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    R7 1700 @ 3.8 ghz
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance 3000
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    650w EVGA G2
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    BeQuiet Dark Rock 3
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  1. Ryzen RAM speed

  2. Get faster ram, its worth the upgrade. Somewhere around 3000
  3. What do you think guy? XD

    Faster ram has significant performance increase for ryzen processors
  4. In my experience with corsairs AIO's is that they include fans that are suuuuper loud. You'll wanna get some other fans that are quieter. Though that was for the h100i GTX, I dont know if they changed it over time or not. Imo, if your temps are fine with what you have now, just look at getting a couple bequiet fans or noctuas.
  5. What do you think guy? XD

    Get faster ram, probably somewhere around 3000. Do you plan on getting more ram over time? If not, probably go for a 2x4 kit of 4GB. MSI = nono for overclocking
  6. SFF ATX case?

    If you're looking for portability it would probably be your best bet to go ITX and stick it in a node 202 or something.. Though, ATX wise, there is that gross looking riotoro case, maybe the thermaltake core g3? But Im not exactly sure how big that one is.
  7. I know wireless is looked down upon, but I've been using a g602 for the past two years and its awesome. Its super comfortable for me (I play claw), and theres no latency issues at all. Plus the batteries last like ~5-6 months
  8. x470 motherboard hasn't shipped

    From where?
  9. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/satellite-reign
  10. Cheep surprise.

    What currency? And damn, good guy
  11. Local classifieds, Ebay Forum does have a classifieds
  12. Hm... I wonder how long I get to keep my university email address after I graduate... >:)
  13. Blue Yeti Help

    Oof. Maybe try to contact Blue support and see if you can get it fixed or something
  14. Are LAN parties still a thing?

    Yeah dude, I had 3 guys over just a couple weeks ago and we played pubg together, had some drinks and stuff. It was awesome
  15. overclocking a 1600x R5 ryzen

    Paul's hardware has a pretty good guide Covers memory and processor