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  1. i believe there was a vido on this a few months back, basically yes, the ram speed will be the same as teh slower stick though, so where you get the benefits of another 8GB of ram you wont get the full 3200mhz out of it.
  2. or last resort do a fresh install. sounds like a bios setting or a CD in the drive though.
  3. cheers that helps Thanks
  4. TechSloth

    is it safe?

    Hi all, Quick one, Is the insider program safe? or does it harves all kinds of telemetry and metrics from your system? or prevent disabling of cortana and teh gathering systems? thanks
  5. to answer your questions,. 2 routers because one has the fax line one has the phone line and if you consolidate them and remove one teh phone and fax stops working. i already tried that and it cause panic among some of the older staff. as for the switches its simply a location thing from what we can tell. when it was all installed (14/15yrs ago from what im told) they ran 2 ethernet cables across the room into a switch whith then has the computers and printer in it. port availability arent an issue
  6. Hi all, im looking to pick your brains to find a solution for this rats nest of a corner that my company has. i will attatch the diagram i managed to figure out and see if there is any solution. yeah i know it has a fax line, this is japan, for some reason they still use and love fax... so it kind of complicates things i think while looking for a solution. please forgive the simplicity and the japanese, im not the only one that has to read it. so it goes internet > Router 1 & fax line > Router 2 & Phone line > Switch 1 > WAP & Switch