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  1. 1080p screen, 25% brightness, video loop only vs actual use.
  2. At what point is EPYC the right solution?
  3. I'm trying to imagine a non-server workload that would benefit from a 2Ghz 64 core machine... I really doubt AMD brings that out for the reason that the market just has no reason to buy a $3000-4500 CPU that has such a niche use case.
  4. Monitors and TVs are quite different. Both are displays, but both are optimized a bit differently. Linus covered this a while back before the BFGDs were announced. ------ Also, I see a few people saying "too expensive" but this is probably the opposite for me. There are a lot of features (ie, boxes being checked on a spec sheet), but I wonder about the quality of the displays. At this price, I wouldn't expect top tier. Those are the kinds of things that are going to cost 2500+ for a 32".
  5. I really want to see what this 16" MBP is about. I don't need a new one, but I really hate this keyboard. Enough to consider selling my 15" at a low cost and paying $$$ to upgrade.
  6. I'm going to call it Android X. No, not "ex" but "10".
  7. Most of the stuff is probably just a demo unit that the manufacturer or a local store has loaned them. The stuff that they are supplied by OEMs is likely kept for future videos. I really doubt they have as much 'inventory' as some think. Sure, it looks like a lot - but they have a lot checked out to make videos with.
  8. As long as you keep it clean (dust every so often), it's fine. It's unadvisable due to power cost, but it won't hurt performance or longevity. The notion it does is a myth.
  9. Internal slides are usually more honest and less marketing... which feels like the opposite of this.
  10. With a potential 64-core Threadripper (and likely also 32 and 48 cores), Glacier Falls looks dead on arrival.
  11. The GTX 8800 was over 349 and well before crypto mining. Prices went up a long time ago. But the high end also meant 'had a discrete GPU' and not even necessarily an additional power cable. GPUs have gotten a lot more complicated and powerful since the days of the first GeForce and Radeon cards. (and others)
  12. Some programs benefit from high clock cycles (like Photoshop), so that. IDK. There are probably other things, but generally I'd recommend a Ryzen 3000 now. If you look at what AMD was able to do with IPC, even clock speed might not be enough to keep them competitive with Ryzen in single core workloads. You'll need to see benchmarks and if I were advising someone, I'd argue they should favor AMD in close situations. AMD is a clock speed increase (500-800 Mhz) from having the kind of lead Intel had during the FX days...
  13. They've got a few things they need to fix, including the launch drivers that come with new cards. These are never 'good' but AMD manages to make them worse than they need to be. They're good cards marred by a bad cooler, bad drivers, and being a bit late to the game.
  14. I'd wonder if this would stand a SCOTUS challenge. Sounds like a first amendment violation or maybe a fourth as well...
  15. The latest Gamer's Nexus news wrap up, Steve said that the benchmarks we've seen online make it look like these price drops were necessary. Obviously, he can't talk about his own benchmarks (NDA), but it sounded like he was suggesting that his were mirroring this. Feel free to judge for yourself:
  16. Hopefully the 5700 XT is more of a 2070 than a 2060 Super, because otherwise you are paying the same price as a 2060 Super for the same performance, minus RTX (which might not many much/anything to you - but you are not getting it in spite of paying the same price) The leaked benchmark has this as a better than 2070, so that's a good sign. Let's see what reputable reviewers have to say in 2 days.
  17. For the vast majority of applications, basically a flag is added at compile time. In reality, the people running out of date shit applications are very unlikely to be on the OS bleeding edge anyways. The people that will require time to update (and optimize) for 64 bit are in such niche fields (or video games...) that it really is being over stated. Really, this is about video games, not grandma's calendar app or some business/government app.
  18. While it might not be a big deal, it feels scummy to have a fee for something that isn't optional. If it's necessary for you to do business, then just raise monthly rates by an equal amount. There are so many dirty 'hidden' fees that I wish consumer protection laws would nuke off the face of the Earth... Another completely unrelated example is renting a moving van. "$20 per day" but then forget to add the ~$70 in fees that you have to pay. It should just be illegal to advertise a price that literally no one will ever pay (before taxes).
  19. The goal of autonomous cars can't be to avoid accidents but to reduce them below current human levels. Obviously 0% is the best percentage, but unrealistic. There are still a lot of things to do before this will ever happen and problems to solve, but that's the goal.
  20. Cost. RAM isn't cheap. When was the last time you saw how much a 500GB SSD was? Now how about 500GB of RAM? Even 'cheap' used ECC RDIMMS that are DDR3 on Ebay will run you >$1000. A brand new enterprise SSD wouldn't even break $200.
  21. They're also not running on the latest OS. edit: The problem here is that Canonical made the announcement <6 months from the release of 19.10. If they'd said "with the LTS 24.04, we will stop supporting 32 bit applications" devs would have worked to fix the issues. The timing was just bad.
  22. The problem is less likely Steam and more likely what Steam puts on the PC (games).
  23. Is his degree program the biggest thing he's ever dropped?