11. Silentprototipe

    I have $50, what should I spend it on

    If your on pure wireless then spending on powerline is quite a decent investment
  12. Silentprototipe

    [LFG] Modded Minecraft Survival Server

    Pretty much manditory with how dodgy some of these websites can be
  13. Silentprototipe

    [LFG] Modded Minecraft Survival Server

    Were working on getting a Zip folder made so no one has to go through dodgy websites to get them
  14. Silentprototipe

    Is LMG actually working on a Minecraft Server?

    Oofers, Looks like me and @AluminiumTech's idea of an unofficial one got obsoleted
  15. Silentprototipe

    Advice on buying a Smartphone

    Im personally fond of the Moto Z series. While a fair bit old the price is quite decent and well. Darn thing has a slap on camera . Plus some quite legendary battery life
  16. Silentprototipe

    What pisses you off with PC building?

    When the god damm PC doesnt turn on because one skrew isnt in. Seriously when I replaced my PSU and the thing refused to turn on and kept tripping the surge protection. Ended up being that I was missing a skrew and then it finally powered on
  17. Silentprototipe

    Linus Tech Tips (Forum) App?

    Been said so many times and many times have been declined
  18. Ehhhhh, Might have a point
  19. Silentprototipe

    Utilizing my PC to its full potential in Minecraft

    Intresting, Try limiting Minecraft to 4 of your cores/threads. In my case on a lower end CPU it uses up all of my 4C and 8T. Also allocating more RAM to Minecraft itself massively helps sometimes
  20. Silentprototipe


    God no lol, the 2700 is way stronger than you think. You would need a 2080TI to see any type of bottlenecking with that thing
  21. Silentprototipe

    Utilizing my PC to its full potential in Minecraft

    Minecraft is heavily CPU dependent (Unless your running some type of stupidly intensive shaders) so any type of frame drop is gonna be CPU related. Whats the CPU usage when your FPS drops?
  22. Silentprototipe

    What do you think of Teslas?

    I like drag racing? The P100D is the type of car that its power is just there. You never expect it to take off so quickly yet it does. Its the type of car thats fun to drag in. Also dont skrew with the Japanese in general
  23. Silentprototipe

    Liquid Metal

    Aluminum is a huge no with liquid metal. Dont even attempt it
  24. Silentprototipe

    Liquid Metal

    Yes but no. While you can and it does work really well its just such a giant danger to your GPU. Unlike the CPU the GPU has significantly more than can go wrong. If you plan on doing it use conformal coating around your GPU die