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    Computers, karting, networks amoung other things.
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    Network Crew @ NPF LAN - Onsite IT-supporter at a hospital


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    Intel Core i9 9900K
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    MSI Z390M Gaming Edge AC
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    Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 2x8GB 3000MHz
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    EK waterblock on CPU and GFX, D5 pump, Alphacool 360mm ST30, EK XE 240mm
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    Logitech g710+
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    Astro A50 Gen. 3
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. 27€ for 250/60 which in reality is more like 370+/60. From next year I'll get 1000/100 for about 36€. Only on COAX. Fiber would be cheaper, but not an option in my building.
  2. Because it doesn't make any sense with 4k on such a small monitor. You're barely going to notice a difference compared with 1440p, if you can even see the difference at all. Also Windows and 4k without scaling is going to be impossible to see anything. And Windows with scaling is terrible. If you're looking at 24-27" monitors, then go for 1440p
  3. Yea, just realized the USG wont resolve hostnames that way. You should be able to ssh into your usg and edit the host file under /etc/hosts
  4. If you're using DHCP from your USG, then you should be able to just set static dhcp with a hostname for your server. https://help.ubnt.com/hc/en-us/articles/360023759313-UniFi-USG-How-to-Set-a-Static-IP-Reservation-for-a-Client-UniFi-Device
  5. Do you have any local dns configured? If anything you could just edit the host file on your machine
  6. 1: You can download the controller software from Ubiquitis site. It's free. You don't need to buy a Cloud Key to have a controller. 2: Any gigabit switch would do. If you have empty ports on your router, they are fine aswell. 3: Unifi APs can be setup by any one. There's tons of guides for everything, in case you run in to trouble. 4: From the other post you made, it seemed like it was just the wireless that was causing issues. So if that's the case, then yes it's a bit overkill. Also despite the name, the AC-LR isn't actually that long range. I would buy a NanoHD instead, it's similar 2,4GHz range and the 5GHz is much better. And then get the switch if you need the extra ports. No need to buy the rest, if you just after a better wireless experience. With AP's like these it's important that they are mounted correctly, with the correct position and the correct orientation. It needs to be mounted in the ceiling, facing down, in the most central position possible (relative to where you want coverage.)
  7. Gsync works at a much broader range. I have a 4k 60hz monitor with freesync over gsync and the working range is so slim it's almost pointless. Obviously that varies from monitor to monitor. So Gsync is still vastly superior to freesync. Is it worth the much higher cost? That probably depends on budget and hardware.
  8. Doesn't work like that, no. Cable are only for charging on most headsets.
  9. The querys you see are probably just random broadcast then. You can an ipconfig /all and it should list your active DNS Servers. You're going to need to either change the dns server on your router or change it on all your clients. Guide here Pihole is pretty well documented. So it shouldn't be a problem finding the information
  10. Under Query Log. You can filter on IP's.
  11. Install Linux on it and run: curl -sSL https://install.pi-hole.net | bash That's it. Guide
  12. The block isn't mounted correctly. Take it off and try mounting it again.