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  1. Are these parts you already have..? Or are these the ones you want to upgrade to
  2. They differ between models and brands.. Do you want a mechanical keyboard?
  3. Out of stock maybe?
  4. Ahhhh. Holy crap that makes so much sense. Thanks.
  5. I believe is relatively cheap.. if not check out some local shops, if you have any.
  6. Some of you may have saw a post from yesterday asking the same thing, but now I've advanced a little in my project. So this project asks me to: I have limited knowledge on JS and would only like to use what I so have already - loops and related are possibly out of the question. I have gotten most of it done ( I think ) but am stumped on getting one functions data into another. My code:
  7. Get a 7700k so you don't have to worry about updating the motherboard You reeeaally dont need 32GB of memory. Get 16 at the most for gaming If you can afford the 8GB 580, please do.
  8. So I have a quiz assignment for my computer science class, which asks me to: Generally, I just dont know how to put the function in there by using Array variables. If anyone has any idea it would be mighty appreciated. I don't have much js experience, so anything slightly more advanced like loops are kind of out of the question. My code so far: <script> var avg var Student = [ prompt("Enter Name","Name"), prompt("Enter Test Score 1","0"), prompt("Enter Test Score 2","0"), prompt("Enter Test Score 3","0"), prompt("Enter Test Score 4","0"), ] alert() //? </script>
  9. What the heck are you using this pc for?
  10. Im fairly sure ive checked the inside and out of display fusion already, ill take another look though.
  11. Yeah thats pretty much all its done. Honestly, I just wanted it to play games from my bed lol so Im thinking ill just duplicate my main monitor to the TV and deal with the scaling.
  12. ^ Get some acrylic paints instead of using spray paint.
  13. So I recently plugged my pc into a third display, a 720p TV. Though, I dont want this screen active at all times, I'd like to disable it when i'm not using it. Would there be any way to disable the screen without manually unplugging it from my pc?
  14. I wouldnt get an ultrawide that small, its nearly pointless.
  15. Anything above 80 is worrisome imo. Are they going to be using the computer for the same thing when they receive it?