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  1. Welp, that didn't take long.


    Moderators still use their position to stop any discussion they want, regardless of it going against the TOS.


    Tip to those who read this and wonder why they don't see me for a year. All you have to do is troll someone who disagrees with you and call them names, and you get to have the last word, with moderators handing out warnings of you try and defend your point.


    I never stepped out of line, nor did I stray from the topic. No point in having a discussion of it's one sided.


    Peace out.

    1. Droidbot


      Too real. Mods have too much power imho. 



    2. App4that


      Linus Tech Tips Forum


      Where cyber bullying is defended and offering evidence gets you a warning.

    3. colonel_mortis


      As I explained in the PM, the posts were not removed due to a moderator bias one way or the other, they were removed because the topic was thoroughly derailed by the argument.

  2. Yeah this just happened, deal with it LOL




    1. Princess Cadence

      Princess Cadence

      I could never get into it... got too bored every time.

  3. I'm talking specifically about performance. If I turned you loose with 500 bucks to spend, you couldn't match a One X. It's impossible since the One X is subsidized by Microsoft.
  4. The fact you can't build a PC even close to the One X tells you Microsoft is already losing money. You and I know that Microsoft kept the jaguar CPU to keep the One X from being a "next gen" move. So they focused on 4k support that doesn't require CPU performance, but GPU. As a 4k owner the gamble worked. The One X is a true 4k console while the Pro misses the mark. I play AC Origins on the One X and I've never seen any issues due to CPU limitations, yet the PC side has *cough* multiple DRMs *cough* So, any Sunday, any game.
  5. The One X being held back by its CPU is an odd argument. I think it comes from Destiny and lazy development. Personally. Not saying with a more powerful CPU higher fps couldn't be reached, but at what cost? That added expense comes from somewhere. The customer (500 bucks for a console was already a hard sell), the GPU (that monster GPU is what makes the One X a blast to own, otherwise is as disappointing as a PS4 Pro), something has to be less. Equivalent exchange mu friend. Sure some games find the limitations of the CPU in the One X, others don't while looking an playing better.
  6. We're specifically talking graphical performance. Consoles don't need strong CPUs, well they didn't because televisions being common with support over 30-60hz wasn't a thing. Even then a PS4 Pro will curb stomp a 2400G equipped PC while costing less. In titles shared between systems. That goes to the increase consoles have seen in graphical performance and the optimization consoles enjoy.
  7. Backwards compatibility to bring older games to 4k, support on titles being released (Yakuza 6 is almost untouched from base to Pro), the lack of the Ultra HD Blueray you mentioned, it's kinda a big list. 50 internet points to you.
  8. Console vs PC

    Exactly. Why a console requires less CPU. No one would argue current consoles aren't CPU limited, it's just not as bad as it's made out to be.
  9. I own a Pro, kinda disappointing as a premium console in comparison to the One X. Not bad, don't think it's worth the premium though.
  10. Back on topic a PS4 is well worth the investment due to its massive exclusive library.
  11. I'm sure in 2025 you will finally be able to play Horizon Zero Dawn, you should check it out. Good game.
  12. No, not even close. There's no emulator for PS4 exclusives and even a base PS4 performs better than a APU. Let alone how much cheaper a console is.
  13. Also Yazuza, Horizon Zero Dawn, all the other Sony exclusives, and Red Dead Redemption 2.
  14. That's because of how well it works with Ryzen, Ryzen 2 having better support for more memory means people should stop looking for it soon. Thus prices should drop way down.
  15. Console vs PC

    When looking at a PC application, not in a console application. Muddies the water.