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  1. I probably wouldnt even bother putting anything together until youre closer to the point of actually purchasing parts
  2. Wired, wireless? How big of a mat? What kind of texture?
  3. Try a different screwdriver?
  4. Naturebox?
  5. Lootcrate, Battlbox, Trunkclub.. depends what you want specifically
  6. After a lot of day to day playing probably a month or two
  7. I prefer a higher res monitor, but that may be because I work with graphic design. I feel if I went with a higher refresh it would goof me up when going back to 60.
  8. On the media installer it gives you the option to either install it on the current machine or make media for another machine.
  9. Add a folder on the new drive for your steam games, then in steam add that drive location as another steam library
  10. I just turn it off at night and turn it off when I leave the house.
  11. Windows 10 will lock itself on your motherboard, you shouldnt need to activate it again by key.
  12. Nap
  13. What the hell lol thats a pretty wild assumption there.
  14. Well that sure narrows it down