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About TheRandomness

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    GPU serial killer
  • Birthday January 4

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    Cramming things in small spaces.
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    SFF computing, transport and stuff, and gaming of course.
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    I help moderate this place I guess.
  • Occupation
    Student (I don't think this counts as a job)


  • CPU
    Pentium G4560
  • Motherboard
    ASRock H110M-STX
  • RAM
    G-Skill Ripjaws DDR4-2800 (Running 2400 because motherboard)
  • GPU
    AMD R9 290 Sapphire Tri-X OC (The Titadeon shall always stay here), currently GTX 480
  • Case
    Custom (Build log linked in signature)
  • Storage
    128GB Plextor M6S SSD, 2TB Seagate thing
  • PSU
    A mix
  • Display(s)
    Samsung C32F391
  • Cooling
    AMD Wraith Spire
  • Keyboard
    Cherry G80-3000 (UK layout, MX blues)
  • Mouse
    TeckNet X9800 (Was lying around)
  • Sound
    Headphones (HyperX Clouds)
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. TheRandomness

    Noctua NHD15 BEIGE ? my grandma car color

    Apparently it’s because of the founder’s wife. Hair colour was used for the brown they have, skin colour was used for the tan they have.
  2. TheRandomness

    Moderators on the forum

    A whole load.
  3. TheRandomness

    was bored

    - Thread locked. We have a few hundred threads like this already.
  4. Considering this has the full 64 CUs enabled, why not just refresh the Vega 56 and 64 into the RX 690X and RX 690 or whatever by disabling the fancy features to turn it into a suitable replacement?
  5. So are we going to see these in the mid range of the RX 600 series?
  6. TheRandomness

    how old is your pc and are you looking to upgrade soon?

    5 years old, and currently rocking a G4560 and GTX 480. I’ll upgrade when I need to.
  7. TheRandomness

    What is this graphics card? (AGP)

    Ah. Some servers might have used those cards, yeah. The one pictured alone looks like an Nvidia card, 7000 series maybe? Probably before that, though.
  8. TheRandomness

    What is this graphics card? (AGP)

    We need bigger pictures and higher quality to even stand a chance at guessing what those cards are.
  9. TheRandomness

    Buzzing sound from gpu replaced almost everything

    - Thread moved to Graphics Cards. Would you call this sound high pitched? It sounds like you're describing coil whine, which you can't really fix by replacing components other than the source of the whine itself.
  10. TheRandomness

    Moderators on the forum

    Well.. As you can see, mods can see hidden posts.
  11. TheRandomness

    Water cool all the things!

    There has to be a divider. What would stop the fish swimming down? In every system I've seen there's been a divider between the fish section and the PC section. Also, mineral oil floats on water, meaning the PC has to be in the top section.
  12. TheRandomness

    Water cool all the things!

    The waste wont fall down because there's an acrylic divider between the oil and water. And they need roughly 26 C, and the components can raise that temperature quite easily.
  13. TheRandomness

    Water cool all the things!

    The temperature differences caused by the PC heating the mineral oil and thus the water in the fish tank section would make for some very, very unhappy fish.
  14. TheRandomness

    Water cool all the things!

    Putting fish in that tank would kill them.