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    i5 6600k
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    Z170 A PC MATE
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  1. I've had this problem but this only occurs to me on my old HDD, microstutters very often no matter what game, but if I move it onto my SSD, it's fixed completely and no microstutters. It might be a faulty SSD? Try switching it to the M2 you have coming soon and see if that fixes it
  2. i found out the issue, it was because my monitor thing in nvidia setting was set to g-sync compatible meaning it capped my fps, i switched it fixed refresh and its uncapped now
  3. My fps is called in full screen mode vsync off in game and nvidia ctrl settings, but when i change it to borderless its uncapped again. Why is this happening?
  4. thing is, its capped at 75 on a lot of other games, games on steam, valorant ect
  5. I have VSYNC turned off in Nvidia settings and in game settings, I have game dvr turned off, when im in full screen mode its capped, if im playing in borderless its not capped. My LOL was capped at 150 FPS, i ticked the 'disable full screen optimization' and it was uncapped, how do i do this globally without having to do it for every game individually or isthere another underlying issue thats causing it to be capped? It was never capped like this before.
  6. im afraid of removing the cpu cooler that it could rip the cpu out of its socket and bend a pin, that happened to me once before and it was very very scary
  7. wouldnt it be louder tho?
  8. i can buy it but it takes a long ass time to deliver because amazon is prioritising important goods first. idk if my tissue is cheap or not, its just normal tissue you use to clean your mouth after eating.
  9. i dont know if my bracket is the right one? idk if its an am3 bracket or am4, can you see
  10. https://download.msi.com/archive/mnu_exe/mb/E7B86v4.0.pdf it doesnt say, it only provides how you install an amd stealth spire lol
  11. also would i need a bracket to install the hyper 212? https://prnt.sc/robwu3 or do i not need it?
  12. I dont have any isopropyl alcohol becuase of coronavirus, i want to install my hyper 212 evo instead of my amd wraith spire because its just too loud. Can i wipe it off with some tissue and apply new thermal paste/
  13. I was just looking for some cheap case fans as my current ones which are the MF121L which come included with the Coolermaster MB520 case are just doing my head in. I just want quiet case fans, what is the difference? I can get 3 F12 silents for £15 or 5 Arctic F12's for £15, i can probably install 2 as an exhaust.
  14. I dont know lol? i looked at what the fans said, it said theyre rifle bearings
  15. My case is the MB520 MSI RTX 2070 SUPER ventus r5 3600 stock cooler I stopped my 3 front case fans and this hollow sound in the background stopped, once i let go, after a moment it reappeared, what is causing this issue?