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    i7 3770k
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    DH77KC (I know.. :( )
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    16GB HyperX 1600
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    GTX 1070
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    Define S
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    256 GB SSD, 3TB HDD
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    650w EVGA G2
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    Corsair H100i GTX + 2 Silent Wings 3's

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  1. Battlefront 2 multiplayer beta

    Believe that Beta ended nearly a week ago my dude
  2. PC Display Black, Peripherals Off

    After a day and a half of testing parts, concluded on that it's most likely a motherboard issue. I've tried two power supplies and two graphics cards in this system and all changes have submitted to the same issue. Wish me luck
  3. Where can I buy GTA V for less than $70?

    Greenmangaming, humblebundle, stores like that
  4. First PC build

    Wouldnt waste the money on a 950, also: SSD
  5. PC Display Black, Peripherals Off

    Yeah Ive already started doing that, problem is, is that it only does with every once in a while - sometimes its after an hour, sometimes after twenty minutes. Gonna be a long day
  6. PC Display Black, Peripherals Off

    Nope not at all.
  7. PC Display Black, Peripherals Off

    updated the original post with specs
  8. PC Display Black, Peripherals Off

    updated original post.
  9. PC Display Black, Peripherals Off

    All at the same time, There is no video being received by my monitor, mouse and keyboard lose power and all front panel connections are unresponsive when pressed. But all fans and LED's still run.
  10. Newly built system, every once in a while (without pressing anything) the system will disconnect itself of any peripherals and all front panel connections (power, reset). LED's and Fans are all still running. My keyboard and mouse dont do anything and my monitor is on standby. Any ideas? Psu maybe? R7 1700 w/ stock cooler (idle 25c) Asus strix B350-F GTX 1070 EVGA FTW 16GB corsair Vengeance 750w G2 EVGA PSU
  11. Ryzen 1700 Temps

    Sorry, meaning bios temps. Though after getting windows installed I was working with the same numbers.
  12. Ryzen 1700 Temps

    Update: so I threw the stock cooler in- no more CPU fan error and temps are down to 25°. Looks like I'm dropping 100$ on a dark rock 3 or something of the likes.
  13. Ryzen 1700 Temps

    Everything has been reseated and plugged back in at least 3 times now. Still no difference. Bios was already set to monitor. Going to throw the stock cooler one to see here.
  14. Ryzen 1700 Temps

    Just got into corsair link, the cooler isn't showing up. And before that, on post it states that there was a cpu fan error.