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Valkyrie Lenneth

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  • CPU
    4690k @ 4.6
  • Motherboard
    Maximus VI Hero
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance Pro CMY8GX3M2B2133 @ 2133 9-11-11-21-1T 230tRFC 16668RefreshRate
  • GPU
    MSI Nvidia 970 GTX
  • Case
    Antec 902
  • Storage
    Sandisk Ultra Plus / WD BLUE 7200 1tb
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    ASUS VS247HR
  • Cooling
    Corsair H80i
  • Keyboard
    Logitech G19
  • Mouse
    Corsair M45
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    Recon3D Fatality Champion
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit

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  1. yh only 19.7.1 / 19.10.1 stable , still testing 19.11.3
  2. if u dont know how ram ocing works, dont even bother , because mhz gets negated by cas latency and vice versa the only thing ur creating if u overclock ram without knowing what ur doing is system instability and a high potential of blowing up files / causing corruption on files and corrupting windows itself to the poitn where it wont boot anymore theres also no such thing as dram calculator that actually works, because the timings a stick achieve is mostly on the sticks itself rather then cpu, ofcourse its limited by the mem controller also but each system achieve different timings and even after all that, u need to run stress tests for ram for atleast 3passes in memtest ( preferable all night ) and a minimum of 24hours in prime95 due to it able to crash after 15hours+ also there can be slight unstabilities even when u do pass stress tests and still cause file corruption ( mostly secondary timings unstable )
  3. 19.10.1 stable 19.7.1 stable, and so far no probs on 19.11.3 ( but not sure if stable yet on 19.11.3 ) using sapphire 5700 xt
  4. corsair has a higher range of beeing supported
  5. if u bluescreen while trying to load in windows its most likely not having chipset drivers installed, the system is too unstable to load in stuff in the ram, or damaged boot files ( file corruption on windows ) disable any oc if u have it enabled, try to use a windows install usb/disc to install ur chipset drivers ect usually when its a blue screen instant on bootup its a damaged files of windows already ( can be due to unstability ) but if u crash while loading the os into the memory, u corrupt it rather easy, takes only a few blue screens somtimes to damage files that way i suggest basicly trying a reinstall of the os first, ( with disabled oc ) see if it still bsods, if it still does bsod its most likely a hardware problem
  6. if u copy all of ur settings + windows, the settings will still be set to old main hdd settings, and if it has defrag there it will have that setting even on the ssd coz if u copy , it will just see c as c drive
  7. slot a2 and b2 should be ur slots, ur seeing half because its double data rate < 1600mhz ram = actually 800mhz and ur sticks show that their not the same sticks and its really bad to mix ram with different cas latencies ( which u got now )
  8. probably was in amd64 era coz amd was the only 64bit chip at the time
  9. 7A37v1MP(Beta version) should be ur pick coz its the ver with the amd fix
  10. theres no specific intel or amd ram sticks, unless ur talking about a xmp profile exclusive to intel or amd, but there isnt, its basicly called marketing , when looking for ram sticks u want to look for best mhz to cas ratio, lowest cas with highest mhz = best sticks usually , 3200mhz with cas 16 would be worse then 3400 cas 16 for example, however if u have a fx8350, that cpu itself is one big bottleneck , might aswell go ryzen and dont waste any penny on that 8350
  11. mobo manual is easiest way to find where the setting is, its usually searching in the bios for a while :F also monsterhunter world with high res pack easily eats 7.6gb+ so i dont think u have enough vram for this , even with volumetric rendering disabled it eats 7.8 alr for me
  12. did u manual disable igpu, coz the motherboard has the io for a igpu, maybe it is automaticly set to enabled and shares ram
  13. np, if u rly cant figure some stuff out , in the motherboard manual is a basic guide how to build it also ( basic of basics like dont put ur ram the wrong way around and which slots it should go ) other then that if u have compatible parts its once again just common sense yea doing good cable management from the begin also helps alot when u have to troubleshoot stuff btw