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  1. 5600x seems to win in most professional workload cases. https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/AMD-Ryzen-5000-Series-CPU-Review-Roundup-1962/ In the cases that it loses, the difference is not that dramatic vs 10700k. In games, the performance is similar. https://www.techpowerup.com/review/amd-ryzen-5-5600x/22.html So, you really won't be able tell the difference in most cases. I own a 5600x and the reason I chose it over the 10700k because it has a MUCH lower TDP, so I am saving money in power and it has better temperatures. For a NAS application this should be
  2. Heads up, think someone forgot to specify the version of PugetBench used in the benchmarks,
  3. Does this world allow people to profit off of other's ideas willy-nilly?
  4. I'm just guessing but 2x 8-pin + PCI-E slot = 2x 150W + 75W = 375W max.
  5. Anyone who thinks these companies are doing this mostly for the betterment of consumers is kidding themselves.
  6. https://videocardz.com/newz/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-custom-graphics-cards-review-roundup It's probably easier to start with a handful of aftermarket cards you are interested in and then building a comparison for yourself. No one single reviewer will have reviews for all cards.
  7. I feel you should explore different workflows before narrowing down on a laptop. It's a laptop and I imagine you're going to be using for a lot more than just ML work (i.e. carrying it around, presentations, multimedia, etc.). Why can't you also execute these small experiments remotely either on some cluster or your own PC at home? Is this what you're currently doing with your 2015 Macbook? Also you'd be kinda shooting yourself in the foot a bit if you're gonna pick up a laptop with a 2080 when 3000 series GPU laptops should be around the corner.
  8. Prolly slipped through the cracks. This ain't gonna last too long.
  9. Microsoft Flight Simulator at highest settings in 4k. How about surround 4k/1440p?
  10. Anyone want to place bets until the next video Linus changes his living room because he was sponsored to do so?
  11. In an attempt to sever ties with its past, Intel is overhauling its corporate identity with new company logos and product logos that use a more "modern" design. There will be some new CPU product with the "EVO" branding as well. This is also a reassurance of the continued tier designations of i3, i5, i7, and i9 in the coming future. 10th gen Logo for reference: I think this logo is OK. It doesn't really strike out to me. It feels pretty monotone with the dark and gray color scheme. I think this will mark a big change into how Intel wi
  12. It's restricted to US only (you can only link US based bank accounts).
  13. Have you tried using Nvidia Shadowplay? Takes the load off the CPU. You should also consider tuning your x264 settings to optimize for performance rather than sheer quality if you haven't already.