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  1. You need to manually uninstall the old chipset driver and all the various stuff it installs. This article explains it pretty well, I had the same issue. https://urbandork.ca/2020/03/19/amd-chipset-driver-update-version-2-03-12-0657/ If you have issues uninstalling the old chipset stuff. You can use the Microsoft Install/Uninstall Troubleshooter.
  2. Are you running the game in full screen with a different resolution than your desktop?
  3. You're fully filling the cache on the corsair one, which I assume is QLC flash, vs the samsung which is MLC.
  4. I'm pretty sure I have one of those motherboards somewhere. Doesn't it have Onboard something like Radeon 3000 series Graphics with a bios setting for reserve memory for the intergrated graphics? Edit: Yeah, in the bios, change the memory reserved for the intergrated grapics. Also, what on earth is the ambient in that room? Edit 2: If you're not using the integrated graphics, (the VGA port on the motherboard) there should be a setting to disable it as well.
  5. Have you tried using a different PCI-E slot? Have either of you had any BSOD that have appeared more than once with the same reason?
  6. Probably comparing it to the 480 to convince people to buy it over the used stock on ebay / Polaris is 3 years old and if I remember right the average upgrade window is ~3 years. The 1650 for obvious competition reasons.
  7. You can. Used to do so back about 8 years ago, I had an old Nivida integrated graphics chip on an ASUS AM2 board, paired with an AMD 5450 for a second display.
  8. Isn't the most watched video on LTT still the toy firetruck video? lol If you don't want to watch something, news flash, you don't have to. No one is forcing you to. Plus it wasn't the only LTT video that day. I for one, enjoy something different every once in awhile.
  9. Welcome to Microcenter. This is why I tell people to use their pickup now instead of finding it themselves. It's pretty much know what you're there for, or get talked into buying something you don't need. We had a guy in a game I play go to Microcenter to buy new monitors to use with his 1080ti (Was using a TV) Got talked into buying 1080p freesync monitors, even though we told him to get Gync Monitors. (2 years ish ago.)
  10. Did you still have drivers installed when you switched GPUs? If so, boot into safemode and see if the desktop appears with the basic windows display driver.
  11. Check edit, I added a bit. If you're aiming for a 2080ti and GPU encoding. 9700k for higher clocks for the game.
  12. Wait til the new AMD processors launch in a few weeks. Even if you're so hard set on not getting AMD parts. They might shake up the pricing of Intel's processors. If you're streaming through nvidia's software, none of those CPU will change anything for you. You're currently using the encoder on the GPU instead of CPU encoding. As is, the best thing to do would be in intentionally limit your FPS slightly, to free up the GPU a little so it's not pegged to full utilization. This will smoothen out the frame pacing on your livestream, cause right now, your stream is dropping into the mid 40s and not holding 60 fps.
  13. Also, I suggest try reseating the cooler.
  14. What process did you use to overclock? That voltage seems pretty high to me.
  15. Yeah, send AMD a support ticket. Probably an unintended issue with the driver. Happens, unfortunately.
  16. Did you try reverting to the previous driver? Could be a single game issue with the new driver, happens occasionally. If it works on the previous driver again, then report it to AMD.
  17. Still no Thunderbolt... Would be so much more useful if it had one.
  18. The group claiming the videos is the party that does the manual review. If they decide they still want to keep the claims, they can. This is part of the reason why the system is completely broken.
  19. If the PSU is also 6 years ago, just go ahead and replace it. Modern PSU's have more circuit protections than even just a few generations ago.
  20. Then there is me who just wants a true G700s successor
  21. 75% of the current defense spending (~$635 billion) is ~$476.25 Billion. The current deficit is ~$952 Billion. So no, that doesn't even cover the deficit, let alone the debt. Besides, in 2008 defense spending was $630 Billion. The other large items (SS, Medicare, Fed Pension, Debt Interest etc.) have basically doubled in the last 10 years. Defense spending has actually managed to "barely" increase in 10 years. *Using numbers from usdebtclock.org I'd be a little concerned about this being interfered with the weather. This will just have to be a layer of defense and we'll still need missiles and other methods of shooting down missiles to be kept in service anyway.
  22. For s. and giggles try updating your motherboard bios. I was having all sorts of issues with the AMD driver crashing and it turned out of be the last bios I installed, didn't install correctly. Secondly, does the 590 have DVI-I or are you using an active adaptor?
  23. Nvidia is partnered with IBM's PowerPC9 with NVlink https://www.nextplatform.com/2017/12/15/nvlink-shines-power9-ai-hpc-tests/
  24. Replace that power supply. I've personally RMAd 3 of them for out of spec voltage regulation (12 Volt rail below 11.4 volts on two of them, and 3.3v rail below 2.8 on the last, the last also being the one recieved from the 1st RMA)