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    ASUS Z370 Maximus X Code
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    GSKILL Trident-Z
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    Samsung 850 500g X2, WD Black 4TB
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    ASUS and it's expensive
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    GSkill KM780 RGB
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    Sennheiser Game Zero
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  1. Higher the fps, the more it's based on the CPU, not the GPU. Have you tried overclocking your 7700k?
  2. Optane hate speech

    I use a 32g Optane drive, some of the best money I ever spent. makes my 4TB HDD the fastest storage on my PC. Blows the doors off my SATA SSDs. So get the fustration, but Optane works pretty damn good.
  3. Got the Quadro in the server. The 95 dollar workstation. Should have made a video.


  4. Will my GPU run without an OS

    Never seen a system that doesn't boot to bios on a discete card. As long as that card is powered correctly and functional.
  5. Should i change my CPU?

    Then I'd follow PaulWithaP's advice.
  6. 4770k with z370 board?

    Yes, LGA1150 and LGA1151 used the same CPU cooler mounting. As long as your block is compatable.
  7. 4770k with z370 board?

    No Also, the 4770k is LGA1150, later boards use the LGA1151 socket
  8. Will my GPU run without an OS

    You shouldn't be using VGA unless your monitor is hella old. If the card has a HDMI port I'd connect it to a TV to test the card.
  9. Will my GPU run without an OS

    You should get a display even without an OS. So the card, HDMI to VGA adaptor, or cable is possibly bad.
  10. Should i change my CPU?

    What monitor are you using? Are you using VSYNC?
  11. Nvidia 750 issues

    What are the rest of the system specs? What OS? Have you used DDU before installing the card?
  12. does the GTX 980ti support HDR?

    980ti can supply HDR gaming using a compatable HDMI cable. Though Windows support for HDR sucks atm https://developer.nvidia.com/getting-know-new-hdr
  13. Show off your old and retro computer parts

    I see your ATI Rage XL (poker term since no pics) and raise you. This.
  14. why don't more people here use older server stuff?

    Don't go through Craigslist or Ebay. Go to the source. Come on guys, this is Linus Tech Tips... Home of scrapyard wars.
  15. why don't more people here use older server stuff?

    If you can afford a 1080ti, well then yeah go with new hardware. But if you have 300-400 bucks to spend a 15 dollar Sever tower, couple hours of your time cleaning, some thermal paste, and maybe a storage upgrade or RAM capacity increase can leave you with all but 40-50 dollars of your budget going into the graphics card. Start saving while you enjoy the rig you built and throw the 1050ti or 1060 into the rig you built down the line. Start saving for a better card. Way better than being stuck on a APU or 1030.