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  1. I found this on Quora. It is accurate? "ARM, when Apple first decided to start using it, had really crappy memory bandwidth, and no ability to engage in out of order execution of instructions, and a very bad GPU. Apple bought PA Semi, which had been founded by people from NetScaler. The people they bought were very, very good at chip design. This is the path they followed, in reverse order: NetScaler was acquired by Citrix People left to found PA Semi, because they didn’t want to work for Citrix DEC was acquired by Compaq People left to fou
  2. I don't game much, hardly ever. But I decided to buy an NVME M.2 PCIe SSD card for running Windows. I also bought an "ordinary" heat sink (as the seller calls it) because, well it was cheap. After copious researching online, I wondered: how necessary it is to have a heat sink on an SSD? And how much better is a double-sided heat sink over an ordinary one? Is a double-sided one with fan better than one without?