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    i7 3770k
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    DH77KC (I know.. :( )
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    16GB HyperX 1600
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    GTX 1070
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    Define S
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    256 GB SSD, 3TB HDD
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    650w EVGA G2
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    Corsair H100i GTX + 2 Silent Wings 3's

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  1. People use the discs that come with monitors?
  2. Oxenfree is 5 bucks right now. Awesome game.
  3. WAIT The LTT logo is white and orange.. the Bing logo is white and orange.. HOLY SHIT
  4. I had a problem similar to this and shook it down to a slow hard drive.
  5. Specs? What was the process you went through to swap the part? (from start to finish). Did you take any precautions from static charge and such?
  6. Maybe check local classifieds for a somewhat decent used machine
  7. Why don't you just borrow it from your friend for like a week and see? Kind of sneaky tbh lol.
  8. Not an amazing laptop, but yeah if youre in need of one definitely go for it. Thats a pretty good deal.
  9. What resolution do you play at?
  10. Siren isnt amazing, but its still a decent mic. Like above said, get some rings for your keyboard. Other than that, maybe turn down sensitivity on your mic.
  11. Razer green switch friendly ? Budget?
  12. Different cable, different output Is the monitor on the right input? Are you plugging the video cable into the motherboard or graphics card?
  13. Just take a normal department store radio and jam it in your 5.25" bay
  14. Silent Wings 3
  15. Stardew Valley Euro Truck Simulator Melody's Escape Astroneer