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    GPU serial killer
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    Cramming things in small spaces.
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    Small form factor systems, gaming, older hardware, anything transportation (mainly trains and planes), furries and tanks.
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    Is and has been diabetic type 1 for 8 or so years. Is a furry (If you hate, just deal with it).
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    Student (I don't think this counts as a job)


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    Core i5-6600k
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    ASRock H110M-STX
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    G-Skill Ripjaws DDR4-2800 (Running 2133, will mess with timings later)
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    AMD R9 290 Sapphire Tri-X OC (The Titadeon shall always stay here)
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    Custom (Build log linked in signature)
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    128GB Plextor M6S SSD
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    Delta 120W Power Brick
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    Samsung C32F391
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    Silverstone AR04
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    Cherry G80-3000 (UK layout, MX blues)
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    TeckNet X9800 (Was lying around)
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    Headphones (HyperX Clouds)
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    Windows 10

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  1. In case anyone wants to help me buy a low end gpu.

    - Thread locked. Status Update stuff.
  2. Which of these overclocked RTX 2080 cards (<£800)?

    I’m going to recommend any aftermarket 1080 Ti instead due to them being cheaper than the 2080 whilst performing about the same.
  3. First Uncensored Adult Game for Steam gets Banned in 28 Countries

    Were people actually expecting anything else?
  4. Which should i choose?

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  5. Suspended monorails are already impractical as-is, considering the type of track you have to build.
  6. Booted 8 ghz over the weekend!

    - Thread moved to CPUs, Motherboards, and Memory. Very cool that you booted at that speed, but this is suited more to be a Status Update.
  7. - Thread moved to General Discussion. @The_Tron please follow the TN&R guidelines and tag me when the post has been updated.
  8. Google admits changing phone settings remotely

    -Thread locked. This is a repost of this:
  9. Small formfactor power supply?

    - Thread cleaned.
  10. "HELP" Building PC Need to lower cost

    - Thread cleaned. Guess what's going to happen next.
  11. I bought a server board with x8

    Just be very careful, there are a lot of small connections inside the slot, and you do not want to damage them.
  12. Ok, just a sanity test, does the cooler get hot when the reported temperature gets to ridiculous values? And, well, have you tried remounting the cooler?
  13. I bought a server board with x8

    You can try be very careful with a hot knife and cut out the back of the slot, then you can put the graphics card in without a block in the way.
  14. I bought a server board with x8

    No, it does not. The graphics card doesn't need to use 100% of the slot. You will have the same performance.
  15. GPU Power Consumption

    The 1060 draws around 120-160W whilst gaming, the 1070 will most likely go from 140-190W whilst gaming. It's not much of a power draw increase at all.