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    DH77KC (I know.. :( )
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  1. Id probably go with a G4560 and get an SSD
  2. Should come with your case.
  3. Find an object thats a little wider than your head and leave it stretched across that overnight, should help a little
  4. At that price I would just get any cheap mouse that fits comfortably with your hand. If you can, save up a little more and get a G402 or something
  5. No, get something like an S12II from seasonic. Much better
  6. No, just ground yourself, dont build it on carpet and keep the cat in the other room
  7. Try to plug it into the graphics card. Also, please press the reply button on the bottom of a post to notify that person you replied to
  8. You plugged into the motherboard or the graphics card?
  9. I've posted this on every other post similar to this, but if you have the space and tools, build it yourself and get exactly what you want. It would be much cheaper than buying one from staples or whatever. Melamine and 2x4s do an amazing job.
  10. Should you what the other hard drive?
  11. Whats the build for? Just gaming and web browsing?
  12. Whats this being used for?
  13. Whats the budget? G610 is a good, simple keyboard though im not sure if it comes in blues.
  14. Ripped my phone apart a couple months ago and this kit helped immensely.