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  1. Why is my first instinct that of utter fear and repulsion? The only other thing I feel that way towards is my ex.
  2. Everytime I look at my favorite news sources before going to bed, a story like this comes around at the perfect time in the week to remind me why I shouldn't look at news sources before bed.
  3. My family is all Apple. I grew up with Apple and my family love Apple for their ecosystem while my mother is not able to trust anything non-Apple yet doesn't have the income required to afford Apple. It's to the point where taking care of my mother was buying her an iPad with accessories so she wouldn't have to worry about trying to buy an Apple laptop or tablet herself. I fear that otherwise she would have gone in debt so she could have a device her older eyes could see. (She used only an iPhone SE and occasionally a ~2006 Macbook prior) This was all despite cheaper alternatives being out t
  4. So glad I have a OnePlus phone and Windows 10 instead so I don't have to worry about Apple's latest constriction on their ecosystem's users...
  5. Wait $1200 for the GPU is more than I paid for my entire computer and I have a Vega 56 in it...
  6. Assuming that there isn't anyone here who can help me with this (given the lack of reply), does anyone know somewhere I could go that might be able to? A reddit community or otherwise?
  7. We're all stuck working from home, without any commute and with the freedom to set our own schedules. Personally, I'm actually without a job because my work is retail. No work-from-home option, and, I have enough funds saved up to invest in some education for myself. Meanwhile, I started looking at online courses and I noticed a trend. Most are introductory-level only or programming-only. Or include courses that contain the same material I could just as easily find on youtube.. ...which brings me here. What courses/course websites would you recommend after your own personal experience wit
  8. Oof, okay fine I'll upgrade my brother's GTX 950. I guess it's actually required now...
  9. My concern is that this will be NSA-violated. If not by the US, then by another government. As in, secretly violated without anyone's knowledge, including the knowledge of the very people representing the governing body itself. And it'd be relatively simple to secretly violate regulations in testing while only using regulated AI in the field... ...then one day you've done enough testing to where you feel confident that you can rule the world with the technology, and begin using it. Or worse, another government steals it from you and uses it themselves, against you. And now you have to def
  10. Only... this information is only accessible via law enforcement and has already started being utilized by six hundred different groups... (police/fbi/etc.)
  11. Even if you do that, there's cameras where you bought that hat/clothing/makeup etc. They can track the clothing combination. Because AI.
  12. They also are already uploading their own photos from crimescenes etc. to compare. Thus feeding it increasingly greater data overtime regardless
  13. So they took the evil half of the TV show Person of Interest and copied it by the book. All they need is to feed the ai their own governments data (if they aren't already) and boom, we have an ai with unrestricted and unknown power over the government. What could possibly go wrong?
  14. I love this priest's Twitter. Great personality
  15. I am both of these things. My closest thing to a social group is my coworkers. And we don't meetup outside work, despite my attempts to.
  16. God this entire idea is just disturbing to me right now. Like, why can't humans be allowed to be... human, yaknow?
  17. Welcome to Google ads.
  18. Most likely you watched a previous video rather than a current one. With that said, I don't understand what your reasoning is for wanting a VPN beyond 'oh hey that sounds wicked cool man!' . Fun fact: It's not a need. It's a want. And it's not a want that should be prioritized over other wants. If it were a need, you wouldn't be making this post right now. Regarding this aspect of the OP The 'fishy' part of PIA and other VPN providers is not the installer or program itself. it's how secure and private the data handled by that program truly is. That's not something any rand
  19. Add this to the OP! https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/security-notification.1144088/ (FAQ from OnePlus)
  20. When a business hides their identity, what they choose to hide is ultimately the most revealing.
  21. one family member's house has an alexa in the kitchen. Next to a window... ...I'm calling them up and eating them out over the phone (and I can't sleep in the kitchen either)
  22. I think this will probably be next on the list, right after Floatplane's next patch.... oh wait it got pushed back... uh the next one.... uh.. how about two years from now for the first news that they're actively working on this?
  23. How else would they put the competition on ice?