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  1. It cuts costs of transferring physical money and can cut on cost of transferring money globally.
  2. I know a lot of people would be shocked, but I wasn't aware that the base warrantee didn't cover overclocking. I knew you could void your warrantee by modifying the chip (like die shaving) but there are typically protection from damage due to overclocking. As long as you don't bypass them - there should be no real risk to Intel by also covering overclocking (and it's also good press).
  3. Part of me hopes this works, because if we can get machines that can do basic tasks better than current intel laptops (web browsing, document editing, etc), then it will be great for a lot of people. It doesn't need to game at 4k144+. It just needs to check certain boxes. That said, I 100% guarantee you that a basic core i3 laptop will be better (sans some battery life and heat).
  4. I see everyone has forgotten about Metroid Prime 4...
  5. So why do the 8CX based devices suck so badly? And why are Intel worried that a 'lifestyle company' is now designing better chips?
  6. It's not. There are plenty of cross platform benchmarks to show how fast the chip is. Combined with the platform dependent benchmarks, you can say how fast it is. The notion that it's only fast because of integration is the dumbest take on the internet by people that dont understand how hardware and software engineering work. Sure, you can argue that FCPX is fast because of tight integration with hardware, but not that the entire chip is fast because of software. The reality is that Apple has no ARM competitors right now. I respect people wanting to use open platforms and hate to
  7. A large portion of his worth is tied up in stock. Also, his personal wealth and the liquid assets of Tesla are not related at all.
  8. Nvidia branded one, but I've had this problem for ages. I just hate when I have to fight my way through the cables to plug in a random drive. That said, I have gotten smarter and just plug all of my cables in first and then hide them in the case until I need them.
  9. 2080TI on a ATX board, but some of my SATA ports are literally under the card.
  10. Even sideways is annoying when you have a long enough card.
  11. SATA ports under the GPU. Also, the fact that I am getting lazy and pre-builts are look better and better . . .
  12. Any patent that would be granted for something like this would have to be so narrow that it would literally protect against straight ripoffs. The USPTO isn't as dumb as people think they are. (even if I'm one of the people who thinks they're pretty dumb. . . )
  13. Apple should release a benchmark of performance without a fan using a macbook air. . . and have all of those 0s for intel