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    Programming, Chess, RTS games, Well implemented CCGs like War of Omens and the RTS CCG Minion Masters.
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    Founder of the King Puff Cup Tournament Organization for Minion Masters


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    i3-6100 CPU 3.70GHz
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    ASRock H170M Pro4
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    16GB Panram 2400MHz
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    EVGA GTX 950 SC+
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    Corsair 200R
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    Samsung 240GB 850 EVO
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    Corsair CS450M 80+ Gold Semi-Modular
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    2 Old 900P displays, one is set to 1080P (IBM, SAMSUNG)
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    Stock, 1 Corsair AF120 Red
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    Apple old keyboard that came with early 2009 iMac
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    Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse
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    Superlux HD 681 Dynamic Semi-Open Headphones
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    Windows 10 Education N 64bit

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  1. I bought the OnePlus 6T as my very first smartphone after using the same flip phone for 10 years straight and here are my reasons (without rooting) : -prefer Oxygen OS over iOS. The location of Settings makes more sense and the OS itself is at least on par with an iOS level of quality. File Management, responsiveness, and multitasking is above iOS level. -Screen of a top of the line iPhone for half the price -prefer having an in-display fingerprint sensor over simply having the latest iOS device. It's uniquely flashy. -It has less passive flashiness, ie., a thief isn't going to take one look at my phone and go 'ooo that would fetch me a pretty penny if I sold it' -It can use both Pixel and OnePlus camera software. Extra features for free? Yes please. -It has a price I can afford for an extremely recent top of the line flagship. The same can't be said for Apple. -Faster charging out of the box -The 'teardrop' notch is a nice, artistic compromise that further helps my phone stand out in a unique way without being overly flashy about it.
  2. OnePlus is trickable. I know that I have seen reports of people tricking their OnePlus device. It just goes to show that just because one test or one person can't trick the phone doesn't mean another can't.
  3. I ordered the following via Newegg and it arrived in an Amazon Prime package. I just want to check, is this normal? Seller link: https://www.newegg.com/Anker-Official-Store/about
  4. Why did you post this if you feel like it's not actually news? That's just confusing to me. @WillyW
  5. Fixed my typo. Good catch
  6. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16820147674 Depending on the exact model you get it's 13-28% off. I've never seen a Samsung 500GB SSD sell for under a hundred before, let alone $90. edit: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/6yKcCJ/samsung-860-evo-500gb-25-solid-state-drive-mz-76e500bam Turns out I'm just uninformed.
  7. Mind expanding on that statement?
  8. DKL

    When everything goes wrong

    On an oddly more serious note, James did a fantastic job with this video. Had me cracking up quite a few times
  9. DKL

    When everything goes wrong

    I'm not sure what's going on, but I think this would've benefited from Dennis helping Linus.
  10. I'd consider it if two or more of the following were true: - It was $200 for the same specs. $350 if it came with ALL of the below features. - It came with a headphone jack - It came with headphones (wired or not) - It came with a guarantee that its software would get updated over multiple years time or was an iOS device. - It was a dedicated productivity device with special features, not just a casual device thrown together without much thought put into it. I'd also like for it to be a bit bigger but that's minor.